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  1. The Gybson Boy

    What would an Anglican Church reunited with Rome look like in the 18th Century?

    Assuming that James II manages to stay in power (get rid of William of Orange and that's it) and is succeeded by James III and Charles III, could the Anglican Church end up reuniting with Rome in the 18th century? (Let's assume so, after all that's what this Forum is about) What would this...
  2. The_Red_Baron

    Scottish Unicorns and French Roosters: A Mary Stuart Timeline

    Basically the title, I know some will probably frown at the fact that this account is only about 6 months old and that my first message with it was only today, but I have been lurking on these forms since 2019 or so, and while I know that’s also a short amount of time, I think I have what is...