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  1. Flavius Iulius Maiorianus

    Fate of Russia if the Brusilov Offensive failed?

    What would happen if the Brusilov Offensive in 1916 failed? By this I mean the Russians fail to make significant gainst against Austria-Hungary and are beaten back. Perhaps the Austrians put a better commander on the eastern front, and thus they're better prepared due to noticing the Russian...
  2. pls don't ban me

    Germany manages to enter Paris with the Spring offensive but AH collapses

    the question popped up in my head randomly. Basically, what would happen if Germany manages to actually defeat the french, let' say they do, by pure luck or allied mistakes, some huge encirclement , heavily advance and actually reach and go beyond Paris making Franc surrender. At the same time...
  3. Effects on WW1 on Cilicia instead of Gallipoli

    I've seen it laid out that a better use of the same resources than the Gallipoli campaign would have been landings at Alexandretta and Mersin and a subsequent takeover and fortification of Cilicia: complicating Ottoman resupply of Mesopotamia by cutting the Berlin-Baghdad Railway at Adana...
  4. WI: Russia won the Russo-Japanese War and the First Balkan War turned into WWI?

    This is a map of a TL I'm currently invested in. It's about what if Russia won the Russo-Japanese War. In TTL, WW1 ends up starting over the creation of Albania during the First Balkan War. Red: Central Powers, Light Red: Likely to join the Central Powers, Lighter Red: Can possibly join the...
  5. Entente Victory in a Central Powers victorious world

    In a scenario where the Central Powers won WW1, how and what will the world think of an Entente victory? Will the world think of an Entente victory as impossible as the Central Power and Axis victory threads criticized as impossible here or something which is possible? Does it matter if the...
  6. WI: Outcomes of Britain joining the Central Powers in WW1 in a losing scenario?

    Planning to start a personal Alt-history scenario which includes Britain as a central power, and just wanted some thoughts on what might happen if they ended up losing, as almost every UK central power scenario or discussion entails them winning. So, in a WW1 scenario in which the ending...
  7. Red Feathers

    Red Feathers: History of WW1 Part 1 After the Franco-Prussian War, France would heavily fortify their border with Germany. France saw Germany as a threat and ramped up their military budget. They built trenches with heavy defensive layouts. Because of the reaction of France to Germany Europe...
  8. ETGalaxy

    What if Sweden joined the Central Powers?

    After doing some research for one of my TLs, I stumbled across some pretty interesting history about how Sweden had some pretty strong pro-German sentiments upon the outbreak of World War One, particularly amongst its monarchy. On multiple occasions prior to the outbreak of hostilities, Sweden...
  9. Group Map Activity (Template Included): Most historically plausible Central Powers Victory Map.

    This is just a spontaneous idea I had. I've gotten better at making maps fairly quickly, but have no current inspiration rn. So I thought I'd put my new skills and boredom to work with the alternatehistory.com hivemind. Here's how it will work: Below are two template maps with borders. One is...
  10. Bomster

    Most plausible WW1 German Victory?

    WW1 seems to have been a fairly even contest. It seems like the war could have gone either way. What would have been the most plausible victory for the Germans in WW1?
  11. Is it possible for German Pacific Colonies during WW1 to survive past 1915?

    I am currently writing an Alt History scenario. I wanted to know how long the German Pacific could last realistically, specifically past 1915. What changes would have to be made to OTL to cause this for this to realistically occur?
  12. BloodAndIron

    AHQ: Interesting endings to WWI?

    World War I alternate histories are very fun to read, although there are a lot simply looking at a Central Powers victory, a stronger victory for the allies, or a basic stalemate. But what are some unique endings that aren't one side victory or a stalemate. For example Germany winning on one...
  13. WI: 1914 Entente Victory but Belgium 'Let Them Pass'

    Great War history is not my forte so I'm not sure if this is possible. But, assuming everything goes comically wrong for the Central Powers, and everything right for the Entente--perhaps with earlier PODs resulting in a better prepared France and Russia--I was wondering if this scenario is...
  14. Oba Cahokia

    How would the Ottomans and Austria Hungary collapse after WW1 in a Central Powers Victory?

    What would be the countries they split into, how much longer will they last before falling apart, what would the borders look like, What impact would this have on the rest of the world?
  15. Friedrich der Große

    German supreme command (OHL) in an alternate WW1

    If the Central Powers go East first in WW1, how would the supreme command (Oberste Heeresleitung, OHL) look and develop during the war? Will Moltke still form it with Falkenhayn, or will we get Ludendorff still in? And will Hindenburg still play a role in the German army, because he retired...
  16. PC: No WW1, a Cold War with poison gas instead?

    Supposing that the tensions that led to WW1 still exist but there's no spark to set everything on fire, would it be possible for there to be an atmosphere similar to that of the Cold War, with poison gas taking the place of nuclear weapons?
  17. Oba Cahokia

    Africa in Central Powers Victory.

    In a TL where the Central Powers do win WW1. We have a pretty good idea of what happens to Europe but what be the border changes in Africa? Will there be no border changes? Some colonies becoming independent countries? Will decolonization happen in this timeline?
  18. Bomster

    Best POD for CP victory in WW1?

    WW1 is an incredibly fascinating time period, as it was seemingly a more even conflict that could have gone either way that had long lasting consequences. However, I’ve never been able to find any good PODs that give you a Central Powers victory. What are some of the most plausible PODs that...
  19. AltoRegnant

    WI: The Republic of China Joined the Central Powers?

    OTL, the republic of china was one of the latest additions to the entente, declaring war on Germany and Austria-Hungary in August 1917. By that point, both had seen most of their colonies in the area taken by the Japanese or British, though China did clear out Tientsin and Hankow. However...
  20. Ottoman Empire joins WWI later. Effects within OE? Fate of Armenians?

    In the "mild CP victory" TL I'm working on, I'm having the Ottomans join the war later than OTL, in late February/early March. The sole purpose of this change is the delay/lessening/prevention of the Armenian genocide. With more favourable weather conditions, the Turks don't suffer such a...