1. KuboCaskett

    Effects of China losing a 1979 war with the USSR?

    Now I'm working with something that not a lot of people have done and that is the idea of a 1979 Sino-Soviet war after China attacks Vietnam similar to OTL's Sino-Vietnamese war, with a POD in 1976 where the Gang of Four weren't overthrown but instead allowed the very incompetent Wang Hongwen to...
  2. AHC: A United Socialist Eurasia by 2017 with a PoD no earlier than 1900

    Your challenge is to make the following possible: By 2017 all of Europe, Asia, the Southeast Asian islands up until the coast of Australia, the Middle East, and North Africa up until the Congo are united as the largest country of the world, Eurasia. Nuuk, Tokyo, Mogadishu, and Murmansk belong...
  3. CountofDooku


    Born in the Baku Governorate, one of the guberniyas of the Russian Empire, Nikolai Alexander Kulev was a Russian orthodox man, a engineer that dreamed of a better future for his nation since it's descent after the war with Japan in 1905. As a young teen Nikolai worked in a factory, where he...
  4. Dawn of the Third Age of Communism; A Malenkov Soviet Union TL

    It was The Dawn of the Third Age of Communism, A Year when The Change came upon us all - Alexander Garykha; 1989