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  1. What if the Soviet Union allowed the convertibility of the Soviet Ruble after WW2?

    Well, if the Soviet Union had a plan to allow convertibility of the Soviet Ruble after WW2? My assumption is that the Soviets had better ways to achieve hard currency, therefore necessitating the growth of tourism and export-based industries. It would also bring in cultural exchange, which means...
  2. Cold War Between the United States and Napoleonic France

    A Conservative Coalition riding on a campaign of national security and fear of Bolshevism wins the 1936 French Elections. Over the next year or so, the French Republic is wracked with instability due to Communist and Fascist groups fighting in the streets, and the conservative government’s...
  3. the Imperium of Canada

    AHC: North Korea is Best Korea

    The challenge here is to make the Democratic People's Republic of Korea a generally more successful and prosperous nation then it's southern counterpart by the modern day. So what would it take to get a world where Best Korea isn't just a meme or delusion of tankies?
  4. A 10 year Bush H.W. Presidency?

    So I had this interesting thought that came up with my mind relating to the president's term length and the historical occurrences that happened and I came up with this weird scenario of which how possible could've a 10 year George H.W. Bush presidency be. Of course the Constitution says that...
  5. The World on the Edge of a Knife: A Three Way Cold War
    Threadmarks: Introduction

    Hello all! A while back I posted a couple threads on which “third world” countries could have plausibly gone fascist or communist. The idea of a three way Cold War has always been interesting to me; as it was the Cold War saw extensive political maneuvering, espionage plots, warfare, and...
  6. Effects on Cold War if Taft wins 1948

    Brushing aside the how, Taft beats Truman (or whomever you choose) in the 1948 election. He goes full on isolationist. What happens next. Does China take Taiwan? Does the Korean War happen? Does Europe federate to defend themselves against the USSR? Maybe the British Commonwealth draws closer...
  7. Dan Quayle and the Crisis of the Late 20th Century: A 1990s TL
    Threadmarks: Passing the Torch

    Sky Over Virginia: February 11, 1990 Sitting in his cabin in Marine One, the President watched on television as Nelson Mandela walked out of prison triumphantly after so many years behind bars. While he never claimed to be progressive on issues like race, The President had come to dislike...
  8. Whiteshore

    What countries could have been divided during the Cold War?

    With a POD after June 6, 1944 (date of the D-Day Landings), what countries could realistically be divided between rival governments during the Cold War like Germany, Korea, and Vietnam were IOTL and why? What PODs could create a Cold War situation with the most countries divided between two...
  9. AHC/PC: Divided Britain

    Scenario: Great Britain goes Fascist/Communist, starts a World War and gets defeated/ The island is carved up between the USA and Germany. How plausible would a North/South Britain division be? What would their governments look like? What would the border look like?
  10. WI: Could the Soviet Union not be a superpower?

    I was thinking the other day what would happen if the Germans had sorrounded Moscow and killed the Soviet Leadership, leaving the Soviets to someone like, Georgy Zhukov. I was thinking the Soviets would lose a lot of leeway after the war due to a slower response. I was wondering then, what would...
  11. OxSpace

    AHC: DDR surpasses BRD economically

    So in the late 40s and early 50s, West Germany experienced the Wirtschaftswunder, or the Miracle on the Rhine, which saw the rapid economic recovery and subsequent growth. This, alongside a slew of Soviet quotas and military enforcement that essentially forced East Germany's hand in economic and...
  12. Victory is only the first step.

    They tricked me again. They had me kicked out of my apartment. Oh yes, I know it was THEM. I know it was THEIR fault i didn't find work and cause it all. THEY are obsessed with me. THEY know that I know. That I see beyond their lies and their bullshit. I see them for what they are. I see them...
  13. SealTheRealDeal

    PC/WI: No US Air Force

    What if anything changes if the USAF isn't established as a third branch of the military in 1947. Were there any particular lessons from WWII that made its independence from the Army necessary?
  14. SealTheRealDeal

    AHC: President Jimmy Hoffa

    Ight, how do we elevate the man from self-proclaimed second most powerful man in America to undisputed most powerful man on earth?
  15. Imperial Advocate

    Suez Daze: The Third Superpower

    Sorry, accidentally post a second time.
  16. Imperial Advocate


    Medieval timeline: what
  17. Gukpard

    How would a cold war look after the worst possible allied victory?

    To be more precise and give us a base, I once made a thread about the worst possible allied victory and obsessednuker won. Basically it plays as this: Hitler is exploded in 1939. Butterflies are killed and things plays as OTL until the fall of France, with Göring in power. The Soviet Union is...
  18. Imperial Advocate

    AHC: Sino-American War starts during the Korean War

    What if the Chinese intervention to save North Korea from the UN forces led by the United States causes huge tensions and this escalates into a war between the PRC and the USA. Nukes can be used for tactical use but this doesn’t escalate into WW3. American Alliance: United States Japan South...
  19. TheNixonator

    DBAHC: Make Nixon a contender for worst President

    Richard Nixon is seen as one of the greatest President in modern history (and arguably in all of America's history). He did so much like Universal Healthcare, ending the Vietnam War, getting America out of the energy crisis, passing the Environmental Protection Act, starting the War on Cancer...
  20. 1984, or, the Year the Soviets blew up Congress

    15th December, 1960 A man walks silently through the cold, bitter halls of the Kremlin, fingers trembling in the cold. Inside, his mind burns with ideas, cursing the engineers who defy him, the assistants that conspire to usurp his position, his competitors in the military. Twelve days ago, he...