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  1. Kentucky in a Confederate Victory Scenario

    A follow up to the thread about Missouri in a Confederate scenario. Sort of inspired by the Southern victory series where Missouri stays with the Union but Kentucky goes to the Confederacy. I, however, see them as more or less a pair that’s hard to separate. So here’s my take.
  2. The American Civil War: The Rule of the Radical Republicans
    Threadmarks: Chapter I: The Weight of the Presidency

    Long time lurker, first time TL poster. For a quick description of what I'm hoping to accomplish is a TL where Reconstruction is truly radical and led by two generals in the White House. While I'm no expert in the Civil War, I've been sure to research at the very least the basics of the...
  3. Civil War's End

    Fort Grant Gathersburg, Maryland Thursday, December 1, 1864 Fort Grant was a new camp built to hold the prisoners taken after the Battle of Washington and subsequent siege. It had been built quickly by people who were not inclined to wish the best for those imprisoned inside it...
  4. Whiteshore

    Ottomans go extinct in 1807-1808: What happens next?

    Historically, the period between 1807-1808 was a period which saw great instability in the Ottoman Empire with Selim III and Mustafa IV killed and an attempted coup attempted against Mahmud II delaying his proposed reforms, but what if the series of coups and general unrest led to the extinction...
  5. Andrew Boyd: Duke of Dank

    DBWI: Spain neither keeps its American Empire nor supports the Confederacy

    As we all know, the American Civil War was a major turning point for the Union's relationships with the main powers in Western Europe. Most notably, the restoration of relationships with the UK and the deterioration of relationships with Spain. In no small part because Spain was attempting to...
  6. AHC: Make the U.S. Civil War as close to WWII as possible

    Inspired by @Admiral Bloonbeard's thread in "After 1900" about making The Troubles similar to the Syrian Civil War. I know people like to joke about how the TL-191 series turns out to just be "20th Century Europe in North America," but Admiral's AHC inspired me to suddenly come up with this...
  7. The Valley and Beyond (Civil War TL)

    The Valley and Beyond (Civil War TL) In the beginning of May 1864, Union Brigadier General George Crook and his Army of the Kanawha entered the southwestern region of Virginia via the Appalachian Mountains as part of Ulysses S. Grants spring offensive to wear down the Confederacy in a war of...
  8. AH Challenge: British Civil War (1974)

    Start a Civil War between the Right and Left just after the 1974 general elections. *Either side can win *Very little foreign intervention
  9. AH Challenge: British Civil War in 1974

    Start a Civil War between the Right and Left just after the 1974 general elections. *Either side can win *Very little foreign intervention
  10. Nullification crisis leads to Civil War

    How could (or could it) the Nullification crisis have led to Civil War? And what would have been the most likely result? Was this feasible at all?
  11. Postbellum: Confederate Victory

    This scenario will look at a possible timeline where the Confederate States are successful in suceeding from the Union. The war in the Mississippi theater would largely remain the same. The Union would succeed in capturing major cities like New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Memphis, Nashville, and...
  12. The Sun Never Rises: If The Confederacy Won
    Threadmarks: Part 1: Victory in Maryland

    I was originally not going to post this at all until I completed it but then I gave in and decided to post parts of it as I went along. This is a revised version of a timeline I have on the Alternate History Wiki. So here it goes. Note: I acknowledge this is simply an exercise in alternate...
  13. WI: Hafez al-Assad assassinated in 26th of June, 1980?

    So in our timeline, as cited on Wikipedia, Hafez al-Assad was nearly killed by the Muslim Brotherhood at a diplomatic function, so close that he narrowly escaped waiting for a diplomatic function. This is during the time of the Islamist Uprising in Syria (the precursor to the Syrian Civil War)...
  14. Blood Red Cotton- A Confederate Timeline
    Threadmarks: The Dixie Revolution/Introduction

    Blood Red Cotton- A Confederate TL Chapter One: The Dixie Revolution/Introduction Well, for a start, I suppose that I ought to introduce this TL a bit more fully. There are a great number of fantastic CSA timelines on this site, and I hope to “throw my hat in the ring”, so to speak. In...
  15. GauchoBadger

    WI: North Korean civil war in the 90's?

    What sort of conditions could turn a civil war in North Korea, prior to the 2000's, into a distinct possibility? I've read a few years back that Kim Jong-Il was depressed at the death of his father and the pressure put on him to be an effective heir that he was considering suicide for some days...
  16. Pulmonic_Consonant

    Jubal Early's Raid

    During the grinding stalemate outside of Petersburg in 1864, a daring plan was hatched by General Lee to divert Union reinforcements and stir panic in the north. Jubal Early was dispatched with 15,000 men, to march through the Shenandoah valley and threaten the virtually undefended Washington...
  17. DBWI: No German Civil War in 1936?

    1936 saw opponents of the Nazi attempt a failed a coup against Hitler and his Nazi regime, resulting in a civil war that pitted the ‘Kaiser’s Men’ against troops loyal to Hitler. WI the Civil War was averted?
  18. What would cause the Annexation Bill of 1866 to pass

    In 1866, a bill appeared in the United States House, which would effectively annex Canada for a fairly decent sum of money, and make the territory into states and territories. This was right after the Civil War many Americans were still slightly upset for the British's perceived support for the...
  19. Everdarklegion

    Lone Star Rising

    Texas and the U.S. Civil War When war broke out between the United States and the Confederate States in 1861 following the attack on Fort Sumpter, both governments sent diplomats to the Republic of Texas. The Lincoln Administration was concerned the young Republic might seek annexation by the...
  20. Amadeus

    WI: Stephen A. Douglas Lives

    In 1861, after the outbreak of the American Civil War, Senator Stephen A. Douglas died of typhoid fever at the age of 48. Before his death Douglas had advised President Lincoln on the war effort and traveled the Midwest attempting to mobilize popular support for the Union. What if Douglas had...