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  1. AltoRegnant

    WI: Henry Frederick, Prince of Wales Lived?

    James VI/I of Scotland-England's eldest son died at age 18, leaving the crown to Charles, whose tyrannical nature and questionable religious and financial reforms were major causes of the English civil war. according to Wikipedia, in addition to being quite bright and popular, he was a very...
  2. सार्थक (Sārthākā)

    Providence and the United Kingdom: A British TL
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    What is this? Oh you know.......another Timeline? Don't you have like 2 ongoing timelines and multiple others? ......yes? *Sigh* what is it about? Basically a different history of Britain after the Crimean War to make a 'better' Britain. Better does not mean bigger though. The only land Britain...
  3. सार्थक (Sārthākā)

    Unify the English and Scottish Churches

    Basically between 1603 to 1625 James I otl tried to unify the English and Scottish churches and while he came close, he didn't manage to unify the Church of England and Scotland. How could James I accomplish this? What would be the repercussions of this? What would be the effects of it in Ireland?
  4. सार्थक (Sārthākā)

    What if James I managed to create his 'Imperial' Throne of Britain?

    After the union of crowns in 1603, James I pursued the Scottish and English parliaments to create a political entity that would be an imperial government consisting of both the Scottish and English crowns. This would create a British 'Empire'. Famously James I agreed to keep the English law and...
  5. Duke Andrew of Dank

    DBWI: Fully Independent Ireland

    Long story short, have the UK - Irish relations deteriorate to the point that rather than being a Dominion in the British Commonwealth, Ireland instead becomes a fully fledged nation. Another thing that could be bought up is how various historic enemies of the UK (old France, or Hitler) would...
  6. सार्थक (Sārthākā)

    Margaret, The Maid of Norway Survives - Butterflies???

    What if Margaret, The Maid of Norway Survives and marries Edward II of England and have a heir, what are the possible butterflies?
  7. Vanguards in the Islands of Liberty and Paradise - The Republic of Escadia
    Threadmarks: World Map as of 2020 A.D.

    Though after my project time that wasting too much for the new worldbuilding TL, I decided to create this worldbuilding TL dedicated to wikiboxes, maps, graphics, or whatever if it depends. After I intentionally declare that the worldbuilding TL, The True Divided Nation which sets in 2019 in a...
  8. Irish Free State to United Ireland in 10 years

    It is April 1922, nascent Irish Free State is desperately trying to keep the coalition of Republican elements together. Michael Collins heads the Privisional Givernment but there are strong anti Treaty elements from the IRA and leftist groups who are preparing for a civil war which will be more...