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  1. JWQ

    1862 The Howell Cobb Confederate Revolution 2nd year
    Threadmarks: The introduction and How Lincoln could restart his war of northern Aggression after the capture of Washington thanks to President Cobb and General Lee

    Before I would Like to begin with a few major points in the timeline including a defense of its historical possibility. The past thread Was not as organized and this is the countuuation of the timline. 0. NYC Mayor Fernando Wood indeed did try to separate from the union. Considering NYC ties...
  2. JWQ

    Confederal revival of the trans Atlantic slave trade

    This alternative history can be taken less seriously . Suppose if the Confederates won there independence and they quietly participated in the illegal trans Atlantic slave trade with secret government support. which African kingdoms or tribes might sell human beings as slaves and possibly...
  3. JWQ

    Howell Cobb’s president of the confederate revolution

    Hello everybody I’m making a alternative history timeline about my nation state called confederate farmers. This is Before I began Please try not to block every avenue of my alternative history to form . So...
  4. Down in Dixie: CSA Victory TL

    Here is my go at a CSA victory TL, any tweaks and kinks that would need to be fixed; I would love to hear y’all’s input. I hope y’all enjoy. Chapter 1: Southern Salvation (1861-1870) June 20,1861 The Secessionists win a majority in Kentucky’s state legislature and the Democrats win three...
  5. Hoi4 Alternative History Mod - What if the South had won the civil war

    Hey Guys, I'm currently writing the history behind an alternative history mod for hoi4. This mod will have a similar starting date to the base game and will look at how history changes if the south had won the civil war. A series of posts will look at how the changes to history take place and...
  6. How would other minority groups fare in a victorious CSA?

    I think it goes without saying that a Confederate victory in the ACW would be very bad for Southern African-Americans. Slavery would most likely continue for at least a few decades. But what about other minority groups in the South? What would things be like for them?
  7. JustinianTheGrand

    TL-191: What if the Red Rebellion succeeded?

    In the Southern Victory series the Red Rebellion is an uprising of black confederates who rose up in 1915. About 10% of the blacks in the CSA participated and they caused serious damage to the confederates in the process especially with US support. So what i'm wondering is, what would be the...
  8. JustinianTheGrand

    [Timeline 191][DBWI] What if the Red Rebellion succeeded?

    While this is incredibly unlikely and verging on ASB I want to give a scenario that has been discarded hundreds of times another closer look. The Red Rebellion was a massive uprising of black people in the CSA that shook the nation while it was attempting to battle the USA. While the uprising...
  9. DBWI: Virginia Secedes

    During the American Civil War, there was a lot of suspense over whether the remaining slave states would stay in the Union or join the seceding states. Virginia was no exception. Things were touch-and-go for a while, but as we all know, Virginia ended up staying in the Union. What if Virginia...
  10. TunguskaStorm

    WI: The Confederate States had Found an Ally Willing to Help it Fight Against the U.S.?

    Could the Confederate States had found a potential ally in any other country that was against the US at the time? Mexico and Latin America jump to mind, but I feel Mexico would still have a sore spot against Americans of any sort, and wouldn't see the Confederacy as anything other than the...
  11. Antonio the Komnenoi

    WI: Would this PoD win the Civil war for the Confederacy ?

    The point of divergence from our timeline starts at the Battle of Shiloh: Ulysses S. Grant is shot at the Battle of Shiloh by friendly fire, while General Johnston is not injured. Instead, he leads the Confederate forces into capturing Pittsburgh landing by the night and routing the army of...
  12. Gukpard

    "How the South Could Have Won the Civil War" is a good book? Is the defensive approach the best?

    There is hardly anything that fascinates me more about the US history than the civil war, but I'm only beginning to learn about it, and so during my search I found this book: "How the South Could Have Won the Civil War: The Fatal Errors That Led to Confederate Defeat" by Bevin Alexander, on...
  13. SealTheRealDeal

    Biblical Slavery in the CSA?

    So the scenario is this: -CSA wins its independence -spurred by the economic misfortune of being newly independent and war ravaged, the Third Great Awakening effects the region even stronger than OTL -it becomes popular opinion that the institution of slavery needs to be "reformed" to biblical...
  14. Odinson

    Independent Virginia

    So, I've been thinking about this for a while and wondering, how/why would Virginia declare independence from the Confederate States of America? The idea is that Virginia leaves the CSA shortly after an 1864 peace agreement that ends the civil war. Is it possible?
  15. Did the CSA want Southern California as a state or just for the war?

    The Confederates wanted Southern California, but in what capacity just to yield the state for it's resources during the war and give it back to the USA in the peace negotiations or did they want the southern half of it after the war and make it a state
  16. Who would've been a better General to lead the Confederate Nex Mexico campaign?

    H.H Shelby apparently had a bunch of blunders so what general could've lead the force better and eventually could've lead them all to California and capture it's gold and silver?
  17. If Robert E Lee ever ran for CSA President, who would be his running mate?

    In an independent CSA, Robert E Lee is elected the 2nd President and like OTL dies on October 12, 1870 just two years into his term, who would he have chosen to be his Vice President and succeeds him after his death
  18. Confederate Domincian Republic?

    In a TL where the CSA survives, the CSA offers to take Domincian Republic after the US Senate fails to approve it, would they accept and would it be plausible?
  19. Realistic Confederate Victory map?

    Would they gain any of the border states or any territories?
  20. Reisen Storm

    CSA vs Second Mexican Empire

    In an alternate world, where the Confederate States of America won their independence from the USA, and the Second Mexican Empire triumphs over Benito Juarez, how would a war between these two nations play out? Given the expansionist nature of the south, this was bound to happen sooner or later...