1. The Third Rome: Is it possible for a "contingency plan" created by a byzantine emperor to colonize America in the 1400s?

    I know, I know, it's hard af, but do you guys think there is at least a small possibility? venetians, iberians and/or the genoese can also be involved. Pedro Álvares Cabral took ~40 days from Portugal to Brazil, so maybe the byzantines will take ~70 days, if the mission is successful?
  2. TheWitheredStriker

    WI: Trebizond recaptures Constantinople from the Latin Empire instead of Nicaea

    The first thread I made on this forum, hoping all goes well with it. If something's off, please let me know. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Would it have been possible, following the...
  3. Sevarics

    WI: Byzantine Emperor Romanos II Macedon had brothers

    IOTL, Konstantinos VII Macedon and Helena Lekapena had a son, Leo, who died young, and then Romanos II and his many sisters, among them Theophano who wed Ioannes Kourkouas Tzimiskes when he was co-emperor with Basil II and Konstantinos VIII, Romanos’s sons. What if his three sisters who in OTL...
  4. Sevarics

    WI: Zoe, niece of Basil II, weds Constantine Dalassenos, duke of Antioch?

    IOTL, while he was dying, Basil II’s brother, Emperor Constantine, arranged for his middle daughter, Zoe, to be wed to Constantine Dalassenos, duke of Antioch. While Dalassenos was en route, the emperors advisors, fearing a powerful military leader being emperor, convinced Emperor Constantine to...
  5. pls don't ban me

    Fall of Constantinople what if analysis

    So, this thread is probably one of the most, if not the most, re proposed from time to time, but i see every time almost everyone saying that Constantinople was doomed, an opinion to which i disagree. While it's true that the ERE was to a point of utter disgrace there are some factor that might...
  6. Sevarics

    WI: Christopher Lekapenos does not predecease his father Emperor Romanos I Lekapenos?

    IOTL, Romanos I Lekapenos made his eldest and favorite son, Christopher, co-emperors with himself and his son in lawKonstantinos Macedon. However, before anything substantial came about from his elevation to co-emperor, Christopher passed away before Romanos, eventually paving the way for his...
  7. PakistaniGuyUK

    WI... A truly Russian Slavic Christianity

    What if Kievan Rus decides against importing the Orthodox faith but instead opts to create its own ‘brand’ of heavily Russified/Slavified Christianity incorporating many indigenous pagan ideas? In other words a centralized but indigenous ‘Christianity’ with its roots deep in ‘Slavdom’ as...
  8. Sevarics

    What if all five children of Emperor Theodore II of Nicaea were sons?

    IOTL Theodore II of Nicaea had four daughters and one son. The son, John IV, was among Theodore’s youngest. However what if John’s older sisters had been born boys instead? Would Michael Palaiologoi have been able to usury the throne against an adult Laskarid emperor following Theodore’s death?
  9. Sevarics

    WI: Theodore Komnenos Doukas, Emperor of Thessalonica, captures Constantinople in 1230

    As the tin says, what if Theodore Komnenos Doukas, Emperor of Thessalonica, avoided being defeated by the Bulgarians and successfully captured Constantinople in 1230? Up until his defeat and capture by the Bulgarians, Theodore and the Empire of Thessalonica had been expanding rapidly in the...
  10. Is it possible for the balkans to keep romance speaking under a Byzantine Empire able to repeal slavic invasions?

    Is it possible? Today's Croatia (except Slavonia of course), Serbia (except Vojvodina), Bosnia and Bulgaria to be romance speaking with the byzantines successfully repealing slavic invasions.
  11. AHC: Khazar Khaganate outlasts Byzantine Empire

    Your challenge is to have the Khazar Khaganate last longer than the Byzantine Empire. Bonus points if it's still around by 1500.
  12. Euphemios

    Was it ever possible for the Byzantines to stay Western in character and culture?

    Obviously, the core of the East was always in Greece, but was the obsoletion of the Latin language and culture inevitable? What developments would be needed to prolong or indefinitely keep it? If a later Emperor had some nostalgic ideas, is a later revival possible? Retainment seems to have a...
  13. MittleGittle

    A Byzantine Trade Republic?

    How could the Byzantines with their 1450 Territories become a Trading Republic like Genoa and Venice? How would this affect history, if at all?
  14. SunKing105

    WI: Silk not smuggled out of China?

    According to some accounts, Emperor Justinian I managed to support two monks in their efforts to smuggle silkworms out of China, and succeeded, leading to the establishment of a native silk industry. The monks smuggled silkworm eggs and young larvae inside their bamboo canes, and successfully...
  15. DBAHC: Swap the fates of the Byzantine and Sasanian Empires

    We all know what happened after the death of Muhammad. The newly Muslim Arabs spread out of Arabia, warring against both the Byzantine and Sasanian Empires. But while they completely conquered the former, the latter managed to hold on despite the beating it took. Your challenge is to have it so...
  16. AltoRegnant

    WI: Gunpowder Discovered Under Justin I of the ERE?

    The idea of Rome discovering gunpowder has been touted before, largely on YouTube to be honest. It's the sort of thing that would revolutionize warfare no matter what, and has been used in numerous atls to save rome. But what if the Eastern Roman Empire discovered the secrets of gunpowder under...
  17. What are some maps of An Age of Miracles - Revival of Rhomaion that go in chronological order?

    By the way, I love that story.
  18. AltoRegnant

    DBAHC: Make The Bishop of Rome A Political Figure

    OTL, after the fall of Rome in 476, while the Goths had the northern portion, the Patriarch of Rome quickly contacted the Eastern roman empire and asked for their protection. While they were there they also took southern italy, just in case. However, this ended any ideas that the spiritual...
  19. JustinianTheGrand

    DBWI: What if the Roman Empire fell?

    The Roman Empire is undeniably the most powerful nation in the Mediterranean, controlling Anatolia, Italy, The Balkan Peninsula, Egypt, and the rest of North Africa. However there was one moment in history when the empire seemed on the verge of losing everything, Islam had risen in Arabia and...
  20. Basileus_Komnenos

    The House of Komnenos, Like a Phoenix From the Ashes: An Eastern Roman Timeline
    Threadmarks: Prologue

    Hi everyone, this is my first attempt at a historical timeline. I've always been a history buff with a passion for Classical Roman and later Eastern Roman history. I've always wanted to explore the possibilities of a more successful restoration of the Byzantine Empire after 1204 under the House...