1. Goats-&-Bolts

    DBWI: Russia never turns Cold War submarines into merchant ships & oil tankers?

    Ranking among the biggest and most recognizable post-Cold War swords-to-ploughshares programs is Russia’s conversion of its Soviet-era Typhoon and Delta ballistic missile submarines into underwater cargo ships & hydrocarbon fuel carriers. Financed with the help of western partners like Norway...
  2. Mr_ Bondoc

    DBWI: Ice Planet Barbarians Unloved

    IC: Alright people, how would life change in the past 10-15 years, if the Ruby Dixon series Ice Planet Barbarians never became popular outside a Tik Tok niche. One has to ask, especially after Avatar and Twilight franchises, having werewolves, vampires, zombies and now aliens being turned into...
  3. DBWI: What if no German civil war?

    Basically what the title says, the fascists and the socialists don't come to blows in the 20s meaning no civil war. What results from this? Do the fascists or socialists come to power more peacefully or did the Weimar government stand a chance of holding on to power and stabilizing? Could anyone...
  4. DBWI: No Zack Snyder’s Squadron Supreme

    So as we all know after Zack Snyder was replaced with Joss Whedon, he decided to go to Marvel recreate his original vision as best he could with the Squadron Supreme. What if this never happened? Would we actually get a “Snyder Cut” of Justice League?
  5. RiverDelta

    DBWI: Reverse the Reputations of France and Russia

    When you think of Russia, you think of the opera, the ballet, fine vodka and spirits, Tolstoy, Gogol, Pushkin, and Dostoevsky. You imagine dancers in perfect form twirling on their toes, great works of literature being discussed by the finest minds in the country, and the latest fashions out of...
  6. NyQuil

    DBWI:Jimi Hendrix died in 1970?

    Right after Jimi Hendrix finished his recording of the album the Cry of Love in September 1970 he would spend a week or 2 in London and in the middle of that visit Jimi was hospitalized after a near fatal overdose of barbiturates. After that he would continue on with his legendary and creative...
  7. Pop Culture DBWI: American Star Trek, British Doctor Who

    Everybody knows that Doctor Who has defined Science Fiction on TV. For most Americans, when they think of Sci-fi, they think of Doctor Who. In recent years, Britain's own tentpole Sci-Fi series, Star Trek, has blown up in popularity internationally. The productions and fandoms of these two...
  8. DBWI: Politics in Canada if it stayed independent

    I know it's a trite scenario, but I wanted to hone in on something specific in it. We all know that the former Canadian states lean towards the GOP with the exception of Quebek, but in the decades before North American Integration they leaned towards the Canadian Liberal Party, a broadly...
  9. Arctodus simus

    DBWI: Timur focuses on west instead of China

    In 1403, Timur invaded China through Moghulistan allied with northern Yuan under Bunyashiri( who converted to islam as an appeasement to the Emir). Yongle being busy in Jingnan civil war was unable to react in time. In the battle of UngleJian* Timur defeated a large Ming force under Yongle...
  10. DBWI: What if Jesus of Nazareth's teachings became a religion.

    What if, instead of Baptist John's teachings, Jesus of Nazareth's teachings became the main tenets of the west.
  11. Marklin

    DBWI: Allies accept call for armistice in 1918

    As basic as it sounds. Would our world be better if the allies accepted the German call for an armistice in 1918 rather than call for Unconditional Surrender? Would it prevent the militarist coup and subsequent invasion and occupation by the Allies? How would Germany (and Europe and the US for...
  12. DBWI: Different Cold War?

    In OTL the cold war has been going between the communist east (China, Japan, Korea, etc.) versus the capitalist west (USA, Britain, Brazil, etc.). How could we get a drastically different cold war? Could Russia be involved instead of them being isolationist?
  13. DBAHC/WI: At least one other Abrahamic Faith permits swine-eating

    Prior to the abrahamic faiths' dominance in the western world, wild boars were tamed and domesticated, being bred for food and their skins. However, abrahamic faiths like Judaism, Christianity, Islam did not allow the consumption of such because they're unclean and don't chew cud. Now before you...
  14. SealTheRealDeal

    DBWI: July Crisis Goes Hot

    The July Crisis, the frantic diplomatic maneuvering following the assassination of Austro-Hungarian heir apparent Franz Ferdinand, was the greatest of a series of "close calls" in the early 1900s. What would have happened had cooler heads and skilled diplomats not prevailed?
  15. NyQuil

    DBWI:If FDR ran in the 1944 election?

    President Franklin D Roosevelt was close to running for a record 4th term in 1944 before he of course decided not to due to the advice from his doctors. FDR’s popularity of course led Vice President Henry Wallace to get the nomination despite a strong challenge from Missouri Senator Harry...
  16. MightyXRay

    DBWI: Best/Worst of Superhero Castings?

    Hi folks! So, the newest Spider-Man movie, Home Game, is coming out soon, with Dane DeHaan as the (presumably) main villain, Arcade. It's got me wondering, with the hindsight of a decade or two, how's the casting been? The Return of Superman wasn't the best, but Sir Patrick Stewart knocked it...
  17. AltoRegnant

    DBWI: This "Persian" Empire Existed?

    OTL, the Farsi Plateu has been host to a wide array of powerful civilizations, but few of them ever spread beyond its borders. But, doing some browsing, i found this weird alternate history map of a "Persian Empire," supposedly founded in the collapse of the Medians. The map is supposedly around...
  18. MegaToon1234

    DBWI: Bowser is Still Alive…in Later Mario Games

    NOTE: This was posted in another forum thing, but I’m posting it here because why not? We all know that after the events of Super Mario Bros. on the NES, Bowser has died in the lava pits and is never to be seen again. Because of that, Nintendo had to use either Tatanga, Wart, or some other...
  19. DBWI: Allies win Normandy?

    What would happen if the WAllies had broken through? Could they have taken Western Europe first?
  20. Mr_ Bondoc

    DBWI: "Empress Theresa" Never Achieves Success!

    Empress Theresa by Norman Boutin has emerged as one of the biggest novels since the Harry Potter franchise by J.K. Rowling. It has been adapted into a film starring Scarlett Johanson, and turned into a TV series by Netflix, and all in the space of 7 years since its publication in November 2014...