1. Post WW2 Lithuania-Belarus-Kaliningrad single state

    In 1945, the Soviets formed the Federal Soviet Socialist Republic of Lithuania-Belarus with the capital in Vilnius, the Kaunas ASSR grouping Baltic-Lithuanians and the Konigsberg / Kaliningrad oblast. This is formally motivated by the collaboration of Lithuanians, the restoration of the...
  2. Sārthākā

    Russia Resurgent - A TL
    Threadmarks: A Different President.

    Russia Resurgent Chapter 1: 1996 Russian Elections Russia and the World held their breath as on 3rd July, the results of the 1996 elections came in. Many people today even wonder why Yeltsin even tried. Under him Russia had become the butt of all Western Country’s jokes and corruption, crime...
  3. WI: Belarus Stays With Russia

    As at least one other person on these forums probably knows, Belarus and Russia had a big "Union State" thing going on some time ago (although it still is prominent). Along with that, Lukashenko was the only Deputy of the Belarusian Parliament to vote against independence. What if other members...
  4. The Militant Doberman

    AHC: Create a Lipka Tatar Nation

    Lipka Tatars are a very interesting historical ethnic group. First made up of pagan Tatars fleeing Islamization in late Middle Ages, then subsumed by Muslim Tatars, the Lipka Tatars settled in what is now Belarus, Poland and Lithuania. Though for a long time they served as a military cast and...
  5. WI: Napoleon Tries To Liberate Ukraine, Belarus, And The Baltic States Instead Of Attacking Moscow

    Instead of going all the way to Moscow what if Napoleon decided instead to liberate parts of Russianlike Ukraine, Belarus, and the Baltic States? How would he have done this? And would it have worked? How well does the respective populace receive this?