cuban missile crisis

  1. Not The End: What if the Cuban Missile Crisis Went Nuclear?

    A/N: I made the first two parts of this timeline a while age, now I am posting them to this site with some rewriting. I will be posting the next two parts over the next few days, then I a going to finish writing part three and make even more of them. Anyways I hope you enjoy! Introduction: In...
  2. JustStars

    Due Opposition - Capitulation Over Cuba
    Threadmarks: Chapter Null - Intrologue

    “...According to our sources, the Blockade on the Isle of Cuba is at and end. We will bring you more information as it comes in” News Coverage, October 30th “The Cuban Missile Crisis’ resolution precipitated a collapse of confidence that shook the Kennedy administration to its core…” Loch...
  3. WI: Social Democratic Castro that's USSR aligned

    I've been thinking about this lately and I'm not sure about the plausibility but let's say Castro identifies as a social democrat and rules with social democratic policies but due to staunch due to his staunch anti us imperialism beliefs aligns with the soviets and like OTL meddles in other...
  4. Bomster

    Nixon wins in 1960, does Khrushchev stay in power?

    So let’s say that Nixon didn’t have a bout of fever, laid off of the chocolate milk, and had a shave ahead of the debate with Kennedy and comes off better than IOTL. Whatever is the most plausible POD, Richard Nixon is elected President in 1960. What kind of foreign policy would President Nixon...
  5. The Four Horsemen: the Nuclear Apocalypse of 1962
    Threadmarks: Prologue

    The Four Horsemen: the Nuclear Apocalypse of 1962 Prologue Fortunately for a generation of post-war historians seeking to explain how World War III came about, there is a fairly abundant amount of sources available. This may seem surprising given the enormous amount of devastation inflicted by...
  6. Mr_Fanboy

    Cultural, Demographic, Economic, and Political Evolution of the Unites States after a Cuban Missile War

    My impression is that the consensus on this website is that in a scenario where the Cuban Missile Crisis had led to a full-blown nuclear conflict, the Eastern Bloc would have been knocked back to the Stone Ages and Western Europe would have been left little better, but that the America would...
  7. Potential Conflicts Following WWIII in 1962?

    So I've been on a Cuban Missile War kick as of late. What major conflicts would occur in the 21st century, nearly 50 years after the nuclear exchange and reconstruction?
  8. No Cuban Missile Crisis: effect on US-Soviet detente

    Based on my understanding of the Cold War, the Cuban Missile Crisis was understandably a major contributor to the later U.S. policy of detente towards the Soviet Union. However, the official detente period didn't actually begin until years later when the first round of anti-nuclear proliferation...
  9. Amadeus

    WI: No Bay of Pigs Invasion

    What if, instead of organizing a rag-tag group of Cuban exiles to invade Cuba and overthrow Castro, either Eisenhower or Kennedy recognizes the scheme won't work and they shut down the invasion plans? Would Castro still become a Communist and move into the Soviet sphere of influence? How would...
  10. US backs down over the cuban missile crisis

    What would happen? How would the cold war evolve? Could communism win if the US proved to be weak in fighting against it?
  11. Terranical

    Could the Cuban Missile Crisis Balkanize North America?

    Could after an alternate timeline were the CMC became World War Three and the ensuing chaos after the Nuclear War caused the US, Canada and Mexico to lose some states? Is it possible or not? How would recovery last long? Which states would secede from their mother nation?
  12. Mr_Fanboy

    European Borders After a Cuban Missile War

    There have been plenty of threads discussing the likely ramifications of 1962's Cuban Missile Crisis spiraling into a full nuclear war between the United States and the Soviet Union. While I'm not an expert in the technical matters relevant to such a discussion, I can glean from such threads...
  13. Terranical

    What's the population of the world if the Cuban Missile Crisis went hot?

    How realistic would the population be if the Cuban Missile Crisis escalated to a Global War which then became a Nuclear War, killing millions of people. Realistically the USSR would fall but the USA would survive but losing majority of it's population, basically losing it's economy and etc...
  14. Amadeus

    How Would You Have Handled the Cuban Missile Crisis?

    October 16, 1962: You are the President of the United States, and American intelligence reports that the Soviet Union is planting missile silos in Cuba, only ninety miles from US shores. Your response will determine the fate of the world. Any single miscalculation could increase global tensions...
  15. WI Che Guevara died in 1958

    What if, during the latter months of the Cuban Revolution, Ernesto Che Guevara had taken a fatal bullet wound, and did not live to see the Batista regime fall (as it did otl)? How does this affect the shape of Cuban politics and foreign relations over the crucial next few years? Does this...
  16. Bomster

    CMC goes hot in 1962. Which American cities would survive?

    Let’s say that the Cuban Missile Crisis breaks out, and WW3 happens in 1962. Which American cities are the most likely to not be nuked, and which ones will definitely be nuked? Also will america be able to rebuild?
  17. GauchoBadger

    How would China react to WWIII in 1962?

    So, suppose that the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962 is unresolved and escalates into a direct military confrontation between the US and the USSR. My question is: how will Maoist China react to this situation? The Sino-Soviet Split hasn't yet happened, but Mao already has his doubts regarding the...
  18. SeanF1989

    Soviet Nuclear Targets - South Africa

    If the Cold War ever escalated into a full scale nuclear World War III (like during the Cuban Missile Crisis) what would have been South Africa's fate?
  19. The Widicer Plan

    The Man who Pressed the Button - an Alternate Timeline

    The Man who Pressed the Button ~ What if the Cuban Miss Crisis got Hot? "It was a typical afternoon, the kids where playing outdoors and the wife was chit-chatting to the neighbor's wife about Julia's new cloths and I was simply cooking some steak I bought only hours ago. That was until for a...
  20. Gukpard

    What would be today public opinion if the US destroyed the Soviet Union?

    There is a scenario on this forum, it is only one large post long, but it shows the Cuban missile war going hot after Nikita Kruschev is couped during the Cuban missile crisis. The scenario ends with the soviet union being nuked so much time that it is completely depopulated. There is also this...