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  1. Lincoln Lives: How a failed assassination changed the course of a Nation and a newly freed people
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1: Divine Providence

    Hello All! This is my first attempt at writing an alternate history timeline. I have had this ear worm in my head for months and have decided to finally write it down. I'm not much of a writer but I hope I'll be able to convey the vision I have properly. I have a rough outline between 1865 to...
  2. WI: A Large Hurricane strikes the South before Civil War

    The POD: in the 1860 Atlantic hurricane season, the first hurricane of the season, IOTL cat 4, is much larger, instead being h a cat 5 on the scale of Katrina. You obviously know what's going to happen: how would this affect the resources of the southern states, and how much if at all the...
  3. (Philippines recognized by usa 1899). Antonio Luna Launches a Failed Coup to Oust Aguinaldo in 1901 which resulted in a civil war. What happens next

    Well you read the thread so what will happen if that happens. You cant just say germany japan or any GP getting it. remember the Philippines has it's independence protected by the usa. Foreign powers can only aid both sides. Civil war starts at 1901. You can use edited maps and other graphics to...
  4. General Abraham Lincoln

    Here's a timeline idea I've been kicking around for a while: Abraham Lincoln goes into the military, becomes a career officer, and ends up as the top Union commander in an alternate Civil War. There are a few aspects to this potential timeline: 1. What sort of general could Lincoln have been...
  5. JWQ

    Jefferson Davis Confederate General

    What if Jefferson Davis became a confederate General instead of president of the confederate states? Would Jefferson Davis Have been a worthy enough to be the Commander of the army of Tennessee? I’ve been the best confederate general who would’ve been the commander of the army of the...
  6. JWQ

    A Possible Cobb administration

    Under a Hypothetical administration, what do you think president Cobb would have done differently if Jefferson Davis flatly refused to be president of the CSA or even had Davis not been elected president of the CSA. I personally think president Cobb and VP Robert Toombs would have been the best...
  7. JWQ

    The confederate hold on to New Orleans

    What were the confederates have to have done to hold on New Orleans for A siege instead of being taken over pretty quickly during the Civil War? I think the best option would’ve been General Beauregard to be the commander of New Orleans as he was a good military engineer not a good field...
  8. Bomster

    Some alternate history questions about the Civil War and the Confederacy?

    What’s the easiest more plausible POD for a Confederate victory/independence in the American Civil War? If the South won its independence what territories/states if any would they receive in a peace treaty with the United States. What would the relationship between the two America’s look like...
  9. JWQ

    1862 The Howell Cobb Confederate Revolution 2nd year
    Threadmarks: The introduction and How Lincoln could restart his war of northern Aggression after the capture of Washington thanks to President Cobb and General Lee

    Before I would Like to begin with a few major points in the timeline including a defense of its historical possibility. The past thread Was not as organized and this is the continuation of the timeline. 0. NYC Mayor Fernando Wood indeed did try to separate from the union OTL Considering NYC...
  10. Made a Nation: America and the World after an alt-Trent Affair
    Threadmarks: Introduction pt. 1

    Made a Nation: America and the World after an alt-Trent Affair “We may have our own opinions about slavery; we may be for or against the South, but there is no doubt that Jefferson Davis and the other leaders of the South have made an army; they are making, it appears, a navy; and they have...
  11. ZachMettenbergerFan

    Treasure, Blood, and Toil - A Confederate History
    Threadmarks: Title and Preamble

    TREASURE, BLOOD, AND TOIL A Confederate History "The Flag of Sumter, Oct. 20, 1863", Conrad Wise Chapman, 1864 PREAMBLE Hello, welcome to Treasure, Blood, and Toil! This is the first TL I've ever really written so I'm excited to finally start posting it. This timeline will primarily deal with...
  12. Whipidedius

    Treaty of Washington - Secession without Civil War

    So president Franklin Pierce dies in the train crash of January, 1853 (in OTL only his son died in the accident) and president William R. King assumes power in march of that year. However, as in OTL, King was very ill and dies of tuberculosis in April. David Rice Atchison, president pro tempore...
  13. ComradeLenin22

    What would a John Bell Presidency look like?

    Lets say that in the 1860 US Presidential elections that no candidates achieve a majority of 152 electoral votes. With that the election would go to the House to decide, during this hypothetical decision the future of the country and possible civil war would be at stakes. By then many...
  14. MittleGittle

    American Civil War in 1996?

    If Canada were to have a Civil War after the Independence of Quebec, what would a spillover look like? And a Second American Civil War? Ignore this maybe being not possible, I’m looking for the effects.
  15. JWQ

    The possibility of allowing Free black and slave soldiers into the confederate Volunteers with out the confederate president preventing them.

    Look like it or not at the bottom of the root slavery caused the civil war. how could Confederates allow free black or slave soldiers with the permission of there master be allowed to fight for the confederate states of America? OK so in realityYes blacks did join the confederate militia...
  16. MittleGittle

    Canadian Civil War Scenarios

    Your challenge is to have a complicated Canadian civil war, the PoD can be anywhere in the 20th century. One possible kickoff point would be if the Quebecois chose to have a war of independence.
  17. Gukpard

    Could the Spanish civil war bring back the monarchy immediately?

    The nationalists in Spain were a mix of right wing elements from fascists to conservatives, republicans and monarchists. Eventually who took power was Franco who ruled as a dictator until his death in 1975, and he was some kind of compromise since he was not as fascist as the falangists and...
  18. A More Balkanized Post Soviet Russia

    What would happen if russia colapsed like yugoslavia and/or if ALL the ethnicies(even ASSRs) declared Indepedence from russia
  19. GameBawesome

    AHC: Extend the Sengoku Jidai by a century

    Context: The Sengoku Jidai was a period in Japan, where is was near-constant civil war, social upheaval, and political intrigue from 1467 to 1615. It ended with Oda Nobunaga and Toyotomi Hideyoshi unifying most of the country, and Tokugawa Ieyasu taking over, and starting the Tokugawa Shogunate...
  20. JWQ

    Howell Cobb’s president of the confederate revolution

    Hello everybody I’m making a alternative history timeline about my nation state called confederate farmers. This is Before I began Please try not to block every avenue of my alternative history to form . So...