cold war

  1. DBWI: Czechia as part of the Eastern Block.

    After WW2 Czechoslovakia was divided in Slovakia and the Czech Republic, each one ended on different sides of the Iron curtain until 1989. What if Czechia had been part of a unified Czechoslovak state under socialism?
  2. The Hawk

    America Invicta: A TL
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    America Invicta: A TL What is this? The product of about three years worth of lurking and a 12 am sugar-fueled epiphany, aka, George Marshall becoming President in 1947 under a set of… violent circumstances to say the least. How long will this be? From 1947 to 2020, with a focus on American...
  3. Justinian

    A perpetual Cold War: An alternate 20th and 21st Century Timeline
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    So I tried doing this timeline before and I thought it might be fun to actually finish it I was using a style of telling it through excerpts from history books. It was kind of interesting, but it actually made it somewhat difficult to actually describe things and kind of got dry. I also started...
  4. WI: The US loses the Korean War

    In OTL, the Korean War ended in a stalemate which persists to this very day. What if, though, the US and South Korea outright lost to North Korea in 1953 like how the US lost Vietnam in OTL around 1973. Thoughts?
  5. JustinianTheGrand

    WI: The Sino-Soviet split escalates?

    Due to disagreements about the approach to communism the soviet union and the peoples republic of china split apart diplomatically. But what if China's attempts to take leadership of the communist world escalated into full out war between china and the USSR? Who would win the war and also how...
  6. Gracchus Tiberius

    Later Carter Presidency 1984-1992

    Rough sketch, Robert Kennedy survives assassination in 1968 but doesn't get the nomination. In 1976, he runs for the nomination and wins, picking Jimmy Carter as his Vice President to balance the ticket. He has a relatively successful Presidency. In 1984, Jimmy Carter runs for the nominations...