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  1. Victoria died before becoming queen?

    According to Wikipedia: What if that fever grew into something worse and she died because of it? Who would become king of Great Britain and Ireland after the death of William IV? Ernest Augustus?
  2. SunKing105

    WI: Churchill dies at Omdurman

    The Battle of Omdurman was one of the closing battles of the Mahdist War, and was an attempt by British General Herbert Kitchener to seek revenge for the death of General Gordon. I am not here to change anything about the war itself, that can be left to another post. Winston Churchill himself...
  3. Mr_Fanboy

    What are the major, long-term differences between a world where the American Revolution is crushed, and a world where it is averted?

    Sorry for the lengthy thread title, but I needed to articulate a very specific question. Alternate history scenarios that see Thirteen Colonies remain in the British Empire are relatively common, but they almost definitionally fall into one of two broad categories. The first posits a world where...
  4. War of 1812 complete disaster for Britain

    How could the War of 1812 be a complete disaster for Britain? (It was a draw IRL). I am curious since I think I am going to make a new timeline based on this...
  5. Mr_Fanboy

    What might a British Florida look like today?

    A British Florida in a world where the United States still gains independence, that is. Yes, the peninsula was briefly occupied by the British as a result of the Seven Years' War, but was ceded back to the Spanish after their loss in the American Revolution, and was annexed in turn by the United...
  6. Stenz

    WI: Effects on Indian Cricket if a different Partition in the 40s?

    With the various cricket threads recently, I've had a thought... With a different partition of India in the post-WWII era (I’ve bodged a quick map together below) what would be the effect on Indian cricket? Would the various Indian teams be weaker, would one of them have a broadly similar...
  7. WI: Prince Albert lived as long as Queen Victoria

    What would be the effects in British history and culture if the Prince Consort had lived around the same age as Queen Victoria (just as both were born in 1819 within a month of each other, both die in 1901 within a month of each other)
  8. AHC: Swap The Fates of British Colonies in the Middle East and the Indian Subcontinent

    Your challenge is to switch the fates of new independent states in the Middle East and the Indian Subcontinent after independence from the British Empire. For example: North India (capitalist) and South India (communist) unites like how Yemen united with its communist counterpart near the end...
  9. Latest possible POD for a British Patagonia

    Hi folks! This is my first post on this board, so apologies if I've made any mistakes e.g. posting in the wrong forum, question asked previously. My question is, what is the latest plausible POD that would allow for a British Patagonia? Of course, the 1806-1807 Invasions of the River Plate...
  10. A 20th Century Act of Union?

    Do you think it would be possible for the UK to pass another Act of Union in the 20th Century, like previous ones with Scotland and Ireland, to add another nation to the UK (presumably one of its colonies). At this point I think Canada is out of the picture and New Zealand or Australia would...
  11. Sārthākā

    A Better Decade - a British TL.
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1 - McKeena

    Chapter 1 While Britain had indeed come out of the Great War victorious, it was by no means an awe inspiring victory nor one that managed to make Britain stronger in the long run. Its war debt with America was extremely high which had turned Britain from a net creditor to a net debtor. Britain...
  12. PMs and Cabinets of an Imperial Federation

    Hi all, There are alternate lists of British PMs and Cabinets on this site, as well as Alternate US Presidents. But what about such people in the , oft imagined, Imperial Federation? So, lets assume we live in a world where the Imperial Federation had come about. What political leaders do you...
  13. Calcaterra

    AHC: A World of Kings Through 2000

    The challenge is that with a POD (or several, which is most likely needed) no earlier than May 6, 1910, and no later than November 9, 1923, the following statements are true as of January 1, 2000: -The British Empire is the most powerful entity on Earth, headed by the descendants of King George...
  14. Population Estimates - World of Empires

    Hi All, New here...I've had a bit of a search and can't find something similar so I'm asking for a bit of an estimation help for a short story scenario I'm coming up... - Napolean concurs most of continenal Europe before 1820, then North Africa to the Egyptian border. In 1850s he captures the...
  15. AH Challenge: Roman Empire, British Empire, and the USA exist at the same time

    Give me scenarios in which the Roman Empire survives and lives up til present day (or if you think it wouldn’t survive until that point, the 20th century) Rome is without Britain and things go differently, obviously; but still things end up the same as it did in OTL. Events I would like to see...
  16. Andrew Boyd

    WI: USA vs UK Cold War

    This is sort of a sequel to a thread I posted earlier. Long story short is, what would be the effects of a Cold War that pitted the US vs the British Empire.
  17. Aztekk

    wrong place

    wrong place
  18. Sārthākā

    In The Lap of the Himalayas Version 2
    Threadmarks: Prologue: Bhimsen is Nepal, and Nepal is Bhimsen

    Prologue: Nepal is Bhimsen, and Bhimsen is Nepal *** One is born in this world in order to undergo the fruits of actions performed in past life. After the fruits of such actions are undergone, the soul is separated from the body. It then departs to another world to undergo the fruits of...
  19. Sārthākā

    1950s British Economic Sanity Options and its Butterflies

    Now many threads regarding sanity options have been done, mainly (read: all) revolving around WW2 and WW1. However how about a Sanity option thread regarding British economics from exactly 1st Jan, 1950. Also discuss potential economic policies that would have been good and beneficial for...
  20. WI: Maori ruled British client kingdom in New Zealand?

    The Maori King movement is a small effort today to get a Maori monarch for New Zealand. The idea though of a client, unified Maori monarchy ruling New Zealand )or just the North Island) under British "protection" dates to the first British resident minister to the archipelago James Busby...