1. Banghogs

    Fixing US borders

    Would you change the borders of American states? If so, how do you redesign them? Starting by me:
  2. Shortline614

    What would be the internal borders of a Communist America?

    Hello everyone, This is a question that has been in my head for a while now. Let's say that in the 1930s, a communist revolution occurs in America. No other country grabs land from the new communist America. All the territory that the pre-communist America had, the communist America would have...
  3. Beautiful Borders in Q-BAM

    Hello. I want to create a Q-BAM world map with beautiful borders (historical and a-historical). Which borders and variations of them are from your perspective beautiful and aesthetic? Which degree of balkanization or federalization leads to a beautiful result? Which historic or a-historic or...
  4. Vitalis

    The most optimal borders for Europe

    Excluding the ethnicities from the discussion, what would the ideal borders for various European countries be? What interests me is having most of Europe as developed as it's possible. What would the optimal borders be? What about natural resources? How much of the land would they need to make...
  5. Impact of this Byzantine Empire surviving to the present day

    Let's say that Justinian's conquests were much more successful and the Roman empire was able to hold on to the pictured territories permanently. How powerful would this Byzantium be on the world stage? What do you see being the major cities of this empire in the modern day? How would...
  6. damein fisher

    The Joy of Mapping

    There used to be this site called, while it focused on stamps, it featured maps of the areas of the stamps that were fairly detailed; especially the African colonies. I saved these maps and a few months later the site shut down. So naturally, having used these maps dozens...
  7. Byzantine Empire with these borders by the modern day?

    The POD can be no earlier than 600 AD. How powerful would this Byzantium be on the world stage? Could Greek replace French as the prestige language of Europe? What do you see being the major cities of this empire in the modern day? Would such a strong Eastern Roman Empire delay or accelerate a...
  8. How would a US with these borders develop differently from OTL?

    The POD can be anywhere from 1700 to the beginning of the Revolutionary War. Without the influence of slave-holding planters in the Deep South, would this US be significantly more socially progressive and racially tolerant that OTL? How differently would this US develop demographically? Does...
  9. Lenwe

    Your Ideal South America Borders?

    Inspired in the tread of the ideal European Border. Lets play with you ideal south-america borders, I provide white map and a physical map of south america You could make as many space filling empires or Balkanizations as you like.
  10. Questions about maps

    Sorry if these questions may have already been all answered. I am new here and don't know where to start. So I am trying to develop an alternative world with an altered take on our world's history and such. Now I want to start first with maps at least. I need a high resolution type of map and...
  11. Augenis

    Optimal Post-WW1 Lithuanian Borders Survey

    I've been inspired both by the Polish and Serbian border survey equivalents to create a similar survey for Lithuania, for the tumultous time that was the period between 1918-1920. As always, you can use whatever measure to determine the best possible borders, be it national borders, cultural or...
  12. Tomislav Addai

    Optimal Serbia border survey

    I ve been inspired by the Poland borders survey, so I thought of doing one about Serbia. The question is, what should have been the borders of Serbia after either WW1, or later after WW2. What would be the optimal borders of Serbia, for long term stability, and to prevent ethnic tensions? Violet...
  13. Gukpard

    Can Germany recover it's eastern territories after WWII?

    Eastern Prussia, western Prussia, Posen, Silesia, Pommerania, etc. Can germany recover those territories after WWII somehow? What if tehre is a WWIII in 1945 and the allies wins, could they give at least aprt of those territories to Germany?
  14. Crying

    Ideal Caucasus Borders?

    Ignoring the fact that there's no way Russia would let such a thing happen, what would be the best borders for independent states in the Caucasus region?
  15. Reunification by Blood: A South American War Timeline

    Hello everybody, this is my first attempt at writing a timeline and it's mainly about a general war in South America in the 1950s. Hope you like it and any feedback is appreciated. Intro: Prelude to the Storm After almost the entirety of South America fought and gained their independence from...
  16. DBWI: Rhénanie becomes German

    I was thinking about some interesting what ifs, and a particularly striking one came to mind. Now the Rhin River is the main northeastern border for France, but the stretch of land from that river to all the way down to the border of Picardy has swapped hands regularly before it went into...
  17. If the US had no straight line borders, what would it look like?

    What if the US only had natural borders, or hypothetically, had hundreds of years of medieval/Renaissance style warfare like in Europe, that created twists and turns in its borders? I'm mainly referring to the international borders with Canada and Mexico, but state borders would also be...