1. What if the Confederacy succeeded in taking Cuba

    What if the Confederacy's goal during the Civil War to take Cuba was accomplished. How would this affect our timeline.
  2. True Blood in an alternate Confederacy

    Now I'm referring to a what if scenario of Charlaine Harris ''The Southern Vampire Mysteries'' novels (aka ''True Blood''). What if we were to place the characters, mythos, and setting of Bon Temps, Louisiana within in a modern-day Confederacy?. Here are the rules: * I'll allow you users to...
  3. Hulkster'01

    AHC: Quickly end the American Civil War in 1862 with a Union victory

    I think the name explains itself but I do have some rules.. First, everything upto the attack on Fort Sumter is the same, (so Abe is still prez) and second, no outside interference! (North v. South only, no “1862” ok?) Besides that, everything is fair play.
  4. WI Andrew Johnson does not remain loyal to the Union?

    Andrew Johnson is the only senator of the states that would secede to join the Confederacy that did not resign to join the Confederates. What if Andrew Johnson was more loyal to his state than to the union and he decided to join the Confederacy? How would Andrew Johnson not being president...
  5. Legacy of CSA and Nazis in Popular Consciousness

    Okay, so a thought I had earlier today: My AH question regarding this -- with no PoDs prior to 1944, and preferably later PoDs to earlier ones, how could the legacy of Nazi Germany by 2000, in Europe and/or the United States, have been more akin to the legacy of the CSA in the US by 1920...
  6. The_Russian

    DBWI: What if California was a free state?

    What if gold was discovered say in 1849? (15 years later than OTL.) As we know because gold was discovered early it allowed for southern migration and eventually becoming a slave state after becoming independent (like our sister state Texas.) Would the Mexican American War have gone differently...
  7. Alexander Helios

    WI | An Earlier Confederacy

    What is the earliest point that the Southern states could secede from the Union?
  8. ajdb0614

    DBWI: Virginia seceded from the Union

    How would the ACW go if Virginia joined the Confederacy instead of remaining loyal to the Union as in OTL? How would the Northern war effort fare without the contribution of General Lee and the Old Dominion state?
  9. What would the national anthem of the Confederacy be if they won?

    Let's say that the CSA won the civil war. They never had an official one in OTL, but they likely would choose one eventually. From what I've read, there were three songs that were considered the unofficial anthems. 1) Dixie: This is the one I've heard most frequently as the national anthem...
  10. koa_dan

    Nationality of the Confederacy

    Well, I happened to find this discussion about how the Confederate citizens would refer to their nationality. So what are your opinions? Apparently "American" would not be viable after a successful secession, even for the Union...
  11. DBWI: No southern textile industry

    Starting in the 1840's with the introduction of steam powered factories, textiles became the major export for the southern US states. But what if the textile industry didn't exist or was much delayed? Is that even possible and how long could slavery have lasted if the South had remained almost...
  12. Southern War of Independence; Alternate American Civil War Wikibox TL

    1860 - Year of Turmoil The 1860 year saw one of the most disturbing presidential election in the American history (even more than 1901 presidential election during which presidential candidate was shot and despite his wounds continued speech) as anti-slavery Republican Party composed from...
  13. Victoria 2 - modding American Civil War

    Hello everybody, You (as AH members) are possible the best source of information about forces in the beginning of American Civil War (star of second Vic2 scenario - A House Divided). What would be the best historical composition of forces and their location for both sides at July 1861? If...
  14. Old Ways; A Confederated States of America TL

    Slow Unionist advance into Virginian Peninsula began on April 1862 when George B. McClellan in the strenght of 121,500 thousands of men besieged John G. Magruder's 30,000 soldiers in the Yorktown area. After long siege McClellan planned massive bombardment on 5 May but Confederate force slipped...
  15. Alexander North

    Our Southern Confederacy: Death of Lincoln to the 2000 Crisis

    A long time ago, in the foreign land of middle school, I first got into alternate history. As roughly a third of us begin our careers as architects of allohistorical worlds, I decided to write a Confederate victory timeline, but put what I thought was a clever spin on it by writing it as a...
  16. Evil France

    When France took over Mexican during the civil war Abraham Made a speech saying to leave Mexico or face the consequences. The French government laughed at Lincoln. So Lincoln embargoed all trade for France or Mexico for the USA and CSA. So Mexico and France declare war in the USA and aid the...
  17. Cdoug96

    Mexico declares War on the Union and the Confederacy in 1863

    What if Mexico declares War on the Union and the Confederacy in 1863 post Gettysburg in hopes of reclaiming some of its lost territories?
  18. thezerech

    What if California seceeded from the Union during the Civil War to stay neutral?

    For those of you who did not know, California actually did come close to seceding from the Union during the Civil War. The Governor John B. Weller had decided if it came to war between the States, he would try and secede from the Union to form an Independent California Republic. However his term...
  19. Civil War Delayed a year or 2

    During the civil war, there was a presidential election. Lincoln managed to win due to, at least in part, the fact that Sherman had taken Atlanta, and other victories showing that the end was relatively near. What if tensions had simmered for a year or 2, and then the civil war had broken out...
  20. Alcsentre Calanice

    No Civil War - when is slavery abolished?

    We had some threads about slavery in a surviving CSA. Many said that slavery would've survived in the south long after the end of the Civil War, because slavery was the whole raison d'être of the Confederacy. But what if, despite Lincoln's election, the south didn't seceded (maybe the southern...