1. Xanthoc

    Red State: A Confederate Timeline by Xanthoc
    Threadmarks: Prologue

    Prologue “The question I ask today is not an easy one. That question is this: what is the spirit of our nation? For one such as ours, this question is complicated, intricate, and at times impossible to answer, especially if one examines it from the perspective of our entire history. Even that...
  2. WI: Dominican Republic in a Confederacy wins scenario

    During the American Civil War the Dominican president Pedro Santana, allegedly fearing Haitian aggression, asked Spain for annexation. Said move was deeply unpopular and rebellion soon followed, the restoration war was a huge quagmire for Spain and devastated the country, in the end the USA...
  3. GameBawesome

    CSA Soft drinks Industry?

    Popular soft drinks, such as Coca Cola, Dr. Pepper and Pepsi, were invented in the South, the first by a Confederate Veteran, and the last two invented by Southerners. So, hypothetically, if the CSA manage to win independence, how would the Soda industry during the 20th century? Would Soft...
  4. Would a victorious CSA be in the Entente or CP?

    1.) Which would they choose? Would they (and possibly America) even be in the war at all? 2.) What effect would this have in WW2 and the present day Personally I don't find Turtledove's take realistic hence I asked you guys.
  5. Antonio the Komnenoi

    How would Robert E. Lee be seen in a victorious CSA ?

    Suppose that the Confederates win at Gettysburg and take Philadelphia (Just assume the Union sues for peace after a panic attack). After the peace, what happens to Robert E. Lee ? Would he be seen as a second Washington ? Would he become President ?
  6. Cinco de Mayo
    Threadmarks: May 5 1862

    May 5, 1862 " is thus with great pleasure that I can report that our forces overwhelmed the Mexican forces by midday, after beginning our artillery assault upon the city of Puebla at dawn. Approximately 300 deaths were sustained by the enemy against a mere 23 of our own, and as I...
  7. the Imperium of Canada

    DBWI: A Powerful Confederate States of America

    I'm new to the site so please don't be to harsh if I say something stupid, but is there any way to get a Confederate States that's actually capable of legitimately challenging the United States by the time of the First Great War? OTL the Confederate war effort collapsed in about a year, so is...
  8. TheNixonator

    Confederate Alaska?

    Is it possible for the Russians to sell Alaska to the Confederacy if they won the civil war
  9. WI: All Slave states join the Confederacy

    What if in this alternate timeline all border states that had slavery joined the Confederacy? This would include D.C as well, the capital of United States. What would the population difference be? Who would win the war? How would it even go?
  10. Old1812

    Confederate Kentucky TL - Brainstorming Thread

    (This is a copy of a thread I created at CivilWarTalk) Hi everybody, my Confederate Kentucky timeline has languished in development hell for a while now, and will likely be there a little longer still. My main reason for this is concerns over plausibility in various respects. I've asked several...
  11. GameBawesome

    What happens to American Expansion after a CSA victory?

    In an scenario where the Confederate States won independence, what happens to expansion for both countries? Would they try to expand there own influence, in different places, like the Pacific or the Caribbean
  12. GameBawesome

    What happens to the Indian Territory after a CSA victory?

    In a scenario, where the CSA gains independence from the USA, what happens to the Indian Territory (Oklahoma)? Many Native Americans from the Indian Territory joined units for both the CSA and the USA, so the Native America were split on the Civil War (NOTE: The panhandle of Oklahoma was a...
  13. GameBawesome

    The CSA and Filibusters

    A common trend I see in Threads about the Confederate States of America, is that they couldn't conquer any neighboring countries because they're too poor and undeveloped to do so. That is possibly true. But there was something called Filibusters, American citizens who fomented insurrections in...
  14. GameBawesome

    Texas secedes...from the CSA?

    In an alternate scenario, where the Confederate States of America won their independence from the USA, would Texas try to secedes from the CSA and reestablish the Republic of Texas?
  15. GameBawesome

    What happens to Latin America in Southern Independence

    In a few CSA timelines, I always read that if USA lost the war with the CSA, that they don’t care about the Monroe Doctrine and that the Europeans and even the CSA influences, or down-right recolonize Latin American Countries. And that gets me thinking. What would happen if the USA and the...
  16. The_Russian

    AHC: Surviving Confederate Colonies

    Your challenge is to have confederate colonies such as New Virginia and New Texas survive. Bonus points if you can get these confederate colonies to become US states.
  17. Alterwright

    TL-191: Rivals - Confederates, Yankees, and the Banana Wars - 1900-1914, 1917-1939

    For clarification, this thread is intended to generate discussion on specific time periods framed within Harry Turtledove's TL-191 "Southern Victory" series, in which the Confederate States of America win the Civil War and become their own nation. Although the small wars in the Caribbean and...
  18. GameBawesome

    Confederacy in the Axis Powers

    Here's my scenario. In an alternate timeline, somewhere in the 1860s the Union gives up on the war, and makes peace with the Confederacy, and it gains independence and the Arizona Territory. During the French-Mexican War, they would take northern Mexico and Baha California, but fail to help the...
  19. Bring the Old Jubalee - A More Successful Confederate Attack on Washington

    In the summer of 1864 the Confederacy was in dire straits. Nearly a year after their crushing defeat at Gettysburg the Army of Northern Virginia was now being besieged by Grant around none other than the Confederate capital at Richmond. Lee was in a desperate position, and desperate times called...
  20. Bomster

    Second American Civil War in the 1960s

    So I’m reading Robert Kennedy and his Times by Arthur Schlesinger Jr., and in one chapter Schlesinger talks about how when Kennedy’s friend Byron White sent William Orrick down to the South, Orrick joked that he felt like he was in Russia because there was not an American flag in sight. Only...