1. Moderate Republican

    The Miracle Man:The Presidency of John McCain
    Threadmarks: Iowa and New Hampshire 2008,NFL Playoffs and Barry Bonds’s return

    JANUARY 4TH 2008 NEW YORK TIMES .COM OBAMA WINS DEMOCRATIC IOWA CAUCUS, HUCKABEE WINS REPUBLICAN CAUCUS, JOHN EDWARDS DROPS OUT OF RACE “After a long midnight of counting votes Senator Barack Obama was declare the winner of the Democratic Iowa Caucus Wednesday at 2 P.M Central Standard Time...
  2. QuinnMallory

    Clinton resigns after Lewinsky scandal?

    Say Bill Clinton figures Gore is just as capable of being President as he is, and will be more effective as President without a black mark, and decided to resign. How does that change 2000? Does incumbency push Gore over the line in Florida, or does the scandal actually hurt him more? What would...
  3. DBWI: How Would George W. Bush Have Handled 9/11 and the Financial Crisis?

    I know this is relatively recent history, but just to set the stage for this DBWI thought experiment I'll recap the past 20 or so years of US history. In 2000, after a nail-biting election campaign, Vice-President John Kerry defeated George W. Bush and became the 43rd American President. Kerry...
  4. Accountability: The Fall of Bill Clinton
    Threadmarks: Ch. 1: White House, January 25, 1998

    Accountability: The Fall of Bill Clinton January 25, 1998 It was going to be a relatively nice day, the high near 45. Sunday traffic was lighter in D.C., not that it mattered for the President’s motorcade. But despite having the ultimate right of way, it was still a few minutes behind...
  5. Which Democrat Would've Been the Strongest Presidential Candidate in 1988?

    The 1988 election is infamous in American politics. Despite an early 17% lead Michael Dukakis lost in a landslide to George H.W. Bush. Dukakis' defeat badly demoralized Democrats and discredited liberalism for decades. In your opinion, which Democrat besides Dukakis would've made the strongest...
  6. mlee117379

    DBWI: Clinton stays out of the 1988 race

    Apparently Clinton came very close to changing his mind about running in 1988. Suppose he doesn't run for President that year after all. Who wins the Democratic nomination, and how do they do in the general?
  7. 2008 Election Without Iraq or the Recession

    The 2008 US Presidential elections by the failure of the Iraq War and the financial crisis. But what would the election have looked like without these two issues? Who would be the Republican and Democratic nominees? Who would win the election?
  8. WI: Biden Runs in 1992

    What if Delaware Senator Joe Biden had run for President in 1992? What would be his chances of winning the nomination and/or the general election? What might a 1990s Biden administration look like? OP's Note: Please keep this discussion OFF current politics.
  9. WI: Invasion of Serbia in the 90s

    Say a NATO country was attacked by Serbian terrorists and they invoked Article 5. An invasion of Serbia would have gone horribly, as the extensive bombing campaign did little to damage them and they even managed to shoot down an F-117 stealth bomber. What would the effects be, especially on the...
  10. lerk

    DBWI: No 1992 deadlock

    The 1992 Presidential Election ended with Clinton receiving 264 Electoral Votes, Bush 214 and Perot 60. The Democratic-controlled congress made Clinton and Gore president and vice president, but they were dogged with accusations of illegitimacy (the veritable three-way tie in the popular vote...
  11. DBWI: Bill Clinton became president?

    What if Bill Clinton won the 1992 election? What if his sex scandals were revealed later, or weren't revealed at all? What if Ross Perot decided to run four years earlier instead of waiting until 1996? Also, Would he have had as much success in 1992 as he did in 1996? Bush's victory over Clinton...
  12. The_Russian

    WI: Hillary Clinton becomes a senator from Illinois?

    What if instead of running for senate in New York in 2000, she waited until 2004 to run for the senate seat in Illinois? Does she get it? How does 2008 look without Barack Obama? If Hillary wins the nomination in 2008, who does she select as Vice President? Does Obama have a path to the White...
  13. The_Russian

    What if George HW Bush won the 1992 election?

    What if things go just right for Bush, and he wins 1992 in a landslide? Let’s say Perot waits until 1996, the Dems nominate someone weak (or Clinton is caught with his pants down in late October/early November), and he is able to keep his approval ratings up. Who in 1996? If the economy still...
  14. Sevarics

    WI: Hillary Rodham Bush

    Basically, what if Hillary Rodham had met George W Bush while she was campaigning for Rockefeller and they hit it off and started dating before eventually marrying. In this scenario, she moves down to Texas instead of Arkansas. How would a Hillary Rodham - George W Bush marriage impact their...
  15. Clinton's Korean War
    Threadmarks: Chapter I: The North Korean Nuclear Crisis, 1985-1994.

    Here's the first chapter of my new TL that I've been working on for a while. Clinton’s Korean War Chapter I: The North Korean Nuclear Crisis, 1985-1994. By the end of the administration of President George H.W. Bush there were mounting concerns about North Korea’s nuclear program. Starting...
  16. kasumigenx

    Bush/Pence 1996 timeline

    I had a short Idea for a timeline, this is going to have a POD in the first years or opening of the first bush admin and Bill Clinton does not have another term and Dubya gets a Mike Pence in his late 30's as VP.
  17. WI: Stronger Gingrich Revolution?

    A scenario where the Republicans in 1994 performed even better than they did in OTL, perhaps near 300 house seats and 60 senate seats. Would this happen under Clinton? Or would this be more likely under Dukakis in '88, Cuomo, Brown, etc. in '92?
  18. W.I. Democrats side with Republicans on Clinton impeachment At the moment...
  19. Simon

    Colin Powell Gets a Fifth Star?

    The modern rank of General of the Army, also known as five-star rank, in the US Army has been awarded only five times. Whilst reading the Genocide's page about it I came across something I hadn't heard of before that after Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm there was discussion of...
  20. Nightingale

    Yes We Will: The Hillary Clinton Presidency (2009-17)

    "November 4, 2008 Hillary Clinton Campaign Headquarters Arlington, Virginia 11:45 PM "Yes we will! Yes we will!" Hilllary Clinton's supporters keep their chants wide and loud as their candidate arrives onstage to deliver her victory speech. The President-Elect waves her arms and stretches her...