1. Kantai Kessen

    WI: Gneisenau on Operation Rheinübung?

    Second of the Scharnhorst class, Gneisenau was an unlucky ship, meeting her demise as an active combat ship due to an unlucky bomb hit in February 1942, after the Channel Dash. However, perusing her Wikipedia page, this comes up...
  2. WI Operation Ten-Go Successful?

    In April 1945 things were not going well for the Empire of Japan. The once formidable Imperial Japanese Navy had suffered an uninterrupted string of crushing defeats which had left the once mighty fleet a mere shadow of its former self with only a small handful of operational ships remaining as...
  3. SealTheRealDeal

    Chinese battleship tender

    Having survived the Xinhai Rebellion the Qing dynasty has returned to its old habits, namely importing white elephants. In the year 1928 they issue a tender to the ship builders of the world for two new treaty compliant battleships (Dingyuan II and Zhenyuan II). Realizing that this will probably...
  4. Kantai Kessen

    AHC: Pre-dreadnoughts beat dreadnoughts

    Create a scenario where pre-dreadnought or semi-dreadnought battleships defeat dreadnoughts in battle. Any time, any navies, any place, any POD or PODs are available.
  5. Gillan1220

    What if the Japanese battleship Nagato was reactivated and pressed JMSDF service?

    I have been thinking about this scenario for quiet some time now. So basically at the end of the war, Japan still had a few ships such as unfinished battleships, carriers, and submarines at the shipyards at the time of the Empire's surrender to the Allies. All of these became property of the...
  6. SealTheRealDeal

    OTL question: Nelson vs Nagato vs Colorado

    Alright, which was the best class of 16" armed interwar battleships? edit: two rounds, 1) as built and 2) as of final upgrade
  7. Development of Royal Navy battleships without Naval Arms Race or even WWI?

    As the title says, how would the Royal Navy battleship develop without the Anglo-German naval arms race or even WWI? Say the Germans concentrate more on their Army, modernising their fleet but not attempting to challenge the RN? I’m assuming Dreadnought would still be built and all-big gun...
  8. The Austere Class Battleships
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1 - "HMS Austere"

    This is an itch I have been needing to scratch for some time now - I got the idea from Antony Williams ATL/ASB WW2 novel 'The Foresight War' and applied my fascination of the G3/N3 and O3 designs of Battleships coupled with the Naval treaty limitations of the day and also the problems of...
  9. WaterproofPotatoes

    WI: A different Washington Naval Treaty and its Effects On WWII

    ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: A big thanks to "consulting admirals" @jsb @Luminous @hipper @RamscoopRaider @steamboy for their stellar contributions to this thread. It would not be half as interesting without them! For the uninitiated, US hull classification symbols are used as abbreviations for ship...
  10. Improve the Alaska class Large Cruisers

    I can remember reading on wikipedia that several different designs were put forward for the Alaska class cruisers, including 6000t(!) cruisers, or overgrown heavy cruisers. Given that the general consensus on the board is that the Alaska's were a bad design built too late, would a different...