bulgarian empire

  1. Could tsar Samuel preserve Bulgaria's independence?

    Samuel was the last great ruler of the First Bulgarian Empire, and his reign was dominated by a long, grueling war against the Byzantines. Samuel got off to a strong start, scoring a crushing victory at the Battle of the Gates of Trajan, but his Byzantine counterpart, Basil II, eventually got...
  2. Bulgaria WI: could Ivaylo succeed?

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Uprising_of_Ivaylo Ivaylo was a Bulgarian peasant who rose up against the rule of tsar Constantine Tikh, whose reign saw the loss of territory to various foreign adversaries. Ivaylo quickly gathered followers to his cause, and within a year or so of launching his...
  3. Oba Cahokia

    How would the Ottomans and Austria Hungary collapse after WW1 in a Central Powers Victory?

    What would be the countries they split into, how much longer will they last before falling apart, what would the borders look like, What impact would this have on the rest of the world?
  4. AHQ Without a 4th Crusade what happens to Bulgaria?

    Like it says, if the 4th crusade or at least the 1204 sack of Constantinople and the subsequent partitioning of the East Roman Empire never occurred, what would happen with Bulgaria and the Balkans as a whole? Bulgaria had recently broken away from Byzantine control, declaring its second empire...
  5. What if the Uprising of Asen and Peter never happened?

    Issac II deals with Asen and Peter with a bit more tact and the second Bulgarian Empire never forms. What would be the effects on the 4th crusade and the years following it? What would a rump state in the region of Bulgaria look like?
  6. Peter Delyan defeated the Byzantines, restored Bulgaria?

    Peter Delyan was a grandson of Samuel, the last emperor of Bulgaria, who led a massive uprising against the Byzantine Empire in 1040-41. The revolt was immensely successful at first, and the rebels quickly took over much of western Bulgaria, Macedonia and northern Greece. However, it collapsed...
  7. AltoRegnant

    AHC: Wank The First Bulgarian Empire

    The Bulgarian empire was long the scourge of byzantium, even laying siege to constantinople in 923 and 24. however civil war and eventually Basil The Bulgar Slayer brought them to heel. ... until empire 2. Your goal is to reverse fortunes, and have the Bulgarians crush the Byzantines. From...
  8. AltoRegnant

    AHCWI: Secure The Bulgarian Empire

    The Bulgarian Empire was a major force of southern and eastern europe, but fell into disarray and decline with the mongols and other invasions. It made recovery- albeit as a heavily decentralized state- in the 1300s... before being conquered by the ottomans in 1396. Your goal is simple: secure...
  9. pls don't ban me

    worse defeat for ottomans at Ankara in 1402

    So, in OTL the ottomans were basically annihilated, and the sultan was captured while his sons were able to escape. What would change if Timur captures as well all the osmanoglu and thus killing the ottoman royal family? I assume that while the Anatolian region will face a long civil war for the...
  10. Bulgarian Sultanate

    Could Bulgaria become a sultanate between 700-850? How would Bulgaria be different from OTL? How would it affect history? (My first time here btw)
  11. Whiteshore

    AHC: Latin Empire conquered by Bulgaria

    Your challenge, with a POD after 1204, is to have the Latin Empire's fall be brought about not by the three remnants of the Byzantine Empire which arose after the Fourth Crusade (Nicaea, Epirus, or Trebizond) but by the Second Bulgarian Empire with a Bulgarian dynasty replacing the Latins as the...