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    Russian Revolution in an Early CP Victory?

    I’m working on a TL where the entire world becomes communist by the mid-20th Century. Similarly to Reds, its POD is William McKinley survives his assassination (here, the assassination still happens, but Dr. Roswell Park is able to save McKinley’s life) - preventing the Progressive Era reforms...
  2. Hawkeye

    Can the German Empire hold Europe?

    Let's say that Wilson can't be budged from neutrality and there's a massive mutiny in the French army by mid 1918. Britain and France negotiate with Germany and agree to the following terms: Germany's colonial empire is dismantled. Britain and France will not pay the Central Powers any war...
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    France after a central powers victory

    I have a new map project in mind where an event similar to the House Grey Memorandum leads to an end to WWI with a return to the status quo in the west (except for a chunk of Alsace-Lorraine being ceded to France) while Germany disarms the High Seas Fleet but keeps its gains from the treaty of...
  5. Reconstruction of France in the Postwar of a Victory of the Central Powers

    Hello everyone, perhaps I am a bit pedantic with the topic since most of my publications have revolved around that topic, but today I would like to see something deeper instead of the classic discussions about a victory of the central powers, about their possible peace or how the PCs could...
  6. What happens to Serbia and Montenegro after a Central Powers victory?

    It is rather unclear what exactly Austria-Hungary intended to do with Serbia and Montenegro after the Central Powers would have won the 'Great War'. The southern part of Serbia will have been annexed by Bulgaria. But what to do with the northern part? Reading about the Kriegsziele of...
  7. Russian Pyrrhic victory in the Russo-Japanese War. Long-term effects.

    Hello everyone, I am not an expert on the subject so I would like to see more educated opinions on the situation but in any case, I am doing a TL on a late CP Victory (something like 1917-1918) and in order to add some more diversity and I wanted to explore other points of divergence, like the...
  8. German Grand Duchy of Alsace-Lorraine?

    There was a thread on this a few years ago which I will be referencing, but I wanted to try and restart this conversation. According to The Failure to Prevent World War I: The Unexpected Armageddon By Hall Gardner, in March 1911 the French government was fairly certain that Germany wanted to...
  9. Falkenhayn sacked earlier

    Anyway to get Falkenhayn sacked earlier?
  10. CP victory pods

    Some CP victory pods that arent: Italy neutral or Cp, Germany wins Marne, Spring Offensives suceeds, US doesnt join WW1. Also preferably make the POD on the CP side or something that isnt made by an Entente change.
  11. Falkenhayn's Spring Offensive

    If Germany won lets say Verdun, Falkenhayn never gets sacked and there is no Hindenburg programm and an early B-L by the Soviets. Italy was knocked out of the war by Caporetto. How would the spring offensive be planned in this situation.
  12. Brusilov Offensive fails with POD on the Austro German side

    Basically is there any way the offensive fails with a pod on the Austro German side?
  13. Germany focuses on on the Eastern Front in 1916

    How do you get Germany to go on the offensive in 1916, would the offensive succeded? How far would it penetrate into the Russian lines and how would it affect the rest pf the war and the Russian Revolutions?
  14. WW2 After A 1918 CP victory

    The POD is in Early 1918 there is a change of command in the German Army and Ludendorff is dismissed by the Kaiser (call it ASB this is not what we are discussing here) In Brest Litvosk Germay only keeps Poland, Lithuania and Western Latvia while Ukraine and the rest of the Baltics are fighting...
  15. AHC: World War II in a Central Powers victory scenario.

    Well, certainly from various discussions and threads I've read on this site, it seems that a WWII with reversed roles is not possible, however, I would like to explore and discuss some alternatives. First, I proceed to give a context to have a base from which to start: first of all, the victory...
  16. Clichés in Central Powers Scenarios.

    Hi everyone, I'm doing a Central Powers Victory scenario and would like to know clichés to avoid making a lazy timeline. My scenario is based on a German victory at Verdun, which allows in the long run to break through the French lines and bring them to the negotiating table. Brest-Livostk is...
  17. German colonial gains in a Central Powers escenary

    Going into context, with a German victory at Verdun that in the long term breaks allied morale after a series of German offensives, what colonies can Germany demand from France (from the United Kingdom the only thing it could hope for is to recover its occupied colonies) I certainly see...
  18. Help with a CP TL

    Hello everyone, ever since I joined this site I have aspired to make a timeline about a Central Powers Victory in the Great War. I've gone through a lot of tl's to see what elements I can use for my own timeline. I have come to some ideas however I would like to know your recommendations about...
  19. TheReformer

    To the Victor, Go the Spoils (Redux): A Plausible Central Powers Victory
    Threadmarks: Background and Rules

    The Redux "They see nothing wrong in the rule that to the victor belong the spoils of the enemy" - William L. Marcy Guten tag all, It's my pleasure to announce that finally after like two years I've got to a point where I am satisfied with the idea of beginning to post my redux of TTVGTS. This...
  20. CP victory:Anglo German naval arms race 2.0

    CP win because of British neutrality due to no germam invasion of belgium resulting in France and Russia becoming Germany's satillites also Septemberprogramm gets implemted execpt for belgium. As soon as peace returns Germany restarts naval arms race with Britian this time also using naval...