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  1. The Old European Cup survives - No Champions League (1991)

    Unthinkable. Allowing more teams than the champions of each league? Impossible, it wouldn't be fair. The European Cup is a tournament meant for champions. Yes, the early rounds might be a bore for the big teams, facing little difficulty in qualifying, scoring heavily, and with few surprises. But...
  2. ArupinumMaivista

    The European Theatre
    Threadmarks: Introduction and 1955 European Cup

    The European Theatre An alternate history of european club football For decades, Europe has seen attempts by various bodies in football to bring forth clubs from different nations together in supposed regional compatitions. From the early days of the "World Championship" between the Scottish...
  3. Alternate football (Soccer) documentaries
    Threadmarks: Introduction and presentation of concept

    Hello to any Soccer fans on this board. A while ago, i did a Soccer/Rugby TL called The Gentleman's game as a collaboration with user @Neoteros. While i did have a lot of fun writing this TL, i've gotten a bit too ambitious with it, talking and changing many things about...
  4. Wings

    Silver Road and Golden Stripes, Yet Another Football TL
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    Early 1955 An emergency meeting of FIFA is called, as the success of WC 1954 just came in. Most members want a more regular World Cup that would truly represent the best team in the world, while teams could prepare towards the next WC in four years time. It was then that Gabriel Hanot, editor...