1. Drex

    Ventis Ferrum: Dupleix's Success and Beyond
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1: Of Frenchmen and Indians

    - Author's Note - This Timeline is a rework of my previous Timeline, written almost a year ago. As you can see by the title, it even takes some elements from it. Being a rework of the Timeline, you will see changes, for starts, this version has a clearly defined PoD and does not mess heavily...
  2. The Stillborn Empire: What if the Austrians lost the War of Austrian Succession?
    Threadmarks: Part One: The Drums of War

    Part One: The Drums of War King Frederick II, seen here venerated by the Silesian estates, by Wilhelm Camphausen, 1882 The first drums of war were heard all over Europe when the hooves of the Prussian cavalry horses began to step into Silesia. Prussia, under Frederick II was a fledgling nation...