1. kasumigenx

    The bride never taken – A Plantagenet timeline
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    On 1199, Constance of Brittany agreed to ally with Philip II and betroth her daughter Eleanor of Brittany to Louis, Prince of France as a condition of the Treaty of Le Goulet, later Louis VIII and support the decisions of Innocent III and Philippe Auguste for the good of her duchy, this would...
  2. kasumigenx

    Plantagenet Brittany
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    In 1199, Constance of Brittany would be convinced decide to maintain her alliance with Philip II and allow Innocent III’s plan to subjugate the Archbishopric of Dol to Tours as she and the English under Richard I had issues and continued the planned marriage between Eleanor of Brittany in 1200...
  3. kasumigenx

    No Diversion 4th Crusade Timeline
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    On June 1199, Eleanor of Brittany was betrothed to Louis VIII which meant that there would be an alliance between the Bretons and the French, and Constance of Brittany would allow the Archbishopric of Dol to be Subordinated to the Metropolitan of Dol. -Constance of Brittany, Freepedia Eleanor...
  4. DracoLazarus

    WI : Francis II of Brittany dies early

    The dispute over the inheritance of Brittany between the Montforts and the Penthièvres dates back to the Hundred Years War, with the First Breton Succession War being one of the sub-conflicts of the Hundred Years War, lasting from 1341 to 1365. It was brought to an end by the Treaty of Guérande...
  5. kasumigenx

    Two Britains:Anne of Brittany marries Henry VIII
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    On the battle of Agnadello, Louis XII of France would die in May, 1509 and Anne of Brittany, in her early 30s and would be able to bear an heir to Brittany and sent her daughter, Claude to marry Francis I of France. The maids would find that the Dowager Queen Anne had left the court and went to...
  6. RedKing

    WI/PC: Henry Tudor marries Anne of Brittany?

    During his time in exile at the Breton court, Henry Tudor (later Henry VII), was considered as a possible suitor for Anne of Brittany, the heir presumptive of Brittany. Of course, this marriage would never come to fruition. But what if (for some reason) Francis II betroths Henry to Anne? What...
  7. Anglo-Breton union post HYW

    It is often assumed, that surviving Edward V or his brother Richard would marry Anne of Brittany and as result Anglo-Breton union would be estabilished (IMHO obvious French response would be war and military conquest of Brittany) What about other way around-Breton duke inherits English throne...
  8. If Harold Godwinson wins at Hastings what happens to Brittany?

    A question that has always affascinated my brain is that if Harold Godwinson wins the battle of Hastings, Wales and Cornwall will be part of England, but i always thought about Brittany, i always thought that if Harold wins Brittany will be part of France, you might say that the french kings had...
  9. kasumigenx

    The Breton Damsels an Angevin Timeline
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    On 1187, Constance of Brittany would give birth to a posthumous daughter of Geoffrey II of Brittany named Marie[1], named after the eldest sister of Geoffrey II of Brittany she was married to Ranulf de Blondeville at that time and she would have three daughters named Eleanor(1184)...
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    Angevin loss
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    Angevin loss Constance of Brittany Constance of Brittany m. Geoffrey II of Brittany d. 1186(a) Ranulph de Blondeville div. 1198(b) Guy de Thouars(c) 1a. Eleanor of Brittany b. 1182/84 m. 1195 Louis VIII b. 1187(a)[1] 1a1a. Constance of France b. 1203 m. Raymond Berenguer IV of Provence...
  11. QuinnMallory

    WI: Brittany is separated from France in 1848

    Prior to the Revolution, Brittany was not legally part of France, but considered a separate kingdom ruled in personal union. Say this arrangement is restored under the Congress of Vienna, and that following the February Revolution, Louis abdicates as King of France, but not of Brittany. This...
  12. Brita

    Could Alix of Porhoët have become Duchess of Brittany instead of Conan IV in 1167?

    I've been toying with a TL idea for a few months now and I'm faced with a (big) dilemna. OTL, Conan III of Brittany had decided to reconcile the two rival branches of the ducal family (his own and the Penthièvres') and restore royalty by marrying his daughter Bertha to their cousin Alan of...
  13. The Professor

    Henry IV has children with Joan of Navarre

    So what are the repercussions if Henry IV of England had sons and/or daughters with his second wife Joan of Navarre, dowager Duchess of Brittany?
  14. Brita

    A Kingdom Reborn
    Threadmarks: Book the First. A Kingdom Reborn. Chapter 1. A Miraculous Recovery?

    Book the First. A Kingdom Reborn A Miraculous Recovery? 1146 AD. Duke Conan, third of that name, while visiting his beloved daughter the wise Bertha and his ailing son-in-law Alan the Black, dreamt of Our Lady Mary, Queen of Heaven. And said Christ’s Blessed Mother to the lord duke: “Build a...
  15. GauchoBadger

    PC/WI: German-sponsored Occitan and Breton revival?

    This might require a PoD prior to Jules Ferry's premiership, though an imposition from an outside invader just might be enough. So, basically, assume Germany wins World War I early (prior to 1916), and militarily occupies vast swathes of France at the end of hostilities. Negotiations with...
  16. kasumigenx

    Formerly Lackland
    Threadmarks: Nantes, 1200

    Formerly Lackland Nantes, 1200 Constance of Brittany "Is my child born alive." Guy of Thouars "Yes, you did give birth to our child who is alive and I heard him cry and he looks healthy as well." Maid "The child is a boy" Constance of Brittany "I would name him Conan, after my father...
  17. WI: Maximilian I, Holy Roman Emperor and Philipp, Duke of Burgundy Switch Wives

    Apologies if the title is a bit vague. But say that in 1490, it is Philipp of Austria, Duke of Burgundy, who weds Anne, Duchess of Brittany. While in 1492 (the date of his OTL annulment from Anne) or 1494 (the date of his OTL wedding to Bianca, Max marries Juana of Castile? Obviously, in this...
  18. GauchoBadger

    WI: The Bretons go to Iberia instead?

    As we all know, the Briton peoples of what is now England apparently fled in the wake of the Anglo-Saxon invasions and settled in the Armorican peninsula in northwestern France, forming the modern cultural region of Brittany. But, less well-known is the Breton settlement of Galicia, in...
  19. GauchoBadger

    PC/WI: Charles V marries Claude of France?

    Apparently, at around 1504 AD, it was planned for the Duchess of Brittany, Claude of France, eldest daughter of Louis XII of France and Anne of Brittany, to marry the future Holy Roman Emperor, Charles of Habsburg. As per this treaty, Charles and the House of Habsburg would acquire Naples, the...
  20. Brainbin

    Year of the Four Kings: WI Buckingham's Rebellion was Successful?

    Although Henry Tudor, Earl of Richmond, eventually won the throne of England by right of conquest in the Battle of Bosworth Field in August of 1485, the seeds for the overthrow of Richard III had been sown much earlier. In October of 1483, a series of uprisings took place against Richard...