1. Beedok

    Where Are Canada's Sheep?

    Britain had a serious obsession with sheep for a large chunk of the 18th and 19th century, filling Scotland and Wales with them, while setting up major sheeping farming cultures in Australia and New Zealand. Meanwhile Canada has hardly any sheep. Surely regions of Canada would be quite suited to...
  2. WI: the Colony of Georgia outlawed slavery

    What if Oglethorpe's desire to prevent slavery from spreading to Georgia was respected by later governors (or Oglethorpe returned to governorship after the War of Jenkin's Ear), and slavery remained outlawed in Georgia indefinitely?
  3. Petike

    Popculture WI: The BBC making a better Robin Hood series in the 2000s and/or 2010s

    After having seen Tom Riley and co. in the Doctor Who episode "Robot of Sherwood", I really, really sighed that we didn't get this sort of fun-but-respectful interpretation of the Robin Hood legend on TV in the 2000s or this decade. What I'm missing in the modern day is a Robin Hood based TV...
  4. Petike

    Air Power : Battle in the Skies

    Anybody heard of this old 90s DOS flight sim from Rowan Software ? It's basically a hard fantasy version of Crimson Skies. With dieselpunkish monarchies and whatnot (kind of like some of the older projects Krall has made for his...