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  1. Delayed Indian independence

    Nevermind the reasons (which have been litigated at length here, please do feel free to add your thoughts there). Say the Tories win the 1945 general election. I think it's fairly obvious to everyone (with the possible exception of Churchill) that India will be getting independence in short...
  2. KingOnTheEdge

    How Do We Prevent The Worst Of England's Actions With Scotland, Ireland, and Wales?

    The english naturally have a pretty nasty reputation, and of course it all started in Ireland and Scotland (and wales but i think they got to them a bit later). Despite this they historically would often try to say Britain is a nation of equals. Your goal is to make this true- at least in the...
  3. AHC: Worse British Empire

    With any pod after 1750, how can we make British colonization worse to the point where most colonies at least attempt to revolt and has far fewer defenders after falling in the same way fascist governments became unpopular after WWII?
  4. Sārthākā

    At Heaven's Command: A Graphic TL
    Threadmarks: OP+Map of world 2021

    For a long time, I have to admit that I have been reading and enjoying graphic timelines made by @CosmicAsh, @LeinadB93, @Onerom etc, and while i have made miniature graphic TLs before, this is my side-project, a permanent one, whilst I stay isolated as I got infected by the one and only...
  5. WI Oswald Mosley defeated Neville Chamberlain in 1924?

    Before becoming the face of British fascism, Oswald Mosley belonged to the Labour Party, and was prominent enough to the point he was (briefly) a member of Ramsay MacDonald's cabinet. However, his career faced a roadblock immediately after he entered the party (he was a Tory before that) thanks...
  6. SeptimiusSeverus

    Possible Constituent Nations of a Modern Imperial Federation

    I was recently doing some research on South Africa's withdrawal from the Commonwealth and abolition of the monarchy which rekindled my interest in the concept of an Imperial Federation. Therefore I was wondering that should a Imperial Federation exist today, what nations would it comprise of...
  7. American Revolution in world where France won the 7 Years' War?

    What happens to the American Revolution in a world where France won the 7 Years' War? What changes occur to it? I think if the taxation without representation issues still exist, the American Revolution would still occur?
  8. pattontank12

    Timeline Planning: World of futures past
    Threadmarks: Introduction

    So what is this?: Well like the title suggests this is initial planning faze for a timeline I've had in the back of my head for nearly a year now. What's it about?: The main theme is about alternate technological development and how the earlier development of certain technologies would effect...
  9. cognitive bias

    Egypt gets Sudan after the 1919 revolution

    After the egypcian revolution of 1919 an agreement is reached, Sudan is considered part of Egypt and they get *de jure* independence but they are still a British dominion de facto, the brits control the Suez Channel and have troops in major cities like OTL Egypt. In 1952 the monarchy is...
  10. AHC: Five/Six-Way Cold War

    With a POD set at 11 November 1918, create a five- or six-way Cold War featuring the United States of America, the British Empire, the Third Reich, the Soviet Union, and either the Empire of Japan or the Republic/People's Republic (preferably the latter) of China, or both of the two latter...
  11. Disraeli2004

    These Radicalised Isles; What if Joseph Chamberlain became Prime Minister?
    Threadmarks: Part 1-The Rise of Chamberlain

    These Radicalised Isles; What if Joseph Chamberlain Became Prime Minister? Part 1- The Rise of Chamberlain By the 1880s the Liberal party, despite the apparent veneer of success, was harbouring a major split between two rival factions- the radicals and the moderate 'Whig' faction, with...
  12. Can you think of any way where the CSA and Britain go to war and the CSA doesn’t win, but survives the encounter like the USA did in the War of 1812?

    Here is my scenario for any one who wants context. Britain grows disgusted at the Confederacy’s continued use of slavery. The Confederacy still is busy trying to pay off it’s war debts to the Union. They default on their debt to Britain and Britain uses this as a justification to declare war on...
  13. Sārthākā

    Aftermath of a successful Suez Crisis

    Let's say that despite American threats and the Egyptian resistance the French and British manage to successfully intervene in Suez. A few months of occupation in Suez later the Egyptian government falls into anarchy and the country falls into civil war. Israel occupies (de facto annexes) the...
  14. Sārthākā

    A Nation of Snow Leopards - A Political Graphical Timeline
    Threadmarks: Nepalese Revolution

    The Nepalese Revolution broke out in March 19, 1923 initially as a student and dissident march against the Rana Regime of Nepal. Chandra Shumsher Rana, the autocratic Rana ruler of Nepal at the time, ordered the Nepalese Gendarmerie to open fire at the protestors. Nepal had long been dissident...
  15. AHC: Sterling Area

    With any PoD after 1900, have the Commonwealth realms (the 16 countries that share Elizabeth II as Queen) be in a monetary and customs union with common citizenship together by the present day.
  16. Vercigentorix

    What if the Treaty of Björkö is ratified by Germany and Russia ? Does this POD even matter since Austria-Hungary and Russia will still be in conflict over the Balkans ? Was a Habsburg-German split even possible ? I would suppose it is if this breakthrough prevents the 1907 Anglo-Russian convention but...
  17. Galloway and the Plan of Union: A Saga of a British America

    Hello, this is my second attempt at a timeline with a point of divergence pre-1800. My first attempt was merely the development of a proto-CSA over 70 years earlier and while I was initially enthused with the idea, it got stale and instead rebooted my first timeline on here which was a CSA...
  18. Made a Nation: America and the World after an alt-Trent Affair
    Threadmarks: Introduction pt. 1

    Made a Nation: America and the World after an alt-Trent Affair “We may have our own opinions about slavery; we may be for or against the South, but there is no doubt that Jefferson Davis and the other leaders of the South have made an army; they are making, it appears, a navy; and they have...
  19. CosmicAsh

    These Fair Shores: The Commonwealth of New England

    After some much needed time away from both content creation and resolving other matters I was dealing with, I am now pleased and excited to, nearly three years after the first thread was started, to inaugurate the new thread for the ever-expansive timeline I have created on this forum. Astute...
  20. Count of Crisco

    If the British wanted to divide India post WWII how many states could be reasonably made?

    So in a TL I am working on the British decide to divide India post WWII into several smaller states rather than the OTL division of India and Pakistan. Their reasoning is that they want to continue to have influence in the region post war, and see a single unified India as a major potential...