1. AltoRegnant

    Decolonization of North America In A No ARW World?

    OTL, the American revolution was the first time Britain lost a major colony, and it created a nation that went on to dominate the world after getting its regional matters sorted out. But before that, the American colonies were rather disparate, with economic interests but no major common...
  2. A Better Rifle at Halloween
    Threadmarks: A cancelled order

    June 15th 1914, London. Two men looked down at the telegram, their faces showed a mixture of apprehension and concern. “that’s it then, we are dished” said the first, “not dished but perhaps significantly discommoded” said the second. The two men were the managing partners of the Farquhar-Hill...
  3. perfectgeneral

    AHC: Peerless Air Ministry
    Threadmarks: The Challenge

    As an Alternative History Challenger I am not the author, but as OP (original poster) I have to edit the thread marks. I don't know when the story will update so allow some time for me to catch up. New title: AHC: Peerless Air Ministry Sir Philip Cunliffe-Lister (later Lord, then Earl Swinton)...
  4. AHC: Latest British Normandy

    I'm a bit of a Britwank mood lately, reading up on the War of the Roses and whatnot. This challenge is basically 'is there any opportunity after losing their possessions in France that London could regain control over at least Normandy?' Preferably Calais-Picardy as well, but I'm not holding...