1. Help me with my timeline: the Western British Empire

    So this is something I've been working on for many years, but some things still just don't feel correct or fit as nicely as I'd like to. I'm hoping a fresh set of eyes will yield some new ideas and workability. Basically, I will be posting various 'sections' of the TL in chronological format...
  2. WI: The USA refused to make peace during the War of 1812 for several years longer?

    Somewhat unlikely, but imagine that US negotiators refused to make peace for 2-3 additional years, if not longer, during the War of 1812. What would be the result?
  3. What if the french established a colony in western Australia

    In OTL the British rushed to get as many settlers as possible into the area around Perth because they were worried that the french would colonise it, what if the french beat them to it.
  4. AHC/WI: Britain won WW2 by itself? (Grasshopper Lies Heavy)

    What if the US stayed neutral in WW2, leaving Britain as the sole democratic country remaining in Europe fighting against the Axis; yet the British still win the war, leading to them (along with resurrected France) dominating Europe afterward? As a bonus challenge, have the USSR temporarily...
  5. Iron Cast: An Alternate British 1990s

    November, 1990. Margaret Thatcher and her Conservative government have been in power for over eleven years, presiding over the end of the post-war consensus, industry privatisation, a war in the Falklands, and battles with the trade unions, and have been mired in equal controversy for roughly...
  6. Sextus Munatius Piso

    Ryukyu as a European colony

    Which European colonial power has the best chance to conquer the Ryukyu Islands before Japan? And how does this affect Asian history?
  7. Surviving Maurya

    Is there a way to have the Maurya survive long enough to fight both the invading Mughals and the Europeans?
  8. Historyman 14

    WI/AHC: Canadian Gallipoli

    The idea is somehow, for both World Wars, and between them, is to give Canada a Gallipoli in that the British cost the Canadians a untold number of live for little to no gain what so ever to a total defeat. In that afterward, it ruins Canadians view of the mother country, creates far greater...
  9. Ethiopia In world war 1 (with the allies)

    So I have participated in this year's MUN of my school and the committee I have joined is European Conglomerate. The committee is set during World War 1. The committee does not follow the actual timeline or war. The date is the 27th of June, 1914. Representatives from the major powers in Europe...
  10. African Alliance

    How would the African countries have opposed to the colonial masters and formed an alliance to overtake the continent? With which African country would this start? And how are they going to use their powers and resources to change the course of war?
  11. Was Wilhelm II's/Tirpitz's naval expansion actually a bad idea from their perspective?

    It seems to be a near consensus here that Imperial Germany building up its navy was detrimental, because it antagonized the British and the Germans were never going to have a fleet large enough to match the Royal Navy. However, without a navy at all, wouldn't the German Empire have become...
  12. Livius wannabe

    Palestine bought rather than conquered

    Hi all, this is something I've been mulling over for some time. Would it be possible, with a POD of say, 1920 have a large chunk of Palestine bought off by or on behalf of Jewish colonists comparatively peacefully? The scenario would also imply population transfer and that both the Brits and...
  13. ronaldo

    Spanish victory

    Effects of a Spanish canada? What would be the effect of an Argentine-Chile part of the Spanish empire? After the independence of the rest of Spanish America what would this region be like? Would this affect South America as SPECIALLY IN BRAZIL? Would Brazil have rivaled this region or would...
  14. ronaldo

    The third Korea

    The third Korea This third korea should be in the middle of the two koreans "Central korea" (It can not be a korea that occupies part of the west of the east of the peninsula) How can a third korea exist? Maybe a British intervention? A Chinese korea?
  15. ronaldo

    The third superpower?

    As Brazil Empire could become the THIRD superpower and power during the Cold War to have a third block (I have the idea of a block that defends the monarchy), how could the Western world be divided into Brazil and the United States, What would be the vision of Americans with the South American...
  16. ronaldo


    As Brazil Empire could become the THIRD superpower and power during the Cold War to have a third block (I have the idea of a block that defends the monarchy), how could the Western world be divided into Brazil and the United States, What would be the vision of Americans with the South American...
  17. ronaldo

    The Empire of Brazil in a Tripolar World?

    This is a simple question Empire of Brazil survives is becomes the third superpower The prince of brazil survives or the princess isabel abdicates in favor of her son After independence, Brazil obtains the Portuguese colonies of Angola and Mozambique, Somehow in vienna coferencia the united...
  18. Count of Crisco

    When is the latest the Dutch could colonize Australia.

    I know that IOTL the British left part of the continent open in case of eventual Dutch interest in it. What I dont know is the point where the British would have not been okay with the Dutch colonizing their half. When is the last possible point that the Dutch could have colonized New Holland then?
  19. AHC: British republic?

    Is it possible to have a functional democratic republic in Great Britain and Ireland after the French Revolution? Would it last to present day or It'd be replaced by a Monarchy restoration?
  20. Count of Crisco

    Standardized British tank. 1942.

    So I have recently developed an interest in tanks. Started to play world of tanks a few months back and then wanted to know more about the machines I was playing, and by extension the nations and armies which built them. And I have noticed something which I find rather odd. With one very...