civil war

  1. Gukpard

    What if the zhili clique unifies china?

    The PoD is that one of the officers that took part of the Beijing coup during the second zhili-fengtien clique war decides to betray the putschists and reveal the details to Cao Kun, and so he aborts the coup and this cements his position as the chinese leader. In the following months Fengtien...
  2. ajdb0614

    PC/AHC: Indonesian Civil War (plausibility and reprecussions)

    Just curious as I am not exactly the most well-versed when it comes to Indonesian politics or history. So past the declaration of independence in 1945, was there any point in time when Indonesia could have exploded into civil war? If so... 1) Who would've been the belligrents? Communists...
  3. The_Russian

    DBWI: What if California was a free state?

    What if gold was discovered say in 1849? (15 years later than OTL.) As we know because gold was discovered early it allowed for southern migration and eventually becoming a slave state after becoming independent (like our sister state Texas.) Would the Mexican American War have gone differently...
  4. NHBL

    Workaround for Dredd Scott decision

    I was thinking of a workaround for the Dredd Scott decision. In any state, if you have something illegal, it is confiscated without compensation. If you are a smuggler with smuggled goods, and the state catches you with them, you lose them; no compensation, even if the goods are legal...
  5. WI PC: South African civil war

    So I've recently stumbled upon this place and woe is me for not finding earlier. I have a timeline or more accurately, a story about someone surviving this timeline and wanted to just put out some feelers to know how well it will be received and how plausible it seems. Here's the basic...
  6. If Mohamed Siad Barre remained in power in Somalia.

    Would Somalia be more stable today if Mohamed Siad Barre remained in power?
  7. Collins: A close one

    On 22 August 1922 Collins set out from Cork City on a circuitous tour of West Cork. He passed first through Macroom then took the Bandon road via Crookstown. This led through Béal na Bláth, an isolated crossroads. There they stopped at a local pub named 'Long's Pub', now known as The Diamond...
  8. Republican Spain wins the Civil War

    In this timeline, Franco and the Nationalists lose the Spanish Civil War on January 3 1937.
  9. With Liberty and Justice For All
    Threadmarks: 2 Emancipations

    This is my somewhat fanciful scenario of bringing Liberal Democracy to all the people of the world by the 1960s March 3, 1861 St. Petersburg, Russia Peasants gather to hear of their new freedom Tsar Alexander II issued a proclamation declaring all privately owned surfs are to be emancipated...
  10. No Jim Crow

    What if the redeemers had been stopped and freedmen weren't denied the right to vote? How would politics be different? I'd assume blacks would be a very left wing group as IOTL. I think that with a south that worked to support rather than block progressive reforms, we'd be more like Canada or...
  11. WI: Barbed wiring in the American Civil War

    I was recently reading a book for class called A History of the American People(ISBN:978--0-06--093034) by Paul Johnson. On page 516 on the second paragraph, Johnson makes a claim about the effects of barbed wiring being available early in the civil war. Now Johnson isn't a military...
  12. Zachariah

    WI: All former Confederate States forced to change names

    IOTL, post Civil War, this was presented as a serious proposal by Benjamin Butler: So then, what if Abraham Lincoln had elected to implement Benjamin Butler's proposal, and the states of the defeated Confederate States had been relegated to territories, renamed, divided and merged in the...
  13. Lincoln's Arrangement

    Hi! I'm new to, but not new to alternate history. I recently heard that shortly before he wrote the Emancipation Proclamation, Lincoln invited African American leaders to the White House and urged them to encourage the soon-to-be freed slaves to relocate away from the...
  14. PC: South Carolina's statehood dissolved?

    Hello all. I'm still preparing the details for my finished Fringe alternate universe scenario coming in the next few months. In the meantime, here's another off-the-wall scenario for the board to consider: with a POD after 1783, is there a possibility that South Carolina's statehood could be...
  15. GauchoBadger

    AHC/WI: Fourth Carlist War

    I'm looking for a PoD to cause a fourth attempt at a carlist takeover in the Kingdom of Spain, specifically after the Spanish-American War. I also ask: if Spain is going through a civil war, then how are the Moroccan Crises affected?
  16. Old1812

    WI: Edward D. Baker not killed at Ball's Bluff

    On 21 October 1861, Senator and Brigadier General Edward Dickinson Baker was killed in action at the Battle of Ball's Bluff. Baker was one of Lincoln's closest friends (Lincoln would name one of his sons after Baker, unfortunately 'Eddie' Lincoln would die at age 3). Baker's death gave Congress...
  17. Worst Case Scenario: American Reconstruction

    What it says in the title.
  18. loneranger

    Radical! A Reconstruction WI

    POD: On April 15, 1865, John Wilkes Booth shoots and kills President Abraham Lincoln at Ford's Theater. George Atzerodt shoots and kills Vice President Andrew Johnson at the Kirkwood House. Under the Presidential Succession Act of 1792, President pro tempore Senator Lafayette Foster is then...
  19. Solomi

    CSA Slaves Revolt

    Assuming that, at any point during the Civil War the black slaves in the south revolted and goes full-Haiti against their former masters (aka brutal massacres). What will the Union reaction be?
  20. Historyman 14

    WI/AHC: Italian Civil War

    So, basic outline is Mussolini either dies in the Great War, or never gets serious afterward, and so Italy never becomes Fascist. Red revolts happens, but Emmanuel has a backbone in this case, and authorize the police to shoot and crush the insurrection. So the Kingdom of Italy tugs along for...