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  1. Legacy of Elysia

    As part of a brain excercise and a school project, I decided to create an Alternate History similar to the Third Odyssey mod for Europa Universalis IV. The scenario is that in 1444 Constantine, son of John VII of Byzantium, angered at his fathers ingnorance of the threat the Ottoman Turks, has...
  2. Heaven's Thunder Hammer

    Impact of Byzantium stopping Arab invasions of Sicily, Crete in the 800s?

    Question time - The Byzantine's lost Crete in 825, Sicily in 827, some of Southern Italy in early 800s as well, what would have been the short term impact on the Empire until say, the early 900s?
  3. Greek Influenced Mexica?

    How possible would it be for some Byzantine explorers to discover Mesoamerica in time to influence the Aztec Empire?
  4. WI: Theophano dies instead of Romanos II

    Romanos II is best known as Basil II's father, who died suddenly at 21. Depending on who you ask, it was either by a disease or his wife poisoning him. Either way, his death in 963 at paved the way for his wife to manipulate court at home, and lead to the ascension of emperors John and...
  5. Byzantine-Sassanid alliance to defeat Islam?

    Could a temporary alliance surge amog those bitter rivals to counter-attack and defeat a common enemy? or it'd be ASB?
  6. Sicarius Sanguinius

    Why you should question Wikipedia or how Isaac I Komnenos offered the throne to his brother Ioannes

  7. Eivind

    DBWI: Arabs won the Battle of Yarmouk

    Year 636 AD, the Roman Empire won against Arab invaders at the Battle of Yarmouk. Most historians agree that the Romans were very close to losing the battle. What would the consequences have been for the Romans if they had lost? How decisive would such a defeat have been?
  8. WI: Isaac II Angelos killed at the Battle of Tryavna

    The Battle of Tryavna in 1190 was something that I randomly came across recently. Apparently, it was quite a blow to the Byzantines and a morale booster for the ascendant Second Bulgarian Empire. The Bulgarians managed to capture the golden helmet of the Byzantine emperors, the crown, and the...
  9. Eivind

    Byzantine wank

    With a POD at the beginning of the reign of Justinian the great, wank the Byzantine Empire as much as possible. Bonus point if they control all of the the Mediterranean coast.
  10. Alcsentre Calanice

    [POLL] Would Byzantium be better off without Justinian's conquests?

    From an ideological point of view, Justinians attempted Restauratio imperii was quite reasonable. The Roman Empire without Italy, without Rome, without the half of its ancient territory doesn't look that impressive so to say. But this is mere ideology. Justinians invasion of Italy ruined the...
  11. Tom Colton

    The Ultimate "Continuations of the Roman Empire" Poll

    This is the poll to end all polls concerning this subject, and to consolidate all opinions on these various polities. Vote for as many options as you think are appropriate.
  12. [British Isles / Roman AH] - Byzantine Britain?

    Very implausible idea that won't leave my head. Suppose the Roman Britons managed to hold on in the British Isles, maybe even expanding by marriage alliances into Scotland and Ireland and repelling the Saxon waves (some version of King Arthur or whatever). They manage to hold off any threats...
  13. Stolengood

    [POLL] Is the Byzantine Empire a continuation of the Roman Empire?

    Because that topic's gotten just so gosh-darned popular, nowadays...
  14. DanMcCollum

    Alternative Arabic Expansions

    Beginning in 632 AD the Arabs, united by the new Islamic faith, began their first incursions into the Sasanian Empire as well as the Byzantine state. Due to the long, drawn out, conflict between the Byzantines and Persians (and owing a fair bit to religious divisions within those states as...
  15. The survival of George Mouzalon

    I've been having a bit of a nose at the end of the Frankokratia and discovered the riots and murder of George Mouzalon at the hands of the Palaiologids and the army. Do people think it would be as easy as avoiding the riot and continuing with the creation of the Greek Army over the Latin Army...
  16. Tripledot

    WI: HRE Seen as Resurrected WRE?

    The Ottonians were known to intermarry with the Byzantines, and Otto III, who was raised by his Greek mother, was betrothed to the Byzantine princess Zoe, who reigned as Byzantine Empress OTL. Would children born from this union bring the two empires together, perhaps with one brother ruling the...
  17. The Rise and Fall of Eastern Rhomania

    The second Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire Hello guys this is my first and till I finish it my only timeline, I presume I might be mistaken somewhere but that’s s’okay. Dump all the criticism you can seriously I will appreciate critics. for the AH 1 legion = 2000 troops (originally it was...
  18. Out of the Ashes: The Byzantine Empire From Basil II To The Present
    Threadmarks: Foreword

    Out of the Ashes: The Byzantine Empire From Basil II To The Present Graecia capta ferum victorem cepit et artes intulit agresti Latio. “Conquered Greece took captive her savage conqueror and brought her arts into rustic Latium.” Horace “Antiquity is over, but its last war is yet to end.”...
  19. Romania in the Second Millennium

    Romania in the Second Millennium Graecia capta ferum victorem cepit et artes intulit agresti Latio. “Conquered Greece took captive her savage conqueror and brought her arts into rustic Latium.”- Horace Foreword: The Empire of the Romans (or as it is more popularly called, “Romania”) evokes a...
  20. Renovation: An Eastern Roman Timeline
    Threadmarks: Intro

    Hey there I've been a member here for a few years now, and a huge fan of the Eastern Roman Empire and its history. Despite my decently good knowledge of the state, I've always been wary of attempting to do a timeline on the subject matter as I haven't felt confident in my abilities to...