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  1. Friedrich der Große

    A German WW2

    Which parties would have fought each other if Germany had won the First World War? For that ‘If Germany won’, I have this scenario: The Germans continue the advance into France in august/september 1914. December 1914, France surrenders. Then the Germans move to Russia. They launch an...
  2. AltoRegnant

    AHCWI: America's Positition On WW1 "The Truest Victory Possible"

    Otl, Woodrow wilson wanted to ensure america as a neutral arbiter of peace in ww1 ("Peace without victory"), and during the negotiations with other Entente parties in Versailles likewise held a moderating position, working with britain to reign in France and Belgium. But I want to know- how do...
  3. Central Powers victory map 1920.

    Yes... it is cliche... but there is a reason these things are cliche... I tried to make it accurate/the most likely thing that would happen. What do you think and what could I improve about it?
  4. "What would WW1 have looked like had the US joined the Central powers in 1917?" Binkov video

    Sooo... What do you think? I'm honestly kinda puzzled how could such conclusion be reached...
  5. Effects of a stalemate peace or a late CP victory in WW1 on Spain?

    Can't really expand on the question, I really don't know much about Spain from this era. Still, I'm curious about any kind of views and thoughts on the matter. How would Spain develop in such world? Would the monarchy still be overthrown? What about the civil war? Please tell me what you think!
  6. WI: Greece, the Netherlands, Spain, and Sweden join the Central powers

    If Greece, the Netherlands, Spain, and Sweden all joined the Central powers, how much sooner would WW! end, what concessions would they demand, and what does postwar Europe look like?
  7. WI: Central Victory Beer Hall Putsch

    The Central powers in 1916 with Brest-Litovsk gains in the east and a status quo peace in the west (though France is likely drowning in debt). After the war Germany enters a period of liberalization into a constitutional monarchy with leftists being voted into the Reichstag. Conservatives are...
  8. AltoRegnant

    WI: Italy Joined The Entente Instead Of The Triple Alliance/Joined The Entente Early

    italy's joining of the triple alliance with AH and Germany is a bit of an oddity when one considers their relationship with Austria was always... less than pleasant due to Italian adriatic claims. Now, even against France they had some desires (i believe tunis and some minor claims against the...
  9. East first! Europe after a German / CP victory in 1916

    Suppose the Central Powers are victorious in 1916 because Germany chooses an "east first" strategy, what will Europe look like afterwards? I have worked out a timeline for this and incorporated it into maps. I am curious about your opinion! Prelude 1914 28 June Murder of Franz Ferdinand...
  10. GameBawesome

    Ottoman Empire & Austria-Hungary collapse naturally?

    The Ottoman Empire and Austria-Hungary were partition after WWI by the Entente, creating the borders of the Middle East and Central & Eastern Europe. Here are two PODs for this scenario POD 1: What if the Germans won the Battle of the Marne, and captured Paris, and then going to defeat the...
  11. Basileus_Komnenos

    AHC: WW1 with pro Central Powers Serbia/Greece and Pro Entente Bulgaria/Ottoman Empire

    AHC: Devise a scenario for how WW1 begins and unfolds with a pro-German/Austro-Hungarian Serbia and Greece alongside a pro-Entente Bulgaria and Ottoman Empire. What are the preconditions for such a system of alliances to emerge? How would the war play out assuming in the event of an Entente or...
  12. AltoRegnant

    WI: Mittleafrika Established In A CP Victory?

    If Germany won ww1, and was able to take the belgian and french congo colonies as well as French Gabon, thus establishing its dreams of Mittleafrika, how would that impact the surgant german empire? How would it govern the massive colony full of differing natives and white elites? Would they...
  13. Bomster

    No USW

    Let's say for some reason or another the German Empire decides against conducting Unrestricted Submarine Warfare in early 1917. Aside from almost certainly butterflying or atleast delaying US entry into the war on the side of the Entente, how does the rest of the war play out without USW or US...
  14. Bomster

    WI: a worse defeat for the BEF at Mons in 1914

    What if the BEF were somehow defeated even more viciously than they were IOTL's Battle of Mons, perhaps even having their retreat flanked by the Germans and maybe even getting encircled. Could the Germans simultaneously encircle and severely damage or destroy both the BEF and the French Fifth...
  15. Bomster

    How can Germany win the Battle of the Marne?

    What decisions could the German generals have made but didn't that could have won the Battle of the Marne?
  16. Bomster

    WI/AHC: Germans take Amiens during Operation Michael

    What if the Germans take Amiens in the 1918 Kaiserschlacht? How could the Germans take Amiens through Operation Micheal? And would loosing a key link in the British supply chain cause a crisis that knocks France out of the war before the Americans arrive in force?
  17. WW1 related question. . .

    Would the world have been better off if the Central Powers win WW1, or not? Assuming there is not another world war 20 years later?
  18. Bomster

    Easiest POD to produce a Central Powers victory in WW1?

    What is the easiest plausible POD (preferably post-1917) that allows the Central Powers to either win the Great War or at the very least force the Entente to the negotiating table? One POD I've thought of is an Italian defeat at Monte Grappa, allowing Austro-German forces to cross the Piave and...
  19. Bomster

    WI: Italy knocked out of WW1?

    The Battle of Caporetto was a resounding defeat for Italian forces, sending them into full-on retreat from the Austro-German advance. However the Italians stalled their advance at the First Battle of Monte Grappa, defending the plains toward Venice and stabilizing the front, later scoring a...
  20. No US, no Kerensky Offensive; how will WWI end?

    In my last post I asked what the effects might be of US neutrality on the immediate events of 1917. It seems that one major change would be no Kerensky Offensive, since US loans were a major part of convincing the Russians to try it. Had the offensive not taken place (and failed), Russia...