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  1. Beyond the town of Gettysburg
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1

    Chapter 1 July 1, 1863, 10:15 a.m. East of Herr's Ridge Gettysburg, Pennsylvania The sun was now steadily rising and the damp moisture of the night finally gave way to the dry warmth of midsummer day. Brigadier General James Jay Archer from Heth's Confederate division pondered what the day...
  2. If mexico was not invaded by France during the American civil war; would it have invaded America to reconquer it's territory?

    Would mexico try to reconquer it's territory from the United States during the civil war; if it never got invaded by France?
  3. WI: General Lee, Jefferson Davis, and other Confederate Leadership. Were Exiled From The United States After The Civil War?

    What if the Union decided to be more harsh on the rebels after the fact, and exile the Confederate leadership and their immediate families from the united states after the end of the Civil War? How would this effect things in both the South and the Union going forward? What would it's Impact on...
  4. Arrival of the Crisis: Early Civil War in 1853-1855

    I've written up an alternate history timeline of sorts on Google Docs called Arrival of the Crisis (named after a quote said by Henry Clay when he was talking about Texas and it's territorial claims to New Mexico). So here is basically the main synopsis/story of Arrival of the Crisis Henry...
  5. Magnolias and Entropy: A Wikibox Timeline
    Threadmarks: Battle of South Mountain

    “With the fields of fire spread out over a space of nearly six miles over dense forest cover, the first day at South Mountain featured some of the most intense small unit fighting of the war. It was a fight of rifleman against rifleman, led by captains, colonels, and brigadiers.” -- Joseph...
  6. Sean McKnight

    Grant Shot at Ford's Theater
    Threadmarks: The Grant Assassination

    On the evening of April 14th, 1865 President Lincoln and the First Lady attended the play Our American Cousin, just five days after Robert E. Lee’s surrender at Appomattox. Also in attendance was General Ulysses S. Grant, who went ahead with his plan to join the President despite a desire to...
  7. Pap Price Returns! The 1864 Missouri Invasion.
    Threadmarks: Introduction

    Introduction In late August 1864, 12,000 Confederate cavalrymen in three divisions styled the “Army of Missouri“ departed from Pocahontas, Arkansas to invade the state of Missouri. The following campaign that became known as “Price's Missouri Expedition“ or simply “Price's Raid“ thanks to...
  8. Historical/Cultural implications of a Confederate final stand?

    I was wondering what implications it would have had, if the main Confederate armies still in the field in 1865 would not have more or less voluntarily surrendered as in OTL but got beaten into submission by means of a final battle. Here are three scenarios I could imagine how this could happen...
  9. Etruscan-enthusiast35

    DBWI: The Great Slave Revolt never occurs

    As we all know, in 1862, a massive series of slave uprisings occured across Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi, forcing Confederate forces to withdraw from the front lines and allowing Union forces to push further south, bringing the Civil War to an end in June, 1863. What I want to know is, what...
  10. Alex Timber

    What if the U.S. was able to win the First Battle of Bull Run?

    It's 1861 and the Union has a brilliant plan to win the Civil War quick and relatively bloodless. Unfortunately for them, their advance towards Richmond was halted at Manassas by Stonewall Jackson whos brigade played a major part in holding back the Union. However, what if this had not been the...
  11. GameBawesome

    Education/School System in a Victorious Confederacy and Defeated Union

    What if, Lee’s invasion of the North, was more successful, and Mclellan became president in 1864, and although he wanted to continue the war, he was forced to sign a peace treaty, making the Confederate States of America independent, and gaining international recognition. Now, assuming this...
  12. This may seem a wild plan (TL)

    Idea and PoD: In late July, 1864, Confederate Captain Henry Behan sent a proposal for a concentrated campaign effort in the Trans-Mississippi-Theatre directly to President Jefferson Davis. The proposal became known as the 'Behan Letter' and was never implemented. It was grandiose and ambitious...
  13. TheHedgehog

    NEW BIRTH OF FREEDOM: The Wilmot Proviso Passes
    Threadmarks: PART I: Destiny Made Manifest

    NEW BIRTH OF FREEDOM The Amendment Passes =================================== ACT ONE: The Great Divide PART I: Destiny Made Manifest From “Westward Expansion: An American Story” by Harold Freeman Published 1998 “The presidency of James K. Polk was defined by one question: should the United...
  14. JWQ

    1862 confederate capital changed

    How long would it take on a train in 1862 to move the confederate legislator to Atlanta?
  15. Ibrahim_Pasha

    WI: Civil war between the Garibaldini and the Sardinian monarchy

    Italy was founded as a monarchy in 1861, and didn't become a republic until after World War 2. However, what if Italy was founded as a republic under Garibaldi and Crispi? The main POD I thought of for this scenario would be that Garibaldi never surrenders his army to Victor Emmanuel after the...
  16. "Our American Journey" - excerpts from a middle school text book
    Threadmarks: The Election of 1860

    Hello, this is my first TL ever. It will be an unorthodox Confederate victory scenario, in the sense that how we get there will be a bit strange. It came to me during a brain strorming session, as how to write such a thing WITHOUT screwing the Republican Party. As you can see from the title, Im...
  17. Kentucky in a Confederate Victory Scenario

    A follow up to the thread about Missouri in a Confederate scenario. Sort of inspired by the Southern victory series where Missouri stays with the Union but Kentucky goes to the Confederacy. I, however, see them as more or less a pair that’s hard to separate. So here’s my take.
  18. The American Civil War: The Rule of the Radical Republicans
    Threadmarks: Chapter I: The Weight of the Presidency

    Long time lurker, first time TL poster. For a quick description of what I'm hoping to accomplish is a TL where Reconstruction is truly radical and led by two generals in the White House. While I'm no expert in the Civil War, I've been sure to research at the very least the basics of the...
  19. Civil War's End

    Fort Grant Gathersburg, Maryland Thursday, December 1, 1864 Fort Grant was a new camp built to hold the prisoners taken after the Battle of Washington and subsequent siege. It had been built quickly by people who were not inclined to wish the best for those imprisoned inside it...
  20. Whiteshore

    Ottomans go extinct in 1807-1808: What happens next?

    Historically, the period between 1807-1808 was a period which saw great instability in the Ottoman Empire with Selim III and Mustafa IV killed and an attempted coup attempted against Mahmud II delaying his proposed reforms, but what if the series of coups and general unrest led to the extinction...