civil war

  1. MittleGittle

    Canadian Civil War Scenarios

    Your challenge is to have a complicated Canadian civil war, the PoD can be anywhere in the 20th century. One possible kickoff point would be if the Quebecois chose to have a war of independence.
  2. Gukpard

    Could the Spanish civil war bring back the monarchy immediately?

    The nationalists in Spain were a mix of right wing elements from fascists to conservatives, republicans and monarchists. Eventually who took power was Franco who ruled as a dictator until his death in 1975, and he was some kind of compromise since he was not as fascist as the falangists and...
  3. A More Balkanized Post Soviet Russia

    What would happen if russia colapsed like yugoslavia and/or if ALL the ethnicies(even ASSRs) declared Indepedence from russia
  4. GameBawesome

    AHC: Extend the Sengoku Jidai by a century

    Context: The Sengoku Jidai was a period in Japan, where is was near-constant civil war, social upheaval, and political intrigue from 1467 to 1615. It ended with Oda Nobunaga and Toyotomi Hideyoshi unifying most of the country, and Tokugawa Ieyasu taking over, and starting the Tokugawa Shogunate...
  5. JWQ

    Howell Cobb’s president of the confederate revolution

    Hello everybody I’m making a alternative history timeline about my nation state called confederate farmers. This is Before I began Please try not to block every avenue of my alternative history to form . So...
  6. SunKing105

    WI: Boll weevil arrives earlier?

    IOTL, the boll weevil came over from Mexico in the 1920s, devastating the American cotton industry and economy. So a question, which has likely appeared a few times already, that I would like to ask, is what if the boll weevil came over in the middle 19th century, around 1856? And it only starts...
  7. JWQ

    Early confederate victory’s out west 1862

    This isn’t so much a timeline then a question. However Suppose if the south did not attack Kentucky in1861 by not leavening their forces and supply lines stretched out to then. Could confederate successfully defend Nashville from Don caroled Buells troops? February 25, 1862, 10,000 soldiers...
  8. JWQ

    If the Confederates chose Howell Cobb’s as a president

    Hello everybody I am giving you a alternative history scenario if the Confederates at proper leader ship. Well I’m myThe Confederates ignore The provocation of Lincoln Breaking the quasi armisticenot To rearm Fort Sumter...
  9. In the Land of the Southrons: Confederate Yugoslavia

    The date; late summer, 1989. The location; suburban Columbia, South Carolina. The hot Carolina sun beats down heavily on the urban sprawl outside Columbia, the capital of South Carolina. With a population of around 100, 000 it is a fair sized city for the Confederacy, the third largest in the...
  10. Crazymachines

    Northern Civil war with a twist

    we've all probably seen the 'north secedes' scenario once in a while, but I had an idea of something like that with a twist; what if the northern states rose in rebellion not to secede but to overthrow what is seen as an unfairly southern dominated, oppressive, and racist government. My personal...
  11. JWQ

    Confederate Illinois?

    Hello I would like to know what could get southern Illinois often called little Egypt to successful have secession against union Illinois? I amopenly curious because in the beginning there was serous talk of this happening.
  12. QuinnMallory

    Eventual abolition of slavery in victorious CSA - why?

    An oddly common thread in works involving Southern victory in the Civil War is the idea that they would of their own volition eventually abolish slavery and replace it with the "apprenticeships", "court costs", and similar post-Reconstruction arrangements to keep blacks productive but powerless...
  13. Crazymachines

    Instead of going to war, the south legally sues the united states for their right to secede

    This is something that always puzzled me as to why it didn't happen in OTL. instead of firing upon fort sumter when the union refused to evacuate its military positions in the seceding states, the south could have built a strong legal case that the union was an affair that required the consent...
  14. Gokbay

    WI: Sultan Cem I

    WI of the sons of Mehmed II "the Conqueror" Cem had won the succession war between him and his brother Bayezid II? OTL he was defeated and went to exile in Egypt and Europe. What if he had became the Sultan? It would butterfly Selim the Grim (well he would be born but his reign would be...
  15. GameBawesome

    WI/AHC: Multiple uprisings during the Civil War

    What if, through 1861 to 1865, there were multiply uprisings in both the Union and the Confederacy? The Uprisings in the North are sponsored by Confederate Agents, Copperheads, and Southern Sympathizers, while the ones in the South are either local, or sponsored by some other power. List of...
  16. Pulmonic_Consonant

    John Bell Hood's Charge - A Chickamauga Civil War AU
    Threadmarks: The Battle of Chickamauga - Action

    Midday, September 20, 1863, at Chickamauga: Longstreet had discovered a gap in the Union lines, and rushed to exploit it as quickly as possible. He gave the order to move at 11:10 a.m. and Johnson's division proceeded across the Brotherton field, by coincidence to precisely the point where...
  17. Military Strategies of a Confederate Kentucky and Missouri

    Let's just say that Kentucky and Missouri join the Confederate States regardless of the POD involved whether if it's an early Civil War in the 1850s where the United States fires the first shots or they're more lucky with these states in 1861. Now what would the military offensives for both...
  18. The Professor

    An AngloFrench union but both divided

    Basically, the situation is that the Crowns of England and France are united but both are disputed to the extent that the AngloFrench dynasty have neither Northern England nor Southern France (which are under rival claimants). How do we get here? What's the status of Wales, Lordship of Ireland...
  19. Richmond in a Confederate victory scenario

    I think one of the things not usually discussed in Confederate States victory scenarios is the very fate of the capital Richmond, Virginia. Most of the time, Richmond basically remains Virginia's capital even when it more or less becomes the Confederate equivalent of Washington D.C. (albeit...
  20. GameBawesome

    Would the Gilded Age happened after a CSA Victory?

    When I read history, after the Reconstruction, an Era known as the Gilded Age happened after. It was a time of great industrialization and economic growth, corrupt politicians and powerful businessmen. But could such an Era still occurred if the Confederate States of America won the Civil War...