1. Could tsar Samuel preserve Bulgaria's independence?

    Samuel was the last great ruler of the First Bulgarian Empire, and his reign was dominated by a long, grueling war against the Byzantines. Samuel got off to a strong start, scoring a crushing victory at the Battle of the Gates of Trajan, but his Byzantine counterpart, Basil II, eventually got...
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    North Macedonia/ FYRONM involved in the Yugoslavian war.

    So... what we know, or at least i know, is that in OTL Macedonia left Yugoslavia peacefully. Bulgaria had no reason to join in as they hoped for a peaceful unification when all the mess ended and they even ignored the embargo on Serbia by allowing the Mafia and others to supply the Serbian with...
  3. Effects on WW1 on Cilicia instead of Gallipoli

    I've seen it laid out that a better use of the same resources than the Gallipoli campaign would have been landings at Alexandretta and Mersin and a subsequent takeover and fortification of Cilicia: complicating Ottoman resupply of Mesopotamia by cutting the Berlin-Baghdad Railway at Adana...
  4. Bulgaria WI: could Ivaylo succeed?

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Uprising_of_Ivaylo Ivaylo was a Bulgarian peasant who rose up against the rule of tsar Constantine Tikh, whose reign saw the loss of territory to various foreign adversaries. Ivaylo quickly gathered followers to his cause, and within a year or so of launching his...
  5. Oba Cahokia

    AHC: Bulgarian-Byzantine Empire with an Ottoman Dynasty

    Come up with a short timeline where the Bulgaria and the Byzantine Empire merge politically with each other but the last surviving ruling family is the House of Osman controlling lands in the Balkans and Anatolia. Bonus Points for having the empire be a sweet blend of Bulgarian and Byzantine...
  6. Collondi

    WI: Kingdom of the two bulgarias?

    Following the decline of the Khazar Khangate, what if the Volga Bulgars conquered all of southern Russia, as well as the kingdom of Bulgaria? I can imagine the Byzantines calling for a crusade against this new massive Islamic horde, what would that have looked like? I imagine they would have to...
  7. DarkoRatic

    What if Russia ignored the air blockade during the Incident at Pristina airport?

    I was wondering what possible scenarios could have happend id Russia had ignored the air blockade in Bulgaria, Hungary, and Romania and attempted unauthorized overflights to fly in troops during the incident at Pristina airport in 1999?
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    Bagryanov government declares war on Germany instead of trying to go neutral.

    Hi everyone, so, my question is simple. After Boris III died he was succeeded by a regency council. during the Bagryanov government the pm tried to exit the war by being neutral and trying to keep some land to no avail and ultimately need all when the september coup was made and Bulgaria was...
  9. TheDoofusUser

    AHC : Make Bulgaria, Italy, Ottomans, Spain, and Sweden strong Allies for Germany in WW1

    The challenge is what it says on the tin. With a POD of 1860 and after, make Bulgaria, Italy, the Ottoman Empire, Spain, and Sweden, strong allies for the German Empire for the oncoming World War 1 so they're carrying their weight and being an effective member of the Central Powers that doesn't...
  10. Politics of a San Stefano Bulgaria?

    Suppose that the Treaty of San Stefano is upheld, for one reason or another - either because the vehemently anti-Turkish British prime minister Gladstone keeps his office in 1874 instead of losing it to Disraeli, or because Bismarck supports Russia in the Congress of Berlin - and a Greater...
  11. CP victory pods

    Some CP victory pods that arent: Italy neutral or Cp, Germany wins Marne, Spring Offensives suceeds, US doesnt join WW1. Also preferably make the POD on the CP side or something that isnt made by an Entente change.
  12. BloodAndIron

    AHC: No Second Balkan War

    What if there was no Second Balkan War? I would like to hear you guy's thoughts on this. Maybe give Serbia some territory elsewhere? I feel like Bulgaria would join the Entente in this world to take Constantinople from the Ottomans. Thanks in advance for sharing.
  13. Sevarics

    WI: Ottomans don't participate in the Second Balkan War ?

    Pretty much as the tin says, what if the Ottoman Empire did not declare war on Bulgaria (or anyone else for that matter) during the Second Balkan War? Would Bulgaria be able to hold itself against just the Serbs, Greeks and Romanians ? If not, would Greece end up being able to take more of...
  14. Oba Cahokia

    The Rumelians: (Byzantine) Greco-Bulgarian Culture and Nation

    Is it possible, what have to happen for Bulgarian and Byzantine Greek culture to perfectly fuse together and possibly for entirely new ethnic group? Map was created by u/KingofFairview on Reddit I just cropped it for a 'realistic' border of Rumelia. Link to the original map will be below the image.
  15. Oba Cahokia

    Africa in Central Powers Victory.

    In a TL where the Central Powers do win WW1. We have a pretty good idea of what happens to Europe but what be the border changes in Africa? Will there be no border changes? Some colonies becoming independent countries? Will decolonization happen in this timeline?
  16. Oba Cahokia

    If the Ottomans lost all their European holdings including Western Constantinople to Bulgaria how would this affect the Armenian Genocide?

    I'm making a timeline and I'm not sure how the Ottomans would react or what they would to the Armenians. I'm trying to avoid thr Armenian genocide possibly get a Armenian state after WW1 in Central Powers timeline.
  17. World Mapping

    WI: No First Balkan War

    Hello, y'all. Today, I learned of the original plan for the partition of the Ottoman Balkans (mapped below). Serbia was originally supposed to get most of Albania, with Bulgaria recieving more of Macedonia, though the Albanian Revolt resulted in this never happening, and Serbia pushing into...
  18. Porphyrogennetos: The Empire of the Romans
    Threadmarks: Basil II: 976 - 1025

    Porphrogennetos The Romans and the New World (left, Basileia Rhomaion in 976 AD) (left, Phrygia, where Tzimiskes were travelling through) On the eighth of January, 976. Emperor John I Tzimiskes, scion of a distinguished family and himself a distinguished emperor, woke up in the cold...
  19. Gigachad3k

    What's the maximum population that Bulgaria could support?

    What's the maximum population that the territory of OTL Bulgaria could support?
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    more successful Second Tarnovo Uprising

    While checking the various revolts made by Bulgarians against the ottomans i stopped on the second Tarnovo Uprising. while composed by less man, it's main cause of failure is the premature start. The rebellion, led by Rostislav Stratimirovic failed because only 4000 people gathered and as i...