1. AltoRegnant

    Yet Another Roman Empire: The Latin Empire of Constantinople
    Threadmarks: POD; Securing Rhomania

    Deus hoc vult pro Rom The year was 1224, early in the year. The Eastern Roman Empire, which had endured over seven centuries of warfare, had been broken a mere twenty years prior. Something that none of its four successors actually accepted- to the Niceans, they were the Eastern Empire, cast...
  2. Sevarics

    WI: Theodore Komnenos Doukas, Emperor of Thessalonica, captures Constantinople in 1230

    As the tin says, what if Theodore Komnenos Doukas, Emperor of Thessalonica, avoided being defeated by the Bulgarians and successfully captured Constantinople in 1230? Up until his defeat and capture by the Bulgarians, Theodore and the Empire of Thessalonica had been expanding rapidly in the...
  3. WHC: Create the most prosperous Constatinople as realitically possible

    Its quite a stretch to expect the Byzantine empire to last longer than it did. With Ottoman expansion, the writing was on the wall and the empire was always crippling itself away. That being said, there were many key moments in history where Byzantine could've stayed stronger and been more...
  4. Kaiser of Brazil

    WI: Russian invasion in 1896

    During the crisis of Armenia and Crete in 1896, a group of Armenian separatists invaded the Ottoman Bank in Beyoglu. 36 hours later, a wave of revenge killings happened in Constantinople with lynch mobs killing between 5 and 6 thousand Armenians, all while the Ottoman Hamidiye caused massacres...
  5. Slavs/Avars take Thessalonica in 615/617?

    While the Sasanians were running amok in Syria and Anatolia during their climatic final war against the Eastern Roman Empire, the Slavs (615) and later a combined force composed of them and the Avars (617) tried to capture Thessalonica, probably the empire's second most important city in the...
  6. Basileus_Komnenos

    The House of Komnenos, Like a Phoenix From the Ashes: An Eastern Roman Timeline
    Threadmarks: Prologue

    Hi everyone, this is my first attempt at a historical timeline. I've always been a history buff with a passion for Classical Roman and later Eastern Roman history. I've always wanted to explore the possibilities of a more successful restoration of the Byzantine Empire after 1204 under the House...
  7. What if Russia takes Constantinople in 1913?

    During the first Balkan war after the Balkan alliance's victory the only thing between the bulgarians and the Ottoman Capitol were the last deefensive line of the Chataldzha. At that point in most european capitals it was assumed that Constatinople falling to the bulgarians is only a matter of...
  8. AdamNeuser

    [DISCUSSION] The Umayyad Caliphate wins the siege of Constantinople (717-718)

    The Siege of Constantinople in 717 AD was the Umayyad Caliphate's major combined arms offensive against the Roman Empire. And one of the largest sea and land military operations across the entire medieval era. The decision to lay siege to the city came about mostly as a result of an extended...
  9. AdamNeuser

    [ONGOING] What REALLY would have happened if the Ottomans won the siege of Vienna 1529

    Now I know what most of you are thinking. You've probably seen this scenario/POD dozens of times on this forum. But the reason why I think it deserves a better assessment is that most of the time the answers to this generally misunderstand the aims and state which the Ottoman Empire was in...
  10. Mr_Fanboy

    AHC/WI: Mongols take Constantinople

    Simple enough question: how possible would it have been for Mongol invaders (either in the form of the Golden Horde or the Ilkhanate) to have seized Constantinople during the 13th century? What might be a plausible series of events leading to this? Depending on when such a siege would occur...
  11. GauchoBadger

    AHC: Post-Ottoman Bulgaria takes Constantinople

    A little challenge for ya: with a PoD anywhere between the end of the Napoleonic Wars and WWI, how could we have Bulgaria defeat the Ottoman Empire decisively in a war and take over the city of Constantinople (to be promptly renamed Carigrad), and perhaps also the majority of the Bosphorus and...
  12. Teriyaki

    Tang Dynasty China Conquers Constantinople (7th Century - 10th Century)

    One of my favorite pieces of Tang Dynasty sculpture and art The Tang Dynasty is considered by most Chinese historians to be one of China’s golden ages. From the 7th Century to the 10th Century, art and culture flourished, in no small part thanks to the Emperors who sat on the throne...
  13. Mr_Fanboy

    Soviet Constantinople

    This is a concept that I have seen mentioned in several scenarios, including For All Time, but I do not think that I have seen anyone get into the specifics of what this would entail. So... let's get into specifics! Let's say that, at some point in the middle to latter part of the 1940s, the...
  14. GauchoBadger

    WI: Pletho's "Peloponnesian Reforms" are implemented?

    Georgius Gemistus Pletho was a Byzantine scholar and intellectual from the late 14th till early 15th century who appears to have had an influence on the "neoclassical" elements of the Renaissance. In the 1410's, Pletho proposed a bill of reforms to the Byzantine emperor and aristocracy, in...
  15. Pressedflowers

    All Good Things Flow into This City: A Timeline

    This is a new TL on the darling of the alternate history community: Romanía/Byzantium! Rest assured that this will be a good one, if extensive and filled with many divergences, some small and others not so much. I will look forward to starting this very soon. For now, some maps.
  16. Born in the USSA

    Filling out Rome West

    So, I received my copy of Rome West today, and was wondering if anybody would like to help me flesh it out a little bit. A bit of background: Rome West is an alternate history comic book originally released online and published in physical form by Dark Horse Comics. The PoD is a Roman fleet...
  17. The_Russian

    DBWI: WI no Americans constantinople?

    What if constantinople never became a US state? The us took it durring the Russian civil war to make sure that a red Russia wouldn’t have access to the Mediterranean. What ithe League of Nations never gave the US constantinople? What if it remained Russian? Or ended up in Greek or Turkish hands...
  18. GauchoBadger

    Nicomedia instead of Byzantium/Constantinople?

    Is it possible for Nicomedia, with dedication from whoever controls it, to surpass Byzantium/Constantinople as the major Marmara Sea port? Would this require a PoD before or during Constantine's reign? What sort of advantages did Nicomedia have, compared to Byzantium?
  19. The_Russian

    AHC: The Three Romes in one Empire

    With a POD of 1453, you’r challenge is to have the Three Romes (Rome, Constantinople, and Moscow) be owned by a single empire all at the same time. Bonus points if this empire survives to the present day with the Three Romes inside it’s borders. So which countries would be the best cannidates...
  20. Remitonov

    AHC: Liao Empire in Constantinople

    I was going to post something on the ATL City guessing game, but the more I wrote, the more it started to look like a full TL idea than an article for the thread. Obviously, this was inspired by the Mahakhitan thread of a similar idea (Liao Empire in India), but I want to ask if it's possible...