1. kasumigenx

    WI: Habsburgs promote the Venetian language

    From what I have read the old area where Venetian is spoken is at one point called Austria, I think the Habsburgs could take advantage of this in some way.
  2. Roosevelt

    Der Krieg Des Sieges | A Central Powers Timeline
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    A Central Powers Timeline
  3. Philip Habsburg dies in 1498

    As title says-Philip, son of HRE Maximilian, dies just after birth of his first child Eleanor (thus both Habsburg-Trastamara marriages have similar unhappy ending). What are consequences? Joanna of Castile IMHO returns to Spain and is then married to Manuel of Portugal. Meanwhile what would...
  4. No Ottomans, effects on Habsburgs/HRE?

    Hello all, there has been plenty of no Ottoman/Osmani screw timelines, and all involve clouds of butterflies. So I was wondering what would be the specific effects on the Habsburg dynasty and the Holy Roman Empire as a whole? I don't think that the specifics are too important. Whether...
  5. Tanner151

    Der Kampf: The Rise and Fall of the Austrian Führer
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    Der Kampf: The Rise and Fall of the Austrian Führer Prelude “A plague has been loosed upon the continent and it comes in the form of a failed Austrian artist.” -George Lloyd, Head of the House of Lords, 1939 "With the outbreak of war between the United Kingdom and the Japanese Empire, I...
  6. Victory at Kolin/Surrender of Prague WI?

    Frederick's opening moves in the Seven Years War put the Austrians in a tough spot, removing a major ally and shutting their main army in Prague. However, their victory at Kolin forced him to relinquish his siege and the whole position in Bohemia. However, if Frederick had won at Kolin, could...
  7. KingOnTheEdge

    DBWI: Why Didnt "Nationalism" Take Off?

    So I was digging around some weird ideologies for my timeline, and I found this one called "nationalism," basically the gist of it is that people who are linguistically, culturally, and ethnically similar should unite under their own state. Like, a german empire other than the HRE or a slavic...
  8. The Lion of St Mark: Venice and the Morean War
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    For two centuries the Venetian Republic had fought a series of costly wars against the Turks. Although small, the Republic leveraged its wealth and sea power to contest the Eastern Mediterranean against the greatest military power of its age. In 1669, the island of Crete- Venice’s most prized...
  9. Italico Valore - A more successful 1848 revolution in Italy - a TL
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    Long time lurker and AH fan, I've finally decided to write my own TL. Enjoy! 1. CARLO ALBERTO Novara 20 March 1848 Carlo Alberto di Savoia was seated in his chair, in the royal command tent at the center of Sardinian Army camp. It was early afternoon and while the men practiced, cleaned their...
  10. Duke of Reichstadt

    The Eaglet: Napoleon II, Unbound
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    THE CHANCELLOR OF AUSTRIA - PRINCE VON METTERNICH Late nights were the rule at Schönbrunn, not the exception. Another letter, another problem. "... And we have been hearing reports of desire for the people in the lower areas of the United Kingdom of the Netherlands to create their own...
  11. Prussian worst case scenario in 7YW, what happens to Poland?

    Prussia loses the Seven Years' War and is practically dismembered. Silesia goes to the Habsburgs, Cottbus to Saxony, much of Pommerania with Stettin to Sweden and East Prussia to Russia, who trades it for Kurland&Semigalia with the PLC. In such circumstances, what could await the PLC in the...
  12. Would the Habsburgs had fared better or worse without Royal Hungary?

    POD: John Szapolyai achieves early victory against Ferdinand in 1527, who has to retreat from the country. An agreement is reached, which (once again) garantuees Habsburg succession upon the childless death of the hungarian king. This does not occur. Mostly focusing on Austria and the...
  13. Demographics of a surviving Austria-Hungary?

    WW1 still happens somewhat similar to OTL, but without diving too much into details, Austria-Hungary remains completely intact following the war. Based on hindsight and on pre-war trends, how could the demographics of Austria-Hungary look like by the early 21th century? How big could the...
  14. Basileus_Komnenos

    DBWI: No Bonaparte-Habsburg Entente

    The Bonaparte-Habsburg Entente between the French Empire and the Austrian Empire is seen as one of the most consequential military alliance of the 19th century. It helped to form a lasting peace in most of Western and Central Europe in addition to the Balkans with its role in shaping the modern...
  15. WI: Decisive Austrian Victory at Aspern?

    On 21 May, Napoleon had 3 infantry and 3 cavalry divisions on the north bank of the Danube. The infantry held the villages of Aspern and Essling, while two cavalry divisions covered the wide gap between them. Archduke Charles had four times as many men in his 4 army and 2 reserve corps, but...
  16. The Professor

    Tripartite Germany

    The German Confederation was rather weak and seems destined to be fought over by Austria and Prussian. Is there a way for a third German player to arise? How would this play out?
  17. Feasibility of Grossdeutchland

    Was Grossdeutchland feasible at all (1840s-1860s)? There were debates over it, that led to the idea never materializing, but could this have actually worked? And if so, what POD could happen to form it?
  18. WI: Austro-Hungarian victory at Marchfeld, but both Rudolf and Ottokar die?

    IOTL Rudolf was almost killed in the Battle of Marchfeld, but the timely arrival of Ulrich von Kapellen's cavalry broke the Bohemian army and Ottokar was killed in turn. So what if Rudolf if killed in the melee just as the relief force arrives (or injured, but succumbs to his wounds later), but...
  19. AHC: Revive the League of the Three Emperors

    Is it possible at all with a 1900 POD, to have Russia's alliance with France fall out and having the League of Three Emperors be revived? If this alliance was reformed would they be beatable by any other possible Alliance? Surely WW1 would be butterflied away.
  20. WI: John Zápolya dies in the Battle of Tarcal

    During the OTL early phase of the struggle for the Hungarian throne between Ferdinand von Habsburg and John Zápolya, the Battle of Tarcal was fought in September 1527, which was won by the Habsburg-party. Historically, Zápolya fled the battlefield, then sent envoys to the Ottoman Empire( and...