byzantine empire

  1. If the destruction of Gepidia in 567 by the Lombards and the Avars is avoided, what happens to the southern slavs?

    If the Gepids were able to win the Avar-Lombard coallision or if it never existed, what happens to the southern slavs? Would they still exist and raid the balkans depopulating it and settling there, or would Gepidia, as a east-germanic speaking entity, would still surviving in the east of...
  2. romans win the Battle of the Iron Bridge

    So yarmourk has been done to death , and damascus has been done but iron bridge has not , so this army consisted of the survivors of the syrian campaings reunited in the iron brige modern day Demirköprü this was in essence the last ditch attempt detials are not know but khalid and his mobile...
  3. Sevarics

    What if all five children of Emperor Theodore II of Nicaea were sons?

    IOTL Theodore II of Nicaea had four daughters and one son. The son, John IV, was among Theodore’s youngest. However what if John’s older sisters had been born boys instead? Would Michael Palaiologoi have been able to usury the throne against an adult Laskarid emperor following Theodore’s death?
  4. Byzantines conquer most (or all) of Spain?

    Let's say that the Gothic War is a lot shorter ITTL (say it lasts "just" five years instead of almost twenty) so that, by the 550s, the Eastern Roman Empire's finances are in much better shape despite the plague. Because of this, they are considerably more successful in their invasion of...
  5. Eparkhos

    Third Bard's the Charm: A High Byzantine TL

    This is an idea I came up with this morning. It won't be replacing The Undying Empire, but it's something I'll be working on for the next bit and probably still after TUE comes back from hiatus. First update should be in a couple of hours, and the PoD is in 1026.
  6. In a scenario where the byzantines are able to hold Syria and Egypt and repeal the arabs, can they hold the Exarchate of Africa?

    Can they hold the Exarchate of Africa because of the roman identity, or would it eventually break free from the empire?
  7. Mars aeternum

    Middle Roman Empire

    Let's suppose that Roman Emperor Theodosius I, had a third son named Liberius. So, after his death in 395 A.D. the Empire splits in three. Arcadius takes the East as in OTL, Honorius takes the West with Cenabum as capital, and Liberius takes the middle one hailing from Ravenna.. How things...
  8. TheLionOfJudah

    A New Millennium

    1000-1030 AD ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is my own TL starting at the turn of the 2nd Millennium...
  9. From the Ashes, the Purple Phoenix rises once more.
    Threadmarks: Origins

    -What do you think of the city? - I asked -It looks awesome! There’s so much here! That “forum” has so many statues, all of them so big! - he replied, extending his hands trying to show the size with them. I giggled. -It was an emperor named Constans who built this right? -No, he was...
  10. Gothicus

    Byzantine Survival With the Least Butterflies?

    As the title states, is it possible for a Byzantine or Byzantine successor state to persist in some form to at least the 20th century with as few effects on history as possible? Really the only way I can think of with as few changes to history as possible is if Demetrios Palaiologos accepts...
  11. WI: Greco-Turkish ERE

    Could the Turks and Greeks unite and reform the ERE after the 4th crusade? By that I mean a state in which the majority of people are either Turkish, Greek or a mix of both (all these groups living mostly peacefully with each other) conquers Constantinople and revives the Roman Empire. The...
  12. Alexios kommenos takes power earlier

    I had this though and few discussion 1) you can have isaac kommenos step down in 1059 and have Alexios father accept the throne and then have it be given to Alexios in 1067 ( saving the empire from Constantine X and his "infinite wisdom " 2) have him be more popular or prominent after...
  13. WI: No Battle of Pliska

    The Battle of Pliska was a humiliating defeat for the Byzantine Empire. A demoralized and unprepared Byzantine army was trapped and crushed by the Bulgar Khan Krum. To add insult to injury, Krum had the Byzantine Emperor Nikephoros' skull turned into a drinking cup. However, it didn't have to...
  14. AHC: Khazar Khaganate outlasts Byzantine Empire

    Your challenge is to have the Khazar Khaganate last longer than the Byzantine Empire. Bonus points if it's still around by 1500.
  15. Harun al-Rashid dies in the invasion of anatolia( 782)

    This an interesting pod I have not seen Harun al-Rashid invaded Anatolia in 782 . With great success , how ever he pushes to far and his position was precarious, as the defeat of al-Rabi threatened his lines of communications So Harun turned his army back,but during his march along the...
  16. What if Rum was the Ottoman Empire of this world?

    In an alternate universe after 1,000 years of life, the flag of Rum waves victoriously over Constantinople. Rum, once a small sultanate in southern Anatolia, has grown to dominate the region. now the question is, what's next for rum? who will they invade next? will they stray from their Greek...
  17. No Islam TL

    I am making a TL where Islam does not exist. Tell me what you think. So Mohammed converts to Christianity before he invents Islam. He converts many Arabs to Christianity and is canonized after his death as the Apostle to Arabia. Without the Arab invasions, Byzantium and Persia slowly recover...
  18. Eparkhos

    Which timeline should I write?

    Hello, all A few days ago, I ended my most recent timeline (Byzantium's Resurrection) due to a number of critical research failures that I had made in its production. Don't use Wikipedia as your main source, fyi. That's left me without an outlet for my creative energies, and I'd like to get...
  19. Lady Visenya

    Justinian II Triumphant

    Inspired by the Constans II triumphant thread. What if Justinian II had succeeded in his known plans? Or, rather, what POD would allow for him to have the most success as a ruler? What would be the consequences of this? I want to avoid wank, however. What's the best case scenario?
  20. KingOnTheEdge

    WI: Surviving Vandal Kingdom?

    The vandal kingdom is a rather intriguing part of history to me. An Arian Christian state in north Africa, centered around Rome's old enemy city of Carthage, it met its end due to a loss to then-Christian Berbers that prompted a revolt against religious freedom being given to Trinitarians and...