civil war

  1. GauchoBadger

    How does the lack of a Gadsden Purchase affect the ACW?

    So, suppose that either the US government is uninterested in the purchase of more territory in the southern border or that the mexican government is more reluctant to give up even more territory to the gringos. How does such a lack of a proper connection between southern Arizona and southern...
  2. Jape

    Whistlin' Dixie - A TLIAD

    Oh what's this then? Shut up. ... Whistlin' Dixie A TLIAD
  3. thezerech

    What if California seceeded from the Union during the Civil War to stay neutral?

    For those of you who did not know, California actually did come close to seceding from the Union during the Civil War. The Governor John B. Weller had decided if it came to war between the States, he would try and secede from the Union to form an Independent California Republic. However his term...
  4. Could the USA have ended slavery in the 1780s?

    In Gary B. Nash's Book The Unknown American Revolution: The Unruly Birth of Democracy and the Struggle to Create America, he says that the USA had the chance to end slavery in the 1780s, because there was much more abolitionist sentiment, the south was too weak to secede, America had the...
  5. thezerech

    AHC: Maintain the relevence of "Marching Clubs" in U.S politics until 1900

    For those who don't know, marching clubs like the Wide Awakes were paramilitary Lincolnites dressed in black capes and with military caps. Who protected Republican rallies and ran military drills and drills in antebellum America before the 1860 election. The parallels to the Blackshirt...
  6. AHC: Create as much chaos as possible in Europe after WW1

    I want to create a timeline, in which the years after "The Great War" where followed by the"European Civil War" or a "Decade of Chaos". Before testing the plausibility of my own ideas, I want to talk about several problems and ideas of the general concept and gain new ideas and important...
  7. Civil War Delayed a year or 2

    During the civil war, there was a presidential election. Lincoln managed to win due to, at least in part, the fact that Sherman had taken Atlanta, and other victories showing that the end was relatively near. What if tensions had simmered for a year or 2, and then the civil war had broken out...
  8. Sametheon

    Special Order 191- Under Better Supervision? A World Without Sharpsburg

    As you all probably know, special orders 191 was Robert E. Lee's set of commands right before Antietam that were intercepted by Union cavalry and brought to McClellan, who, armed with the enemies positions, attacked Lee at Boonsboro Gap, and Sharpsburg. What would have happened if the orders had...
  9. Jaguars4life

    WI:Earlier Lincoln assassination A lot of people don't know about this. What would the effects be if this happened? How does this effect the civil war? How is a Hannibal Hamlin presidency?
  10. DBAHC/WI: McClellan loses in 1864

    Historians tend to look at McClellan's ascension to the presidency as foreordained; after swiftly taking the rebel capital, crushing of the rebellion, and restoring of the slaveholding states to their places in the Union without any kind of revolution, he was a national hero. With explosive...
  11. Sametheon

    If Jackson Had Survived?

    Let's say Jackson decided on a whim that he didn't really want to go out to check out the state of his troops that faithful night at Chancellorsville. What would change? Well, for one, Gettysburg would have certainly been a Confederate victory. It was lost to them for the main reason that...
  12. thezerech

    Fenian Inavasions of Canada

    So, I'm in the midst of writing a TL, with an emphasis on the Second Mexican Empire, and poor Anglo American relations throughout the 19th century. With an eventual goal of U.S joining the Central Powers. I realize that a larger Fenian Invasion of Canada will polarize Ango-American relations for...
  13. MarieAntoinette

    Is there any way that the CSA could have become an autonomous region or SAR of the USA?

    Is there any way that the CSA could have become an autonomous region of the US or a territory? (like Puerto Rico). Or a Special Administrative Region like Hong Kong is to China? OR, was the result of the Civil War all of nothing to where the CSA is either independent or recaptured?
  14. The Confederacy wo Jeff Davis?

    So assume Jefferson Finis Davis dies when his first wife does. I personally like the idea of John C. Breckenridge. However, who are your favorite contenders to the throne? How does it change the war?
  15. PC/WI: Longsteet gets to Gettysburg on Day 1 on Hagerstown Road

    If Lee caught wind earlier of how fast the AotP was moving to meet his PA offensive, would it have been possible for him to order a concentration at Gettysburg while Longstreet was in Hagerstown? He can't come down the Chambersburg Pike on day one, since Hill is already on that route, and...
  16. WI: Shiloh smashing Confederate Victory?

    The way it looks to me, the general concept for Johnston's counterattack at Shiloh was pretty sound; he'd take on one Union army, right wheel to cut it off from support, destroy it against the Owl Creek swamps, before turning back to block the other army. He even had the good fortune to catch...
  17. Historyman 14

    Views on the South and Civil War if CSA won, but later lost

    All right. Taking notes and elements from Timeline-191 and more, the South won the Civil War (With aid from the UK and French.) and stay independent. However, when WW1 rolls around (for the sake of argument, most everything else in the world happen OTL more or less) the USA allies with Germany...
  18. Would an American Monarchy = no ACW?

    Simple question really... Would an America that established itself as a Constitutional Monarchy from the begining have been able to avert the Civil War? • Is so, how? • If not, why? Please get into the all the "What if's" if you'd like My Thoughts: Almost certainly with the reason being...
  19. Land of cotton, old times there are not forgotten : Redux

    Some people sounded interested in this TL so I am starting it up again. I will appreciate any help when I hit WWI as I did that poorly and that is when people seemed to lose interest. "This is WXCH Chicago and you are on the air" says the sultry voice of Alice Johnson .A rough voice says "I...
  20. DBWI AHC: Lee seen as a good general

    Is there a way to salvage Lee's reputation. I know this is tough, he got whipped in West Virginia, failed in the Carolinas and failed in the Peninsula Campaign. He had a good reputation before the war. Is there a way he can look like less of a colossal screw up?