1. British Indonesia

    I know it's been done before, but, what if Indonesia was a British colony? PoD: Britain keeps Java from the Dutch/French in 1815.
  2. Oba Cahokia

    WI the Kingdom of Benin conquered all of present day Nigeria before Colonialism?

    How would this affect West Africa and how would this impact the British and French presence later on?
  3. QTXAdsy

    The Magic Never Ends - An Alton Towers TL
    Threadmarks: The Magic Never Ends - Opening Chapter 'Wood Have Been Nice'

    Hello there, before I start off with anything, this is something that is different from what I've done before and that is not a football/soccer related TL and that is a theme park TL that is for once not about the Disney parks on here. So, in this case this will be about Alton Towers as I just...
  4. It's like Algerian power belongs to a world other than ours! (From British History Books)
    Threadmarks: Algerian history

    With quick information from Algeria’s bright history If we travel 340 years to the past, we will find Algeria governed by one of Algeria’s bravest rulers in history, Baba Hassan. At the beginning of his reign, the King of the Netherlands sent him a peace treaty to become the secure Netherlands...
  5. the man in the fly castle

    Eagles and Suns: Another path of 20th-21th Century

    Welcome to this timeline, which Anglo–Japanese Alliance never dissolved, but further strengthen into Imperial Alliance. And America has the better relationship with Germany, lead both countries into Washington-Berlin Axis. Eagle in both US and Germany are the symbol of the country. Japan's...
  6. Blue moon

    Blue Moon A timeline where Australia and the commonwealth are the first on the moon. January 1962: The British Aerospace and Design Agency (BADA) is authorised by Harold MacMillan. It’s objective is originally for advancements and military applications for jets. April 1962: The first...
  7. 4 Apples , One Crack.

    It Starts At The Year 1861 , When Queen Victoria's Husband Prince Albert Died , The Empire Mourns his Lost Across The World , As Well As Queen Victoria Herself ,But With This Lost , Queen Victoria Suffers With Depression just Like In Our Timeline , but This Time Its Much worst and It Resulted...
  8. AHQ: What would happen if the Suez Crisis esculated?

    In 1956, a brief war between Egypt, Israel, France, and the United Kingdom occurred over the Egyptian occupation of the Suez Canal. The war ended incredibly quickly due to international dismay. What if this hadn't occurred, what if the USA realized that Egypt wasn't trustworthy and helped the...
  9. GameBawesome

    WI: The Patriots kidnaps Prince William Henry?

    I was reading some history and discovered an interesting fact I never knew about. George III's son, Prince William Henry (The future William IV) was stationed in New York, as young naval officer. So, the Culper Ring hatched an operation to kidnap the prince and hold him hostage. This operation...
  10. tonycat77

    British KV-1 and T-34 Very interesting read, however the fact that the KV-1 and T-34 only arrived for proper study and inspection in mid-late 1943 for the british and August 1942 for the americans...
  11. Count of Crisco

    AHC Preserve an independent Welsh kingdom as long as possible

    Following the arrival of the Anglo-Saxons several Cymry petty kingdoms would endure on the periphery of the British isles. With pockets of Welsh resistance gradually being absorbed by the Angles and Saxons, as well as the Picts and later Scots. Eventually England came to dominate the remaining...
  12. GameBawesome

    AHC: Loyalist Identity after American Independence

    After American Revolutionary War, The majority of the 400,000 to 500,000 Loyalists remained in new United States of America. Those who left were die-hard British Monarchists and those who actively fought against the Patriots. Those who stayed, assimilated into the new American society, with...
  13. The Gamer Sunflower

    What's Iran's bright future if it were not for Mohammad Mosaddegh being overthrown out in 1953?

    While I'm not on Mosaddegh's side but for whatever reasons, America and British decided not to overthrow Mosaddegh in the Alternate 1953... so what happened to Iran today? would Israel still be friends with Iran? How is Iran's relations with the world be like?
  14. What if the Brexit Party won the Peterborough By-Election

    When Labour MP for Peterborough Fiona Onasanya was convicted for preventing the course of justice in retaliation to a motering offence in 2017, she was expelled from the Labour party. A recall petition was passed in her constituency, triggering a by-election to determine the new MP for...
  15. At what point could Britain no longer win a war against the United States?

    As it says on the tin. Had the British not been fighting with two hands behind their back in the War of 1812 thanks to Napoleon, they would have won handily. And this power disparity more or less rang true until the end of the American Civil War. But post Civil War the United States' power grew...
  16. Sarthak

    Margaret, The Maid of Norway Survives - Butterflies???

    What if Margaret, The Maid of Norway Survives and marries Edward II of England and have a heir, what are the possible butterflies?
  17. Prussian Militarism

    7 Years war POD: British Dominion of Japan

    With a POD during/after the 7 years war, would it be at all possible for Britain to control this territory?
  18. The New Dawn – A British Political TL
    Threadmarks: Update #1 – 1997 Conservative Party leadership election

    The New Dawn – A British Political TL Given I have bunch of free time on my hand, I've decided to do redo a TL that I had plans for last year but never actually got around to posting or writing out fully. Its going to be chiefly focused on British politics in the late 90s and the 2000s, but I...
  19. Walker2006

    The Lead Up to the Zweiter Weltkrieg (Kaiserreich)

    CHAPTER 1: THE DEATH OF A KING The Palace of Ottawa February 3 1936 2:17 PM Everyone stood silent in front of the bed. Just 3 minutes ago, King George V finally succumbed to his Cerebral Hemorrhage that he has been suffering since the day he fled to Canada from the fires of the 1925 British...
  20. What if the first Opium War ended with the British Gaining posession of five Chinese provinces?
    Threadmarks: Scramble for China - Britain takes five

    In this case I'm talking about Jiangsu, Tianjin, Beijing, Hong Kong and Guangdong. For those that don't think this would have been possible watch this. So including the above provinces the British get their demands, destroy China, have missionaries start to convert the population and sell...