cradle of civilization

  1. The Land Past the Horizon
    Threadmarks: From Small Beginnings

    Our story begins with a single man. His name, who he was, this is forgotten to history. Regardless of who he was or what his name was, he was a man who‘s influence on history would be great. One day, when wandering away into the swamp, he came across some strange plants. He took them back to...
  2. Cradle of Civilization in the Ethiopian highlands

    Could a cradle of civilization emerge in the highlands of ethiopia? Are the native crops, geography and climate suitable enough?
  3. Could New Guinea have had a cradle of civilization?

    Since agriculture was developed independently fairly early in New Guinea, could it have had a cradle of civilization?
  4. Eparkhos

    Lands of Acacia and Camels

    Q: What is this? Short answer, my attempt to write another worldbuilding TL, this one set in the lands around the confluence of the Jubba-Shebelle-Laghdera Rivers in southwestern Somalia. Longer answer, the GSLV civilization was impossible and the Snake River Civilization got kind of boring. I...
  5. Alternate Cradles of Civilisation

    In OTL, there were 6 cradles of civilisation (Mesopotamia, Egypt, Indus Valley, North China Plain, Mesoamerica and Peru). Great Bronze Age civilisations such as the Akkadians, Hittites, Ancient Egypt, Indus Valley Civilisation, Ancient China, the Olmecs and the Norte Chico civilisation emerged...
  6. Where the River Flows: The Story of Misia: A Native American Superpower
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1: The Great Kingdom

    Chapter 1: The Great Kingdom It was a bright summer day in the city of Kahoquah. It was the a type of day where the warmth was cooled by a soft summer breeze that soothed the soul and refreshed all those who felt it; the type of day where merchants and vendors would gather at the markets...
  7. Eparkhos

    Children of the Burned Land: A Great Basin Timeline
    Threadmarks: Frontpiece

    In the beginning, the world was dark and flat. Nothing lived, nothing died, nothing was. Then, one day, Ewónah fell out of the heavens at great speed, creating a massive crater that became the Suhtsoh Valley. Picking himself up, Ewónah looked around--he could see in the primordial night just as...
  8. सार्थक (Sārthākā)

    The Tides of Lightning: The History of Yamnia and Beyond - A Cradle of Civilization TL.
    Threadmarks: -Prologue-

    The Tides of Lightning: The History of Yamnia and Beyond *** -Prologue- *** Urheimat (A), Ruaehneghithla Sector, 1250 Efahel (B) (50 AD) Treyef sighed as he rubbed his back and walked through the streets of the bustling capital. The guards watched him carefully and eyed him as he smiled...
  9. SunKing105

    AHC: Have a "cradle of civilization" develop on the Rio Grande

    While OTL Ancestral Puebloans did have some of their culture span parts of the river, I am looking for an entirely new civilization, on par with Mesoamerica or the Andes to arise on the Lower Rio Grande Valley, near the mouth of the river. Achieve this without using a "Horses/Megafauna...
  10. Most likely cradles of civilization in the modern U.S.

    So let's say by whatever luck of animal migration periods during Pangea, or better luck for horses in the Americas post the trans-Bering migrations, the Americas keep their horses and have a wider variety of animals to farm for meat, eggs, and milk. What new cradles of civilization might pop up...

    It's a well known fact that the cradle of indian civilization is the indus valley civilization which stated out in the region which is known in the archeological world as Mehrgrah the inhabitants of which latter expanded to the southern indus valley and latter on migrated North and later...