1. kasumigenx

    A Different End to the Spanish American War
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    On the latter part of May 1898, Makabulos would ally with Luna and would reject Aguinaldo on June 1898 imprisoning Aguinaldo after his arrival as a traitor, the new government, reestablishing the Tagalog republic which was betrayed by Aguinaldo last year would give the Americans a different...
  2. Cuba WI: Eduardo Chibás survived?

    Eduardo Chibás was a Cuban politician who denounced corruption in the government during the presidencies of Ramón Grau and Carlos Prío, and established a political party called the Orthodox Party. It was a left-wing party that he formed in response to government corruption, and he ran as a...
  3. Veneco

    The Smoking Fish: A Wikibox TL
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    The Smoking Fish: A Wikibox TL An alternate history of Venezuela, the United States and the world in the 21st century Prologue "When an English voter wants a change in the politics of the conservative government in office, all they have to do is vote for the Labor candidate. The differences...
  4. Frank Hart

    DBWI: Operation Northwoods Rejected by President Kennedy

    So, we all know what happened from 1962 to 1969. The JFK administration wanted to discredit Castro's Cuba, and used Operation Northwoods as a false flag operation, staging multiple terrorist attacks and aircraft shootdowns in Florida, and sinking boats full of Cuban refugees throughout 1962...
  5. Andrew Boyd: Duke of Dank

    DBWI: The US takes over the Philippines instead of Cuba

    The immediate aftermath of Spanish-American War saw the US at a crossroads in terms of which colony it desired to take over the most. As well all know, it would be Cuba that was selected over the Philippines by virtue of being closer and therefore easy to control. But what if the Philippines...
  6. Andrew Boyd: Duke of Dank

    DBWI: Spain neither keeps its American Empire nor supports the Confederacy

    As we all know, the American Civil War was a major turning point for the Union's relationships with the main powers in Western Europe. Most notably, the restoration of relationships with the UK and the deterioration of relationships with Spain. In no small part because Spain was attempting to...
  7. GameBawesome

    Carlist Spain and a Colonial Empire

    What if, with a POD of 1830s, the Carlists beat the Liberals, and the Isabella family flees into exile in Britain, while the Carlist king, Carlos de Borbón, now Carlos V, becomes King. Now that the Carlists control Spain, what of her once mighty, colonial empire, now reduced to only Cuba...
  8. Gukpard

    DBWI a far left Cuba?

    Ooc: Batista coup was foiled. Minimal side effects on the rest of the world. I was watching Potential History video about the Cuban low level guerrilla warfare in the late fifties and early sixties against the president Ramon Grau and later under the social democrat one that succeeded him and...
  9. Chris Triangle

    The Eagle and the Phoenix: a Less Than Splendid Little War

    The Eagle and The Phoenix: A Less than Splendid Little War Introduction. (You can skip this if you want to get to the war) The Lead Up to the War Note: I plan to expand this to cover the Cuban revolution in more detail and edit it as needed. The war itself is often regarded to have begun...
  10. SealTheRealDeal

    Can Spain win its colonial wars if America doesn't intervene?

    As the title asks, in the absence of the Spanish-American War, can Spain win its conflicts in Cuba and the Philippines? In the Philippines the Pact of Biak-na-bato was in place, but things weren't quiet just yet and the pact seems to set up a very temporary peace. IIRC the Cuban War was still...
  11. WI: Davis and/or Lee join Narciso López

    In 1849, Venezuelan-born adventurer and filibuster Narciso López was seeking military help for an attempt to liberate Cuba from Spanish rule. Of course, I use the term "liberate" rather loosely, since López was a supporter of slavery. Knowing that pro-slavery sentiment was strong in the South...
  12. Fernsong

    AHC/WI: Batista's Invasion of Francoist Spain According to the end of the second paragraph of this section of the Wikipedia page, at one point Fulgencio Batista suggested to the US to launch a joint US-Latin American invasion of Francoist Spain. It never happened...
  13. kasumigenx

    Luzon and Cuba As American protectorates

    What would be the consequences of the Spanish and Americans agreeing to have Luzon(Tagalog Republic) and Cuba as American protectorates and the Americans getting the Pacific territories while the Spanish retain their other territories which are Visayas, Mindanao and Puerto Rico instead of...
  14. McPherson

    “Another Splendid Mess You Got Us Into, Teddy!”

    Thread moved to Before 1900 in conformance to rules. McP.
  15. THeaven

    Brazil joined the Axis power

    Here's a timeline I'm surprised historians on this site haven't brought up how would World War 2 have gone down if America's attempt to keep South America neutral or join the Allies backfired and Brazil joined the Axis Powers
  16. Amadeus

    WI: No Bay of Pigs Invasion

    What if, instead of organizing a rag-tag group of Cuban exiles to invade Cuba and overthrow Castro, either Eisenhower or Kennedy recognizes the scheme won't work and they shut down the invasion plans? Would Castro still become a Communist and move into the Soviet sphere of influence? How would...
  17. Andrew Boyd: Duke of Dank

    WI: Communist Cuba fell with the Soviets

    What changes would happen to Cuba? Clearly there would likely be a few for the better. But what?
  18. Chapman

    Congressional Response to alt-JFK assassination?

    To preface, I'm not sure if this was the best place to put this or not, so please do move it if it's not. Anywho, I'm hoping the lovely community would be willing and able to review some mock legislation I wrote up for a pet project of mine. The basic idea, as I've put out a few times on...
  19. Amadeus

    WI: Franklin Pierce Filibusters Cuba

    Franklin Pierce's major foreign policy goal was to acquire Cuba. His administration drew up the infamous Ostend Manifesto, threatening war with Spain over the island. In 1853 former Mississippi Governor John A. Quitman planned to organize a force of 3,000-4,000 men that would invade Cuba...
  20. ETGalaxy

    Is a CSA-in-exile possible?

    Would it be possible for the government of the Confederate States of America to flee the mainland of North America and establish a regime in exile, sort of like the Republic of China IOTL? Obviously the United States would need to occupy some territory off the mainland before the American Civil...