1. What if any attempts at a federation or commonwealth to save Austria-Hungary from breaking up after ww1 happened?

    As known, the population of Austria-Hungary was made up of 11 major ethnic identities.. When the war ended, A-H broke up as it was instead of forming a new federation of Austria Hungary with an exclave in Romania Slovakia + Czechia Bosnia Croatia + Slovenia with land ceded to Italy...
  2. GameBawesome

    Question: Was Yugoslavia doomed from the start?

    Yugoslavia was complicated. Started from as an idea from Southern Slavic nationalists, and created after WWI, into the Kingdom of Yugoslavia. However, due to religious and ethnic differences, in the country, tensions began to bubble. After a brief unity under President Tito, tensions continue to...
  3. Unified Yugoslavia Team at Euro 92?

    With the events of states in Eastern Europe gaining independence in the early 90s (Slovakia, Ukraine, Georgia) some of the major football tournaments at the time had representative teams made up of players from various independent states such as Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS: Russia...
  4. GauchoBadger

    WI: Serbo-Croatia

    What if the Yugoslav movement had failed to include Slovenia in the negotiations that led to the creation of the Yugoslav state after WWI? This means that Yugoslavia would be confined to the Serbo-Croatian speaking areas plus Vardar Macedonia. What would be the effect of this on regional...
  5. WI: Slovenia-Croatia after WWI, with Kaikavian Croatian and Greater Serbia

    After WWI and Serbian troops taking Croatia and Slovenia, both Peter I and Alexander I are accepting idea of smaller territorial gains proposed by Prime Minister Nikola Pašić . Serbs annex whole Bosnia, parts of Slavonia inhabited with Serbs and greater part f Dalmatia. Serbs also gave...
  6. SealTheRealDeal

    Successful Lorković–Vokić plot?

    The Lorković–Vokić plot was coup prepared by members of the government and military of the Independent State of Croatia, aimed at assisting a western allied landing in Dalmatia. In mid 1944 the plot was uncovered and the head conspirators were assassinated. Of note there was also a segment of...
  7. GauchoBadger

    WI: No NDH (Axis Croatia)?

    What if Ante Pavelic and his clique of Croatian ultranationalists had not managed to gain the favor of Benito Mussolini to create an independent Axis entity comprising Croatia, Bosnia, parts of Dalmatia and Sirmium in the aftermath of Yugoslavia's breakup in 1941? Basically, resulting in other...
  8. GauchoBadger

    AHQ: What distinguishes Slovenes from Croats?

    A question to this board’s balkanophiles... what exactly is the difference between Slovenes and Croats as distinct peoples? They seem to have similar ethno-cultural characteristics to me, when put in comparison. How and why exactly did Slovenia develop a particular identity as a South Slavic...
  9. Fish Cereal

    What if Yugoslavia won the Yugoslav Wars?

    Note that I am not a rabid Serbian nationalist, I just want to hear your opinions on what would happen. Also, don't turn this into a Serbia vs Croatia flamewar.
  10. Mr_Fanboy

    Was "Greater Serbia" a realistic prospect in the 1990's?

    With no point of divergence before the Yugoslav Wars began in 1991, was there any realistic way for Serbia (whether under that name or Yugoslavia) to establish at least de facto control of the territories claimed under the Greater Serbia concept and hold them into the present? Follow the link...
  11. John_Smith

    The Cold Man of the Mountains | The Reign of Suetoslaus Surigna in Three Parts
    Threadmarks: Title and Synopsis

    Brief Synopsis: The long reign of Stjepan I Držislav was a fruitful one for the Kingdom of Croatia, but the issue of succession had become an ominous threat for his realm, as there were three brothers vying for their chance to shine and continue their father's legacy. Svetoslav, the eldest...
  12. AHC: Largest Yugoslavia with as many religiously-differentiated nations in peace with each other

    Inspired by the Jewish Serbo-Croatian polity thread, how many religiously influenced nations could exist in former Yugoslavia, and how large could the area of Yugoslavia be? In this scenario the expanded Yugoslav nations all speak South Slavic languages. Although getting independence from the...
  13. WI Greater Bosnia?

    We have many "Greater Croatias" and infinite "Greater Serbias", so how many irredentist dreams can we manufacture for the little brother?
  14. John_Smith

    Bitter Herbs on Bitter Wounds | A One-Shot
    Threadmarks: Prologue

    "Who would've guessed a calm rainy day such as that one would result in so much putrid wickedness and destruction.“ "I expected the game to be one of continuous vexation, but what those bastards had done will never be forgiven, much less forgotten.“ "No stone was left unturned following the...
  15. Oj, Alija Aljo! - A Yugoslavia Timeline
    Threadmarks: POD: Ljiljianima Babo

    Ljiljianima Babo Translation: Keep (lit: protect/guard) Yugoslavia When Alija Izetbegovic, a Bosniak politician of Islamist leanings, became Chairman of the seven-member Presidency in SR Bosnia, the Yugoslav state, previously held together by Tito and a one party state, was already being torn...
  16. QTXAdsy

    WI A Surviving Yugoslavia Football Team?

    After yesterday with Croatia being in the final, I did get thinking about the former Yugoslavia team had the country not gone to war and the team was still together. I'm not asking about how to butterfly away the war as that has already been done, I'm curious as for what would be the butterfly...
  17. No Yugoslavia following WW2

    What if Yugoslavia had not re-emerged as a political entity following WW2? Instead succesor states like Croatia and Serbia would emerge. What could be the reason or cause for this divergence from OTL? How would the post-war settlement in Yugoslavia be like compared with OTL? Would the borders...
  18. El_Presidente

    AHC/WI: A Croatian dominated Yugoslavia

    As the title says. How could we get a Yugoslavia dominated by Croatia, instead of by Serbia?
  19. John_Smith

    Reduced to Tears | A Post-WWI Gutted Croatia Timeline
    Threadmarks: Introduction

  20. John_Smith

    The Promise of a Clean Regime | An Independent State of Croatia TL
    Threadmarks: I.I | You Don't Know My Mind - April 6, 1941

    "What do I do now?" the old man asked himself. His face bore heavy traces of sweat, making it glisten under the compartment's dim light. He adjusted his glasses with a shaky hand. With his mind racing, he had already forgotten the names of two men that left him to his thoughts barely two minutes...