1. What would an anarchist spain look like?

    Basically, what if the anarchists against all odds won the spanish civil war, what would it look like? What would Spain, or maybe even Catalonia look like?
  2. What if Patrice Lumumba survived and ended up as president of the Congo?

    I challenge you to write an ucronia where Lumumba survives and becomes president of the Congo. Would he alienate himself with the eastern bloc? If so, would you support socialist movements? Would the Soviet Union be your main buyer of uranium? Or maybe Lumumba would be a Gaddafi in terms of...
  3. Aztekk

    AHC: Make Churchill a communist

    As it says on the tin. What must happen for Churchill to adopt communism? What experiences?
  4. Q&A: Most plausible English speaking Communist country(ies)?

    As we know for the most part much of the English speaking world such as the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia (up til recently but not Communist tho), New Zealand, have all been free democratic countries, altho you can find a few exceptions, most notably in Africa, which are...

    THE LAST POST Truro, November 28th 1907 John Powell rubbed his hands together. It was cold this morning, oddly cold for Cornwall. They’d run out of tea months back so there was only acorn-coffee to warm them. It was bitter and with no sugar to sweeten it, men gulped the piping liquid as if it...
  6. No Gorzenko Affair: How long does the Communist Party of Canada last as a strong force on the Canadian left?

    While the Communist Party of Canada is generally seen nowadays as a joke of a party outside their circle, the ubersocialist wing of the NDP around Ashton and the uberecosocialist wing of the Greens around Lascaris(both factions of whom view the Comparty sympathetically and tilts tankie foreign...
  7. DBWI: Different Cold War?

    In OTL the cold war has been going between the communist east (China, Japan, Korea, etc.) versus the capitalist west (USA, Britain, Brazil, etc.). How could we get a drastically different cold war? Could Russia be involved instead of them being isolationist?
  8. Odinson

    Alternate First Communist Countries?

    The Soviet Union was the world's first communist state, emerging from the chaotic end of the Great War. Tsarist Russia was a harsh authoritarian, reactionary state that was still mostly agricultural, and only fell to Communism after years of brutal war and a second coup in 1917 by the Bolsheviks...
  9. PakistaniGuyUK

    WI Afghanistan Looks East 毛主义 Maoist Revolution in Afghanistan in the 1970s…

    What if the Communist Revolution in Afghanistan had been Maoist-inspired instead of Soviet/Marxist-inspired, with the aim of making Afghanistan a Peoples Republic based on Maoist principles and effectively looking east to Communist China as an inspiration and model and not the USSR? “The...
  10. America the first communist power; cultural effects on the global communist movement & the perception of Marxism

    Let's say the United States undergoes a socialist revolution sometime between 1918 to 1936, and is the first and main communist power, sponsoring socialism worldwide in a similar manner to the USSR historically, because for whatever reason, the Russian Revolution does not happen. What is the ATL...
  11. Reisen Storm

    Democratic Republic of Afghanistan present day?

    Is there any possibility that a Communist Afghanistan could survive to the present day? Or is it doomed to fall much like all the other communist countries by the end of the Cold war post-soviet collapse? From what I've read, everyone thought they were on the verge of collapse until the Battle...
  12. What if the Soviet Union became truly Democratic-Socialist?

    I am not incredibly knowledgable in this area, so this is more of a question of inquiry. What would happen if the Totalitarian ideology of Soviet leninism and stalinism never manifested, or was snuffed out by opposing forces? Would the West and the Nazis develop a strong hatred of Communism, or...
  13. Tabs

    A Red Shrimp Among Whales-a North Korean Victory TL
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1: On the Eve of War

    DISCLAIMER: just want to make it clear before you read that I do not support North Korea, or authoritarian communism. Any praise for the Kim dynasty, the Soviets, or the CCP in this timeline are merely for immersion. I hope you enjoy. A Red Shrimp Among Whales Chapter 1 March, 1949...
  14. errorofmyself

    WI : Zionist USSR and Anti-Zionist USA ?

    Could this role reverse happen and if it does ? What are the biggest consequences ?
  15. AHC: Communist Hitler, Fascist Stalin

    Your challenge is to have Hitler become a communist and Stalin become a fascist, rather than the other way around. They don't necessarily have to end up in positions of power, just hold those ideologies. Just in case anyone asks, I put this in Before 1900 because Stalin at the very least...
  16. Would North Korea ally with Romania if Nicolae Ceaușescu won

    ITTL Nicolae Ceaușescu wins and stops the revolt and continues the communist path. Would North Korea and Romania Become Allies or would they ignore each other? How would this impact international relations? Would Air Koryo have flights to Bucharest? Also vote in the poll.
  17. WI: More Successful Red Wave

    I'm not sure about the exact POD but say the Great war drags on for another year causing mass discontent with successful revolutions in Germany, Hungary, Slovakia, Ireland, Spain, Finland, Sweden, and Bulgaria. Further revolutions occur in Argentina, South Africa, and Persia. The Communist...
  18. The_Persian_Cat

    WI: Brezhnev's successors had survived?

    Leonid Brezhnev was General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union from 1964-1984. During his leadership, the liberalisation policies of Khruschev were reversed. The USSR entered a period of social, cultural, and political repression which, while not on the scale of Stalin, was...
  19. AHC: Have China, not Russia, be the first country to go Communist

    Have the Bolsheviks fail in Russia but the CCP still take over China
  20. Could any of the communist goverments of Eastern Europe have survived the Soviet Collapse?

    Assuming a time line in which the communist party does not remian in power in Russia itself which nation of Eastern Europe (or ex Soviet republic) has the best chance of remaining committed to communism. I have always found it interesting that even a nation like Albania that had split with the...