1. World Mapping

    WI: No First Balkan War

    Hello, y'all. Today, I learned of the original plan for the partition of the Ottoman Balkans (mapped below). Serbia was originally supposed to get most of Albania, with Bulgaria recieving more of Macedonia, though the Albanian Revolt resulted in this never happening, and Serbia pushing into...
  2. Porphyrogennetos: The Empire of the Romans
    Threadmarks: Basil II: 976 - 1025

    Porphrogennetos The Romans and the New World (left, Basileia Rhomaion in 976 AD) (left, Phrygia, where Tzimiskes were travelling through) On the eighth of January, 976. Emperor John I Tzimiskes, scion of a distinguished family and himself a distinguished emperor, woke up in the cold...
  3. Gigachad3k

    What's the maximum population that Bulgaria could support?

    What's the maximum population that the territory of OTL Bulgaria could support?
  4. pls don't ban me

    more successful Second Tarnovo Uprising

    While checking the various revolts made by Bulgarians against the ottomans i stopped on the second Tarnovo Uprising. while composed by less man, it's main cause of failure is the premature start. The rebellion, led by Rostislav Stratimirovic failed because only 4000 people gathered and as i...
  5. Challenge: Make the Ottoman Empire keep the Balkans until 1945

    With any POD you want, make the Ottoman Empire keep the Balkans(Bulgaria, North Macedonia, Albania, Bosnia and Southern Serbia at least) until 1945(when the Russians would storm the Balkans and seize it). Bonus points if Romania and Serbia remain some sort of vassals.
  6. AHQ/WI: What if the War of the stray dog had escalated? Who would've won, Bulgaria or Greece?

    In 1925, a short war occurred between Greece and Bulgaria. It isn't truly known what caused the war, with two versions of the story existing. But that doesn't matter, what only matters is who would've won? What would have occurred after the victory for whichever side pulls the win? How does it...
  7. William T Sherman, Prince of Bulgaria: A Collaborative TL
    Threadmarks: 1

    At congress of Berlin in 1879 the throne of Bulgaria is offered to William Tecumseh Sherman in hope that a tough militarist in charge of Bulgaria would ensure there would be a strong buffer state. Sherman accepts the throne and goes across the sea to Bulgaria.
  8. Danube Delta Condominium in Central Powers victory

    In the Treaty of Bucharest, the CP created a joint occupied zone around the Danubes delta and northern Dobruja. In OTL it was awarded to Bulgaria to keep them in the war, however this would not have been necessary in a CP victory. Assuming the way the war is won doesn’t butterfly a similar...
  9. Without much Roman warring with the Bulgarians, how long do you think it would take for Bulgarian identity to become entrenched

    I once heard that why Bulgarian identity survived while Avar didn't was that the Bulgarians had reason to try and absorb in all the society into their identity and slavs into the warrior aristocracy to better resist Roman attacks. Now I also seen the argument that Christianity also played a...
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    Fall of Constantinople what if analysis

    So, this thread is probably one of the most, if not the most, re proposed from time to time, but i see every time almost everyone saying that Constantinople was doomed, an opinion to which i disagree. While it's true that the ERE was to a point of utter disgrace there are some factor that might...
  11. Peter Delyan defeated the Byzantines, restored Bulgaria?

    Peter Delyan was a grandson of Samuel, the last emperor of Bulgaria, who led a massive uprising against the Byzantine Empire in 1040-41. The revolt was immensely successful at first, and the rebels quickly took over much of western Bulgaria, Macedonia and northern Greece. However, it collapsed...
  12. DBWI: Bulgaria joins the Central Powers

    In September 1915 Bulgaria joined the Allied powers in WW1 after being offered Ottoman Thrace and border corrections with Serbia (later Yugoslavia). But what if it had joined the Central Powers? As far as I know Germany offered a much larger territory to Bulgaria, almost 60% of Serbia.
  13. Ottoman Empire embraces "Dualism"?

    I was re-reading M. Sukru Hanoglu's A Brief History of the Late Ottoman Empire when one particular passage caught my eye: What would have happened if the Porte had actually taken one of these ideas seriously, and tried to embrace a model similar to that of Austria-Hungary? (I doubt this would...
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    Alexander Battenberg wife candidates?

    As the the title says, if Alexander battenberg managed to stay in Bulgaria as the prince/knyaz, who would end up as his wife? I know that the kaisers daughter was proposed and approved by queen Victoria but the German royal family and bismarck refused in order to not offend the Russians, so is...
  15. What if Bulgaria had not declared war on the allies?

    In 1941, Bulgaria declared war on the Allies, though they thought it would only be a "symbolic declaration". This still led to the Allied bombing and Soviet occupation of the country. What would have happened if this declaration was not made...
  16. pls don't ban me

    Simeon II goes for return of monarchy instead prime minister.

    in 2001, Simeon II won the elections with his party and become prime minister (a disaster). At the time people where really supporting him and i think he might have tried to bring back monarchy. SO what if he manages to make a call for a referendum, win and become again Tsar of Bulgaria? it's...
  17. AltoRegnant

    AHCWI: Secure The Bulgarian Empire

    The Bulgarian Empire was a major force of southern and eastern europe, but fell into disarray and decline with the mongols and other invasions. It made recovery- albeit as a heavily decentralized state- in the 1300s... before being conquered by the ottomans in 1396. Your goal is simple: secure...
  18. JEF_300

    Ivan Kolev Survives

    This video from The Great War is a great introduction to this man, if you don't know of him. And his Wikipedia page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ivan_Kolev_(general) He died on 29 of July 1915, in Vienna while being treated for tuberculosis (according to the Great War; Wikipedia just said...
  19. AltoRegnant

    DBWI: Screw Bulgaria

    Otl, Bulgaria has been a major power since the 1300s, conquering Greece from the Eastern Roman Empire and much of the Balkans surrounding it. Their rivalry with the Ottomans is probably eclipsed only by Britain and France- the Bolgar/Turkish rivalry and the decline of Tsargrad being half the...
  20. Bulgarian Sultanate

    Could Bulgaria become a sultanate between 700-850? How would Bulgaria be different from OTL? How would it affect history? (My first time here btw)