1. AHC; Create a country with the most amount of capital cities

    As the challenge states, your challenge is to create a situation/scenario in which a nation of your choosing, real or fictitious, has the most capital cities functioning at the same time. Some good places to look may be countries like South Africa, which has 3 capitals.
  2. AHC/WI: UK Style Metropolitan Counties in US/More Borough-ed Cities like New York

    In the UK, since 1974, the area defined as a municipal boundary consists roughly of the entire urbanized area of a major metro area and is called a metropolitan county. Similar systems exist in mainland Europe and other regions. This is in stark contrast to the system in the United States, where...
  3. AHC: Make Albuquerque Grow Like Other Sun Belt Cities/New Mexico Wank

    Despite New Mexico's abundance of beautiful scenery, sunshine, history, and cultural wealth it has never really exploded in growth like its neighboring states. Although the Albuquerque Metro Area experienced decent growth rates throughout the postwar era, it still lags behind the absolutely...
  4. AHC: Give as many countries as possible American style urban sprawl

    This is inspired by google earth, which I have found provide a fascinating insight into other countries. The challenge here is to give as many countries as possible the same “format” that the United States and to a lesser extent Canada, Australia, and New Zealand have in their urbanized areas...
  5. E-bam

    E-bam is a map project around European borderpool. I am the only worker rn but everyone can help the map is a european map from vt-bam
  6. VaultJumper

    What would American cities look like if trains remained the main form transportaion?

    The older cities are easy to figure out bit I am more curious about newer cities like Dallas, Houston, LA, Phoenix, and Denver, or any other city that matured when cars were dominate. The suburban sprawl would be totally different in Houston especially. Would cities be more like their older...
  7. shearsforest

    The City-BAM Thread
    Threadmarks: CITY-BAM v.1 Key

    There's an idea that's been floating in my head since at least minutes before writing that it would be nice to have a BAM-style map dedicated to major cities like New York, or London, or Paris. There's already political maps of different districts, so why not road maps and maps akin to sources...
  8. GameBawesome

    Save Historical Lost Cities to the Modern-Day

    There are many famous cities that were once centers for mighty nations, but were later abandoned for various reasons such as War, Soil depletion, natural disasters, sickness, or any other reason. Now, most of these cities became archeological sites, nearly ruins to study, or some bits survived...
  9. Cities of a modern day Austria-Hungary

    Hello there, everyone! After a relatively long absence, here I come with yet another Austria-Hungary thread! In the table below, I compiled a list of Austro-Hungarian cities, which I would expect to reach the size of atleast a hundred thousand by 2019 in my TL. To summarise this alternate...
  10. MittleGittle

    City Layout/Maps

    Here you can post ideas for City Layouts, maps, zoning, anything to do with a city or town, from big to small.
  11. SealTheRealDeal

    Olympics shift from individual cities to joint bids and regional bids earlier

    The bidding to host the 2030 and 2032 Olympics is quite different from previous Olympic bidding processes. For the first time multiple cities and entire regions are allowed to place joint bids. This is being done so as to spread out the enormous cost of hoisting the games and hopefully reduce...
  12. Alternate city layouts?

    What OTL cities would you say had a good chance of looking different? This can be in the past, the present, or both.
  13. PrinceTanglemane

    Capital Cities

    I was curious about if there's a map depicting each capital city on a map. I only got Washington, New Delhi and Moscow down. I want to include each capital in my map. Not each capital in the world. Countries: Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Australia, UK, Iran and Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Poland...
  14. Vitalis

    Water supply, sewage, plumbing and sanitation during the Middle Ages

    What's the best case scenario possible for Europe in the Medieval times, when it comes to water management? Historically, European cities were ridden with many diseases. While bathouses were present in the Early Middle Ages up to the appearance of the Black Plague, it would have helped...
  15. Cities that could have been much larger

    What are some examples of cities that have all the necessary resources, location etc. to be a major city, but, for whatever reason, never developed into one? They don't necessarily have to be small towns right now, just places that could have been much larger if history had gone differently...
  16. Nightingale

    My past myths about nuclear war I used to believe in (pls. add yours as well)

    Here are some myths I believed about nuclear war I used to believe in. Anyone can share their previous myths: 1. That fallout would be long-lasting and severe after a nuclear exchange. I once believed legit that fallout after a nuclear war would really be so intense and would last long, but...
  17. Coal in California

    Hi all, California's San Francisco Bay area is the perfect place to build ports and cities on because of its unique geopolitical shape. The Sierra Nevada squashes up the low lying lands making the elongated 'Great Valley', thus the San Francisco Bay is huge but only inset into the American...
  18. Duke Andrew of Dank

    AHC: Make Ft. Wayne Indiana's Largest City

    The challenge is simple. Make Ft. Wayne the largest city in Indiana as opposed to Indianapolis. If possible, try to think of some realistic consequences of if this were the case.
  19. AHC: Have American cities be among the most pedestrian-friendly in the world

    The challenge is as follows: prevent the rise of suburbs and urban sprawl while also making American cities walkable and developed with a heavy focus on public transportation. If this is ASB, is it at all possible if the POD was pushed back to pre-1900?
  20. GauchoBadger

    Nicomedia instead of Byzantium/Constantinople?

    Is it possible for Nicomedia, with dedication from whoever controls it, to surpass Byzantium/Constantinople as the major Marmara Sea port? Would this require a PoD before or during Constantine's reign? What sort of advantages did Nicomedia have, compared to Byzantium?