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  1. If Justinian restored the Roman Empire (reconquered the Mediterranean mostly) would there still be mass hellenisation in the Byzantine Empire?

    If Justinian restored the Roman Empire by Reconquering the entire Mediterranean coast would there still be large scale hellenisation (assimilation into greek culture) in the Byzantine Empire like irl?
  2. TheWitheredStriker

    WI: Leontius remains in power?

    Emperor (Flavius) Leontius "Leo" Augustus ruled the Eastern Roman Empire from 695 to 698. A very popular emperor, he had overthrown Justinian II Rhinotmetus, who alienated both nobles and common people with his despotic rule, land policies and taxation. When Justinian was brought before him in...
  3. TheWitheredStriker

    WI: Heraclius moves the ERE's capital to Carthage?

    According to Runciman (1977), Heraclius I, Eastern Roman Emperor from 610 to 641, originally considered abandoning Constantinople in the war with Sassanid Persia. Constantinople had been suffering throughout the campaign against the Persians as grain was the primary source of food for the city...
  4. Simone nel Pozzo

    870 - A Marriage to end the Schism

    What if, contemporarily to the ecumenical council of 870 in Constantinople, Ermengarde of Italy and Constantine of Byzantium formalized their marriage and created a solid bond between the kingdom of Italy and the Eastern Romans? This would pacify the orthodox extremists who claimed Charlemagne...
  5. Porphyrogennetos: The Empire of the Romans
    Threadmarks: Basil II: 976 - 1025

    Porphrogennetos The Romans and the New World (left, Basileia Rhomaion in 976 AD) (left, Phrygia, where Tzimiskes were travelling through) On the eighth of January, 976. Emperor John I Tzimiskes, scion of a distinguished family and himself a distinguished emperor, woke up in the cold...
  6. Justinian II conquers the Caliphate during second fitna

    what if Justinian II conquered the caliphate during second fitna when it was extremely weak
  7. The Third Rome: Is it possible for a "contingency plan" created by a byzantine emperor to colonize America in the 1400s?

    I know, I know, it's hard af, but do you guys think there is at least a small possibility? venetians, iberians and/or the genoese can also be involved. Pedro Álvares Cabral took ~40 days from Portugal to Brazil, so maybe the byzantines will take ~70 days, if the mission is successful?
  8. The First Crusade and mending the Great Schism

    Sorry if this subject has been done to death but I was thinking about the First Crusade and how the intentions to reconquer territories of the Roman Empire that had been lost to the Seljuks aligned very neatly with the desire for the Latins to be able to have safe passage to Jerusalem and how it...
  9. Concerning the Crisis of the Fifth Century

    Is it fair to say that the crisis with hindsight could have been handled better if the division of the Empire into the constituent Eastern and Western portions did not occur in 395. Often in discussions online it is reasoned that Rome was never split but to me the seperate operation of...
  10. TheWitheredStriker

    WI: Trebizond recaptures Constantinople from the Latin Empire instead of Nicaea

    The first thread I made on this forum, hoping all goes well with it. If something's off, please let me know. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Would it have been possible, following the...
  11. Questions about the Byzantine Empire

    How could this empire under Justinian the Great survive and last until at least the 20th century. Also, during the colonial times, what could the Byzantine Empire colonize?
  12. An Expansive Alternate Timeline - The Riotous 5th Century

    Shalom, I would like to share the first stirrings of a new timeline I'm working on. The scope is so unfocused and the divergences so numerous that I've elected to name this timeline "the Riotous 5th century." Right now the starting date for the timeline is 451 AD - the year that Attila, seeing...
  13. Earlier Byzantine recoveries

    So we in this forum talked about late byzantine recovery or have things never happened, but what about an earlier recovery? in this case, say after 646 how early and with that good pods in the 7th century and 8th century can the byzantine empire start recovering some land like the 9th and...
  14. AHQ Without a 4th Crusade what happens to Bulgaria?

    Like it says, if the 4th crusade or at least the 1204 sack of Constantinople and the subsequent partitioning of the East Roman Empire never occurred, what would happen with Bulgaria and the Balkans as a whole? Bulgaria had recently broken away from Byzantine control, declaring its second empire...
  15. elerosse

    Darkness before Dawn - Purple Phoenix 1416
    Threadmarks: Prelude

    PRELUDE - All Men Fall Dark clouds cover the nightly sky, a horse tail banner dances with small drizzle in the air, from afar a thundering noise could be heard, the angry waves of Aegean Sea crash unrelentingly into the rocky shoreline, a storm is coming. A young man in blue tunic with...
  16. What if the Uprising of Asen and Peter never happened?

    Issac II deals with Asen and Peter with a bit more tact and the second Bulgarian Empire never forms. What would be the effects on the 4th crusade and the years following it? What would a rump state in the region of Bulgaria look like?
  17. Yet another Modern Day Byzantine Empire

    So. I wrote a draft to a book. It's yet another alternate history where the Byzantine Empire survived to the modern day 2016. Yeah yeah, I'm a Byzaboo. Only, it's the sort of ridiculous alternate history where there has to be a series of ridiculous, improbable events. And, even worse, it's the...
  18. Effects of a permanently iconoclastic ERE?

    Say Constantine V conquers Bulgaria during his reign, either by winning a battle that was a defeat IOTL or capitalizing on one of his victories against the Bulgars. His son and successor, Leo IV, lives longer than IOTL (he died at the age of 30), and Constantine VI becomes an emperor on his own...
  19. Sevarics

    WI: Byzantine Emperor Romanos II Macedon had brothers

    IOTL, Konstantinos VII Macedon and Helena Lekapena had a son, Leo, who died young, and then Romanos II and his many sisters, among them Theophano who wed Ioannes Kourkouas Tzimiskes when he was co-emperor with Basil II and Konstantinos VIII, Romanos’s sons. What if his three sisters who in OTL...
  20. How could the slavic invasion of Byzantine Illyria be avoided?

    After Justinian's death and the Plague, Justin II stopped to pay subsidies to the Avars ending the truce after 558. During his reign, the Avars and Lombards combined forces to destroy the Kingdom of the Gepids, centered in Transylvania. The aftermath was the absolute dominance of the Avars in...