1. Backwards and Downwards

  2. GauchoBadger

    How would a Napoleonic occupation of the British isles go, and how would the French justify it?

    So, disregarding the plausibility of it, assume that Britain's naval supremacy in the Napoleonic Wars is mitigated (especially early on), and that Napoleon, after that, greenlights an invasion of England through the Channel, with eventual success in occupying all of Britain south of Hadrian's...
  3. Master Xion

    AHC: World War II starts over Spain?

    During the Spanish Civil War, Germany and Italy gave support for Franco while the only support the Republic got was from the USSR. What if the British and French intervened in the Civil War on the side of the Republic and this sparked WWII? Is that plausible or is it ASB?
  4. Britain gets involved in the Russo-Japanese war?

    Say the Dogger Bank Incident escalated into Britain joining the war. Maybe their is a RN ship in the vicinity and they get fired on by mistake and leads to Britain joining the war. How would that affect 1) British society, ie do the conservatives not lose in 1906. Imperial preference? Increased...
  5. Preparing France for Fashoda?

    Most of the time Fashoda, the colonial crisis in Sudan, in alternate history is used as a way for the British to launch a desultory smack down of the French. To reverse that, with a POD of an intense colonial crisis which directs French attention towards Britain and unites French policies in...