civil war

  1. LuckyLuciano

    An Ode To New Jersey

    An Ode to New Jersey A Patriotic Exercise\TL by LuckyLuciano Last night, in addition to electing a new president, senators and representatives, voters across New Jersey’s southern counties had a special proposition on their ballot. The culmination of years of work on the part of the Committee...
  2. There Remains Hope - A Civil War TL
    Threadmarks: Chapter I

    Chapter I: Tough times call for tough measures The meeting of the Confederate Cabinet on 18 December 1864 was unusually heated. The main topic of discussion was General John Bell Hood's dispatch of the previous day, which reported the defeat of the Army of Tennessee at the gates of Nashville...
  3. Federal seizure of western goldfields in the late 1860s

    The Mining Act of 1872 established American citizens' right to stake mineral claims on the public domain - something that had previously been ambiguous-to-illegal on the federal level despite a few decades' worth of gold rushes in the West. Recently I've come across suggestions in a few sources...
  4. What would an anarchist spain look like?

    Basically, what if the anarchists against all odds won the spanish civil war, what would it look like? What would Spain, or maybe even Catalonia look like?
  5. If McClellan had become President, how good of a President would he be (Ignoring the Civil War and such)

    If he was President and the Civil War went basically the same as OTL (A bit ASB but still), how would McClellan be ranked. How would he handle Reconstruction?
  6. APTerminator

    And Then Came Spoons: A Benjamin Butler Presidency

    And Then Came Spoons The wild & almost true story of Benjamin Butler Hello reader, and welcome to "And Then Came Spoons", the story of Benjamin Butler, or a fake version of Benjamin Butler. Some civil war nerds may recognize the name, but for those who don't know, I will give a brief...
  7. Osman Aga

    Southern States leave the Union before 1846

    I have some sort of interest about US history despite not being American, especially in the period of the Civil War. Most of it developed after watching some movies but any attention is good attention am I right guys? Anyway... I was thinking about it. The South had a lot of influence on the...
  8. Duke Andrew of Dank

    DBWI: Civil War happens instead of Poor Man's Rebellion

    One might remember that during the 1840s, there was growing debate over the idea that America would under go a civil war caused by the debate over slavery. However, such fears didn't come to pass when the middle and lower class southern farmers began to rally in opposition to the unfair...
  9. WI: The Pico Act passes, California is split during the Civil War

    This is a scenario I would like to explore after watching Alternate History Hub's video on the subject. The summery is that before the American Civil war a bill to divide most of Southern California into the new "Territory of Colorado" almost passed but was ignored due to the secession crisis...
  10. JWQ

    Jefferson davis Talent as a confederate general or sectary of war

    Suppose Jefferson Davis had rejected the offer of being the president of the confederate states of America. Instead, he preferred to be General in the confederate army, particularly the rank of General in chief of the confederate army. Still, He was willing to be posted where ever the...
  11. General Edgar Allan Poe, which photo looks best?

    Here is some art I made inspired by the short AH story "No Spot of Ground" by Walter Jon Williams. The POD of which is that Edgar Allan Poe does not die as he did in OTL and goes on to be a Confederate general in the ACW. I'm thinking of making him a character in an ASB TL I've had planned for...
  12. Retiarius

    When was the best time to have the American Civil War?

    This might just be a piece of off-topic ban-bait induced by an unbalanced media diet of American history documentaries and The Good Place, but hear me out. When would be the ideal time to have the American Civil War, from the perspective of reducing human suffering? On the one hand; slavery...
  13. Just a Turteldove Fan

    How the war was won in the west
    Threadmarks: Introduction.

    Well, you are welcome to my new thread. (I hope this is finally the one I can finish). I have done my research for this first chapter and I have checked numerous sites. Such as the American battlefield trust, Britannica and Wikipedia. I have also checked numerous books about the civil war. So I...
  14. The_Russian

    Capitals of the Union and Confederacy

    What would be the fate of the capital of the Confederate and Union capitols be if the Confederates won the Civil War? Would the Confederacy follow the Union's example of establishing a new capital that isn't in any state such as Washington D.C. was the case for the Union, would it stay in...
  15. Just a Turteldove Fan

    A war of blood, sweat and tears
    Threadmarks: Chapter I

    Chapter I: The 17th of December of 1860 the fate of a nation was decided. That same day an extraordinary convention happened in the state of South Carolina. The representatives were all secessionist that wished to start a secession of the United States of America. Their fears were mostly that...
  16. A New Dominion - Virginia under the Readjuster Party
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1

    A New Dominion - Virginia under the Readjuster Party Chapter 1 “Whenever you do a thing, act as if all the world were watching.” -Thomas Jefferson April 2nd, 1865 – Richmond, Virginia The burning of Columbia, South Carolina; A fate Richmond could have shared Lt. General Richard Ewell was...
  17. Playing hell in Tennessee!
    Threadmarks: I

    29 November, 1864, 5:30 p.m. Columbia Pike North of Spring Hill, Tennessee Darkness was drawing nearer by the minute and the windy late November afternoon was rapidly drawing to a close. What Lieutenant General Alexander P. Stewart could make out through his field glasses filled him with...
  18. Crazymachines

    Plausibility of "more conventional" Civil War

    How plausible is it to have the american civil war be a more conventional one, that is, one between rival governments, instead of between the government and seccessionists?
  19. TheDoofusUser

    May the Mississippi bring forth a Leader!
    Threadmarks: Childhood, Military Life, and Time in the House (1814-1846)

    "The work of a soldier is never truly over. That is something I learned in the seventy-nine years I've given to this great nation, in its military, its congress, and its executive branch. I dealt with some of the most arrogant and stubborn men in the world, from my Presidents to my senior and...
  20. GameBawesome

    The American Crisis of the 19th Century

    (Based off two things, 1) This thread I made, 2) A post I made in this thread. This is an idea where America collapse during the civil war, and the PODS) What if, through 1861 to 1865, there were multiply uprisings in both the Union and the Confederacy? The Uprisings in the North are sponsored...