1. GameBawesome

    The American Crisis of the 19th Century

    (Based off two things, 1) This thread I made, 2) A post I made in this thread. This is an idea where America collapse during the civil war, and the PODS) What if, through 1861 to 1865, there were multiply uprisings in both the Union and the Confederacy? The Uprisings in the North are sponsored...
  2. Aleksei Fedoseev

    California leaves USA / timeline from 1845 / need help from American users

    Hello everyone! I've had an idea in my mind for some time now. I want to write a medium sized story. And in my vision, the story will be set in 1960s North West America, primarily in New Alki (Seattle), capital city of Autonomous Region of Washington, which is a part of Republic of Oregon, which...
  3. Etruscan-enthusiast35

    AHC: One quarter of California's population Mormon

    As it is today, Mormons only make up 1.9 percent of California. This is in spite of the Mormon's impact on the state's history. The Mormon mission Brooklyn Saint's, upon arrival tripled the population of Yerba Buena, later known as San Francisco, and one of the members of this mission would...
  4. MittleGittle

    Divergence of States

    What if instead of the Spanish, the English colonized California, at least the norther half? Edit: That was the base idea, but I welded it into it's own timeline.
  5. brightonskinner

    Greater Cascadia

    "Greater Cascadia," with way more territory than any real Cascadia would realistically be able to acquire. Especially SF.
  6. KingOnTheEdge

    DBAHC: Single Hegemon In The Americas

    Otl, the american continent has almost as complicated a balance of power as european empires do. Naturally such a balance means there are some Great Powers like the US, Brazil, California, and La Plata. Not to mention the secondary powers like the United Kingdom of the Caribbean, Colombia, and...
  7. GameBawesome

    WI/AHC: Joshua Norton "Emperor Norton I" becomes a politician

    Emperor Joshua Norton I, Self-proclaimed "Emperor of the United States", and "Protector of Mexico" was the most popular man in San Francisco. He never had any real imperial power. What if, with a POD either earlier or later in his life, Joshua Norton tries his hand in politics. Although he was...
  8. Odinson

    Triumphant: A Davy Crockett Presidency
    Threadmarks: Chapter One

    Triumphant: A Davy Crockett Presidency A man of the people, David “Davy” Crockett began his career in politics in 1821 as a member of the Tennessee General Assembly before becoming a member of the United States House of Representatives in 1827. Crockett became known for fighting for the fair...
  9. How would California evolve if it had not become part of the US ?

    So in OTL California became part of the US in 1848 after beforehand claiming independence from Mexico because of, from what I understand, a steady influx of US migrants. So a few possibilities spring to mind. 1) Could California have remained independent, being squeezed between Mexico, US and...
  10. DBWI: California joins the United States

    I was just wondering if there was no California Republic in the world, that California became just a generic state in the US rather then a major regional power. Any ideas what a world like that would be?
  11. Calbertbreastpeach

    Η Δημοκρατία της Νέας Ελλάδας:New Greece in the new world

    Ive been on this board for a while now and have been thinking of an idea i got from a map on deviant art and the idea of the ottomans purchasing the Louisianan territory due to a few pods Such as a less powerful janissary corps a earlier military modernization a stronger hold on ottoman...