civil war

  1. DBWI: No southern textile industry

    Starting in the 1840's with the introduction of steam powered factories, textiles became the major export for the southern US states. But what if the textile industry didn't exist or was much delayed? Is that even possible and how long could slavery have lasted if the South had remained almost...
  2. Seceding From Secession

    If the Union got an earlier start during the American Civil War and had enough troops on the borders with the CSA, how many potential new states could be created in the way that West Virginia came into being? Or alternatively is it at all possible that vindictive Union States might be granted...
  3. Alcsentre Calanice

    PC: American Military dictatorship

    I wonder if a military dictatorship is possible in the US. Since the Continental Army is too weak to beat the state militias, it's impossible for George Washington to become a dictator, even more because he doesn't want it. So I think an interesting era for that would be the Civil War and the...
  4. Any PODs for Spain keeping the 2nd Republic?

    How could Republican Spain win the Civil War or simply avoid the war?
  5. Paradox-less

    WI: Balmaceda Wins in 1891?

    Alright, so I've always wanted to see what you think would have happened if President José Manuel Balmaceda won the Chilean Civil War of 1891. For those of you unfamilar with Chilean history, President Balmaceda started a civil war against the Congress. The Congress side had its base in...
  6. NHBL

    Post Civil War American Flag

    Scenarios where the south breaks free of the USA are common here, and I was thinking about what the flag of the United States would look like. Here's one thought, and I'd be interested in others: The USA never accepted the succession of the rebels, and maintains the original flag, modified...
  7. ronaldo

    Union slavery and confederate abolitionists

    Union slavery and confederate abolitionists The northern states (union) with slaves from independence and with the expiration to the south, the south becomes abolitionist. The civil war begins south abolitionist and northern slavery