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  1. Crazymachines

    AHC: have the civil war be caused by two rival president elects

    With a PoD no more than 4 years before the election of 1860, have the civil war be caused by two competing claims to the president elect. it's up to you whether this dispute is caused by unclear wins in several states, tampered ballots, a tie in the electoral college, or something else...
  2. Crazymachines

    Northern Civil war with a twist

    we've all probably seen the 'north secedes' scenario once in a while, but I had an idea of something like that with a twist; what if the northern states rose in rebellion not to secede but to overthrow what is seen as an unfairly southern dominated, oppressive, and racist government. My personal...
  3. lerk

    WI: President Breckinridge, 1857-1861

    On March 5th, 1857, a day after Buchanan's inauguration, Buchanan falls down a flight of stairs, killing him. This makes Breckinridge, a fire-eater who ended up becoming the Confederate Secretary of War in 1865, president. What happens next?