1. AHC: Orthodox Caucasian Empire

    With any pod between 1050 and 1750, how cam we get a unified Caucasus under the Orthodox faith that can repel the Turkic invasions. Two possibilities that come mind are a Georgia that remains unified or a Circassia that decides to rebuild it. What other candidates are there and what major...
  2. AHQ: How useful was Russia's land?

    This question is more complex than the title makes it sound. On one hand, there are many people who have said over the years that Russia is nothing but forest and tundra. This certainly wasn't true of the Russian Empire, which controlled the breadbasket of Ukraine and territories as diverse as...
  3. WWI: Effects of a disastrous Russian Eastern Front on the Caucasus Campaign?

    Currently, I'm working on a TL inwhich Russia doesn't have its OTL successes on the Eastern Front in 1914. To summarise: The Russian Third Army got encircled and almost entirely destroyed, the Fourth and Fifth Armies were beaten too, while the OTL German victories of Tannenberg and Masurian...
  4. The Militant Doberman

    AHC/WI: USA invaded Republic of Georgia as part of the “War on Terror”?

    OTL there have been some accusations levelled against Georgia (the one in the Caucasus mountains, not the one in the Dixie), claiming the nation is sheltering Islamic terrorists. To Westerners, this might seem like a strange claim given that Georgia is a predominantly Christian country (& home...
  5. More Russian Settlement Into Siberia, Central Asia And The Caucasus?

    How can Russia be able to get more Russian settlers into Siberia, Central Asia, and the Caucasus? How does this impact the Russian Empire and the non-Russians? Would this allow Russia to be a better power?
  6. AHC - Ukraine & Caucasus become Europe's American Midwest

    Up until the 1700s, Southern/Eastern Ukraine and the Caucasus were comparable to the American Midwest. They were sparsely populated virgin lands with excellent agricultural potential. However, by 1900 the United States had developed and industrialized the heartland of North America while Ukraine...
  7. Gwachiko

    Any good Caucasus TLs?

    I am from Georgia and would love to read a Caucasus timeline from any time period. I would be glad if you suggest a timeline involving Caucasus in an important way. Thanks in advance.
  8. WI the Scythians (Alans) survived

    Now this timeline explores how & what impact there would be had "Scythians" or at least their descendants survived into the modern day. The point of divergences in this timeline comes in 1238 AD. In this timeline the Mongols convince the Alans to break their alliance with the Cumans & align...
  9. Incanian

    Valerian Zubov Ignores Tsar Paul I for Persia

    During the Persian Expedition of 1796, when the Russians were coming closer and closer to Persia to face Agha Mohammad Khan for his slaughter in Georgia, Catherine II died, and Tsar Paul, who needed the soldiers in Europe, wanted the peaceful Caucasus, and saw the overarching failures of the...
  10. a symbolic federation for the peoples in the Caucasus after ww1

    After the breakdown of the Soviet Union, the Commonwealth of Independent States binds the former Soviet Republics into an organization. In the aftermath of ww1, would such an organization for the peoples in Caucasus help stabilize the region? In the idea's implementation, the proposal for the...
  11. Gwachiko

    WI: The Germans decided to encircle and besiege Stalingrad?

    I assume they cut off Soviet land access to the Caucasus while they themselves (try to) take the most important oil fields there (Maikop, Grozny, Baku). Would they be successful in these endeavors? Would constant supply of oil while denying it to Soviets let Germany win the war in the East? I...
  12. Aaaaasima

    DBWI: No Caucasian Confederation?

    The Caucasian Confederation, or CauCon for short, has been a stunning example of interfaith, multicultural cooperation. Sure they are some separatist movements, like the Chechens and Circassians and Azerbaijanis, but most ethnic groups in the CauCon have been loyal to their country, and in the...
  13. GauchoBadger

    WI: Ottoman defeat at the Battle of Baku (1918)

    I was watching a new episode from the Youtube The Great War series, which led me to this scenario. The Battle of Baku, right at the end of World War I's Caucasian Campaign, was a rather fierce engagement between the forces of the Ottoman Empire's Army of Islam on one side, and a coalition...
  14. Gwachiko

    AHC: Make Georgian states survive well into 19th century

    Georgian kingdoms, Kartli and Imereti, got absorbed by Russia in 1801 and 1810 respectively. Your challenge is to ensure the survival of at least one of these states until at least 1860. Bonus points if you manage to unite Georgia.
  15. GauchoBadger

    WI: Turkey crushes Armenia in 1918

    IOTL, at the end of World War I, Turkey was allowed a free hand in the Caucasian Isthmus after the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk and the Treaty of Batum, which stipulated that the Ottoman Empire was allowed freedom of movement of goods and persons through the territory of the modern Republic of...
  16. Gwachiko

    What if the Allies bombed Soviet oil fields in the Caucasus?

    IOTL, during WW2, before Germany attacked the Soviet Union, France and Britain contemplated on attacking Soviet oil fields in Baku from their air bases in Syria and Lebanon because the Soviets were exporting oil from there to Germany, feeding its war machine and making the Allied blockade less...
  17. Crying

    Ideal Caucasus Borders?

    Ignoring the fact that there's no way Russia would let such a thing happen, what would be the best borders for independent states in the Caucasus region?
  18. EmperorOfTheNorthSea

    Roman Caucasus? Would it be useful.

    I was thinking that if the Romans either annex the client states along the Caucasus mountains or at least exerted more influence over them they could have gotten easier access to the Caspian sea where they could build a navy and any wars with Parthia would be easier then marching across...
  19. Fallen on the March - the world after a German victory at Stalingrad
    Threadmarks: Chapter I: Case Blue and the Fall of Stalingrad, May-November 1942.

    Lo and behold my newest creation. Fallen on the March Chapter I: Case Blue and the Fall of Stalingrad, May-November 1942. Case Blue (Fall Blau in German) was the Wehrmacht’s codename for its plan for a 1942 strategic summer offensive to take place between June and November. The operation was...