1. US-Township BAM 2: All of Them

    Being inspired by the County-megaBAM ( and the fact that this map is actually big enough to cleanly house them. I think for clarity, we'll just go by regular Census County Divisions for states without formal Township lines, though if you're able to fit...
  2. tungsterismapping

    Equirectangular For other planet

    I found many many planets and moons and the sun while looking fo a different thing. List: Bowling Ball: 512 by 56 Earth: 2048 by 1024 Jupiter: 1440 by 770 Europa: 512 by 256 Callisto: 512 by 256 Ganymede: 512 by 256 Mars: 1440 by 770 Io: 512 by 256 Mercury: 1024 by 512 Moon: 2048 by 1024...
  3. Rivers and Watersheds Thread

    Robert Szucs, from Birmingham, says he was inspired by 'boring' nature of textbooks to make something exciting. Every river basin is represented by a different colour, which is contrasted with a dark, black background. Could be useful in the BAMing process. Might not work for anyone, but for...
  4. Geo-BAM Thread

    I'm pretty much finished with making supplementary resources to make the VT-BAM process go faster. But I still have a problem--many of the world's municipal divisions are geometrically straight. For a Photoshopper who believes that Magic Wand and Paint Bucket (rather than Paint Brush) are the...
  5. ST15RM

    ST15RM’s Language map.

    I’m gonna make a language map for y’all. My original source is MuturZikin, their maps are amazing, and are pretty much the only good source I found for languages. This will be in VT BAM. I am open to anyone having better sources that they can share
  6. ST15RM

    The S-BAM Thread.

    Hey, so I'm gonna start on a new project called the S-BAM(ST15RM's BAM) and it'll be 9x MBAM, like how the MBAM is 9x QBAM.
  7. The Great British Ward BAM

    Hello there, today I have a little project. I apologise if it has been done before. This is similar to the county council map from the Electoral Maps thread, but covers every single ward (and district council division) in Great Britain, and is a lot less professional. It is not a perfect map...
  8. kodak

    US Township-BAM

    Back in 2008, Dave Leip made a map of the presidential election results in the northeast and parts of the midwest by township. His map was not very high-quality, and entire towns were left off because they were too small to fit, but here I have made a blank version that is 3x the original size...
  9. Frank

    Benelux-BAM Thread

    In this thread I'll post my current progress on municipalities map of Benelux that I called Benelux-BAM, I started with the Netherlands, now I am making fully the Benelux. Here are my current progress on the map, I hope you like it :]