1. Simon

    Nuclear Submarine Export Customers?

    Suppose for a moment that the UK decided to either spend the money to develop themselves – perhaps due to taking a more French national sovereignty position or not heading down the HTP path – or manage to negotiate with the Americans so that they were able to sell nuclear powered submarines to...
  2. WW1 Germany partitioned after 1914 defeat

    What wpuld have happened if Germany was divided on the elbe and Saale into French and Russian satellite state How would this affect the balance of power in Europe, Great Game, Russian internal politics, British empire's survival, Future growth of France, American Foriegn policy and military size...
  3. An Explosion in Cape Town: Blue Water - Pink Land
    Threadmarks: Africa: 1900 - 1925

    An Explosion in Cape Town Blue Water - Pink Land - Daily Mail 8th January 1900 Boers blow Cape Town, kill Rhodes and 17 others The residents of Cape Town, Cape Colony, were disrupted in their activities by a loud bang and a blast of wind as an explosion rippled the city at around 11:30...
  4. AHC: Colonial Fratricide, Nuclear exchange between UK and France

    With a PoD after WW2, how could there be a nuclear exchange set off between the United Kingdom and France? The only condition of this scenario is that the first nuke that goes off has to be either French or British and directed at their rival across the Channel (or at one of their colonial...
  5. AH: what if japan became a state after operation downfall

    my idea is that instead of dropping the A-bombs America Britain and Russia proceeded with operation downfall there were heavy casualties on both sides Russia decides to focus on Germany which leads America and Britain to occupy japan however Britain leaves only leaving America and in 1959 japan...
  6. QTXAdsy

    WI Wales qualified for the 1982 World Cup?

    Though Wales has since qualified for the 2022 World Cup, their first since 1958, they have had a few close calls before hand with teams that should've played at a World Cup with the Welsh team of the 1980's being perhaps the team the most unlucky not to qualify for a major tournament and they...
  7. It's like Algerian power belongs to a world other than ours! (From British History Books)
    Threadmarks: Algerian history

    With quick information from Algeria’s bright history If we travel 340 years to the past, we will find Algeria governed by one of Algeria’s bravest rulers in history, Baba Hassan. At the beginning of his reign, the King of the Netherlands sent him a peace treaty to become the secure Netherlands...
  8. Gabingston

    What if the English and French colonies in North America were flipped?

    What if the English and French colonies in North America were flipped? By this, I mean that the French colonize the eastern seaboard from Georgia up to Maine and the English colonize Canada and Louisiana. The Canadian Maritimes could go either way. How large would the populations of a French...
  9. Blue Moon. The 10 percent complete alternate history beginning in 1962.

    Blue Moon (WIP name) A timeline where Britain are the first on the moon. February 1962: Following John Glenn’s successful orbit of the earth, the British government is faced with a question. Do they pursue a space program, requiring tremendous amounts of money, effort, and support, or do...
  10. Ersatz Sequoyan

    Into the Unseen Era - A Timeline
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1: The End of a War

    Hello everyone! A quick introduction first, I'm a long time lurker and have finally decided to throw in my hand into writing a timeline of my own. You will have to forgive me if I sometimes stray from a more accuracy-based timeline, while I am trying to be as accurate as possible, my resources...
  11. सार्थक (Sārthākā)

    The Ladies Game: A Cricket (Sport) Timeline
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1: Change in the Air

    A Few Sentences before beginning……… Very few women walked the streets and sat on the balconies of their home in late 2018 without the excited murmurs of ‘World Cup’ being passed from their lips. The centennial anniversary of the Women’s Cricket World Cup (WCWC) was set to be a great...
  12. AHC: Make a Celtic-Norse Britain

    With a POD no earlier than 388 AD, make the Celts/Romano-British push away the Saxons and stay dominant over Britain, later turning into a Celtic-Norse hybrid culture. Also, how do you see a Britain like this developing?
  13. सार्थक (Sārthākā)

    With a PoD from 1982 have the Official Monster Raving Loony Party win a general election in UK

    Starting with their establishment in 1982, create a semi-plausible way in which the OMRLP wins a general election and forms a government in The United Kingdom. Also what would be the consequences of such an event? How would the party govern the UK beyond political satirism?
  14. सार्थक (Sārthākā)

    Wolfborn: A Native American Timeline
    Threadmarks: OP

    Wolfborn A Native American Timeline I am the wolfborn, the spirit of history, the core of today, and the heart of tomorrow. I am wolfborn of this land. - Old Sioux Poem. Welcome to Wolfborn: A Native American Timeline! Where Natives are given the due focus they deserve with a chance to...
  15. Vylon Disigma

    Would Spain join Britain in ARW in exchange for Gibraltar or Florida.

    As in the title, if circumstances arose earlier in the ARW where Britain was not so confident in victory, would they be a able to recruit Spain to their side by offering Gibralter or Florida in exchange? Would they be willing to join against France too? I thought of the scenario after I read...
  16. drporter357

    Japan takes over Britain in 1430 after The great slump.
    Threadmarks: The start of something glorious

    What if in 1430 after the great slump began in Britain. What if japan offered to take over Britain for 500 yen and proceeded to turn it into a british version of japan.
  17. Basileus_Komnenos

    Society and Politics in Britain where There’s No Great Reform Act

    How would society and the political situation in Britain during the 19th century evolve in a situation without the Great Reform Act being passed? Would it be affected by Revolutionary movements in 1848? How would this affect the Chartists? In otl they planned on marching in a large protest...
  18. Consequences of Tory winning in 1929 and defeated by Labour under Lansbury in 1931? Considering that IRL 1929 elections were pretty close, let's say that Tories manage to win a slight majority for a PoD. After another defeat, MacDonald is replaced by Lansbury as Party leader. Lansbury manages to secure his...
  19. More British influence and colonies on mainland Europe

    It's always boggled my mind how the United Kingdom, one of the largest colonial empires in history barely controlled any territory in Europe with the exception of Cyprus and Malta. So, what if the British actually, say had more colonies or territories on mainland Europe? My first idea is a...
  20. Labour loses in 2005- who would lead the Party after Blair.

    Ok, my scenario features multiple PoDs: 1)The 1993 WTC bombings are successful and and the ''War on Terror'' starts 8 years earlier. US is not involved in either Afghanistan or Iraq and instead atatcks Sudan (which hosted Al-Qaeda back then) and generally focuses more on Africa during 1990s-...